I'm 13, should I dye my hair red?

by Vanessa

And if so, what shade?

I dyed my hair blue a few weeks ago, and had been thinking about dyeing it purple for a while (when it's an obvious time for a recoloring or change of color), or just keeping it blue. My friend keeps saying I should dye my hair red, but I haven't really think about it too much till recently.

I'm not entirely sure if it would be too "mature looking" for a 8th grader though, (but I don't see how it would be, but you never know) I have brown eyes, my hair was naturally a dark brown and I have skin that's "supposed" to be tan but I never go outside that much so it's pretty much just pale (I'm pretty sure it fits into the "Summer type" cool tone category) which shade do you think would be best?

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Color choice
by: Anonymous

If you looked good with blue, then you will look good in red-violet type of colors as well. similar to one Ariana Grande had. Mature looking colors are more in deep rich tones and not bright or vibrant! So it depends what you choose.

It will be expensive and time consuming to keep a vibrant red color on natural dark brown. Are you ok with all the expenses? keeping up with dye and re-dye? I suggest you keep your dark natural shade - will work best for winter time too. Perhaps a less expensive option with small panel of red on sides or bangs (if allowed by parents and school)

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