Red Hair Color to Chocolate Brown?

by Jade



I'm natural dark brown, light brown eyes, bit tanned skin( Spanish skin). I've dyed my hair few times intensive red, I haven't bleached it but is quite red. But I'm fed up of having to dye it all the time and it looks lush the first 3 weeks, it fades quite fast. Now i want to dye it to chocolate brown, CAN I straight dye it to brown?

Please let me know, any advises, and if its okay to just dye it straight brown.

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Yes it's possible
by: Anonymous

Yes you can go straight from red to brown by using light ash brown in level 5. You need ash to neutralize the red.

However, it depends what type of red you have. If you have "Crazy Colour Red" then probably its better to use a base colour first or you better let a professional to do the job.

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