I Want Red Hair Color But Which Shade?

by Elle

Isla Fisher with red colour

Isla Fisher with red colour

I had red hair when i was little but it got darker as i grew. I have a natural auburn tones in my hair but now and I'm starting to get grey hair appearing so the auburn seems to be leaving my hair to a now shade of darker brown it doesn't look right with my extremely pale skin and makes me look tired.

I want to have red hair like Isla Fisher and i have never coloured my hair. Im not sure what shade of red to go to to get Isla Fisher's colour on my hair.

I have a layered mid length hair style and I'm 35 yrs old mom of 3 and don't want to look stupid but i hate looking like a frumpy mom so i want a complete change but i want it to look natural.

Help please, I have the same skin tones as Isla but i have black eyebrows and lashes and my hair is brown. I have hazel eyes, pale skin even ivory foundation is a bit dark for my face i also have very light brown freckles.

Isla Fisher - Hair Colour

Isla Fisher’s hair is multi-tonal (ex. on this photo) – not a single shade. On brown base, hair should be lifted (highlighted) and then toned down with minimum two shades of red copper in light gold and medium red blond (level 7-8). If you have dark eyebrow then don’t go more than 2-3 shade lighter than your eyebrows colour.

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