I want my hair to look red in the sun

I have light brown hair and I want to have dark hair that looks like dark red when the sun shines on it. What color would my hair be when the sun doesn't shine on it because I don't want black hair? I just want darker then light brown so it looks red in the sun.

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go for dark auburn
by: Anonymous

I did what you want. I have naturally medium brown hair and used nice & easy brand dark auburn hair dye. it is a dark brown with lots of shin inside. It did not come out as dark red outside as I wanted the second time but I had dyed it too light in between so you should be fine. You want the darkest auburn you can find unless you want to go the red red route.

Red hair
by: Anonymous

I got red hair just the other day i cant see it in the drak but i can see it in the sun what did you do to have it show in the drak?

by: Anonymous

I actually have dark red hair , it looks dark brown. But its always red in the sun. I dont know what to say, haha born with it

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