Red Velvet Hair Color - White Side Sweep Bang

by Alex V
(Coral Springs, FL)

Hey there! I was actually just looking around to get some advice on a style that I have been wanting for awhile now. I was thinking of getting a 'Red Velvet' cake style done to my hair. I want the red part to go all over and just a side sweep bang in creme frost white. I don't know how to go about this! I have had pink, purple, green and all that for a bang or something but never had a real outrageous color for the whole head. Any suggestions????

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The way I would do it

Others might come with different tech. I would separate the bang section I want and apply high peroxide bleach using foil and keep a blonde platinum toner handy in case it turn out yellow to add back some white color. I watch closely every 3-5 min. to avoid damage. I will add some conditioner around the foils to protect it and then apply the base color I want on rest of the hair (Red!!). But getting the nice and shinny red velvet won't be easy with drugstore kits. You really need pro stuff. You forgot to mention your current base color and what product you intend to use!

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