Red Hair - Soft Style Makeover

It only takes a few shade or a gloss treatment to enhance your existing red hair color. To add curls and waves to longer hair and achieve this look you can use pin curls, but rollers may be easier. People got away from the idea that volume is desirable, but fullness is not taboo as many wearers benefit from it. From the “granola” looks of the late seventies to Farrah’s do, the new shapes have a similar feel yet are less sprayed, less "perfect".

Styling tip: Diffuse dry and DO NOT SCRUNCH. Allow natural curl to kick in. Wrap around finger and pin into loose curls. Allow to dry or diffuse remainder of moisture out of hair. Spray with spritz, remove pins and shake hair forward while pulling curls apart to achieve the look.

Style by: Tony Anders
Photographer: Tom Carson
Makeup Artist: Betty McKennon

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