Which shade of red - Pale skin, light green eyes

by Ashley

This is me

This is me

This is me An idea i had for color I think this one's a lighter shade?

Pale skin, light green eyes, which shade of red for me? - I have naturally dark brown hair,light green eyes, and pale skin with very subtle pink undertones. Which shade of red would look good on me, if any? Pictures would be helpful but I was thinking of something like:

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Red for green eyes and pale skin

I think those are fantastic choices. I like the one on in the middle with rich red. Your eye color is perfect for this shade.

Just a word of caution: pink tones in skin normally clashes with red and best choices are neutral tones like dark brown or ash brown. But you mentioned subtle pink undertone so you could find yourself right in the gray zone. I see too much pink in your photo but that could be bad lightning when you took the photo.

Go for it!
by: Anonymous

I agree that the middle picture looks brill! I naturally have light brown hair pale skin and green eyes, I dyed my hair a similar color and everyone was commenting on how great it looked. I'm now dying it red again :)

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