Red Faded Hair

by Chelsea
(Charlotte, NC)

I've been dying my hair red for a while now. It requires dying every 3 weeks or sometimes less! My hair is frizzled and broken, there are tons of fly aways, split name it. What color should I dye my hair to get it a color I won't have to redye it for a couple months instead of a couple of weeks?

I really want to get it healthy again. My natural color is a dull darkish brown, but I have light skin so I was thinking about going blonde? I just don't want to have to redye it again for quite some time. Tips? Advice? PLEASE!

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long lasting color
by: Anonymous

I can see how you could be frustrated! Red is one of the most difficult colors to keep. Specially if you are not naturally red. Keeping any hair colors for couple of months is rather optimistic and require a lot of care. If you always use color pigmented shampoo and sun protection, you might be able to keep it up to 8 weeks.

But first you need to heal your damaged hair. Get a trim/cut to get rid of split-ends. If your hair is frizzy, its because its been dehydrated and require moisture. Condition your hair with some intensive treatments for damaged hair.

I do not recommend to dye it now because it might turn patchy and uneven. Beside that, it might not hold the color for long and you go back to where you started - Faded hair color and damaged hair! So, make sure your hair is healthy first.

Going from red to blond while your hair is naturally brown can be tricky and you might consider doing it in phases. First you need to get the red pigments out while going lighter then after that you can go for blonde. I strongly suggest a good colorist for the job.

I think you be gorgeous.

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