Medium brown with grey going red

by Victoria
(Marietta, GA)

Hello. I am a "warm," and my natural color is a light to medium brown, and it has grey at the forehead and sideburn (not that I have sideburns!). I hate brown hair. I am Casper pale. I've been going red, but I don't like the deep auburns--they still look brown to me. I'm 53 (that's tough to admit), so I need something appropriate for my age, but if I have to do shades of brown, I'll shave my head. Can you please help me with some ideas/advice? Thank you ahead for any guidance you can provide.

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cool tones
by: Anonymous

If you have pale skin with no pink or other undertone pigments, then you can almost choose any color you like because the colors will not clash with anything. (some reds that are still in trend are ex. pomegranate, rich russet, intense copper, cherry red, etc...)

But once you start spotting grey hair then the rules start to change. Normally grey hair should NOT be "Warmed up", as the warmer tones (like copper red) create unnatural and brassy look. So if you hate brown and would like a natural look, then choose reds in cool tones like medium red violet in level 7.

I suggest you sit down with a colorist and browse through some shades on a professional chart to find a suitable match. This is a fine-tune work and selected shade depends on the density of your grey, hair cut type and length of your hair.

Remember red hair and grey is hard to maintain and if you don't want your grey turn out pink, then I strongly suggest a professional job.

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