From Black to Red Plum Tones - What colour suit best?

by Danielle

this is me at the moment

this is me at the moment

I have dark eyebrows, blue eyes and pale skin and I'm reconsidering on dying my hair a different colour. My hair colour at the moment is black. I am considering reddy/plum tones but I'm unsure. Any suggestions? Need help

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From black to red plum

I think plum highlights will be good. You will need to go to a professional color salon, because your hair is colored black at the moment and this makes it more difficult to change the color to red plum. So go for a consultation and is usually free and let them suggest a good color for you.

I think you suite both
by: tasha

Your hair is really nice and you suite your hair.
I have short hair too and in a couple of days I'm dyeing it. My foster mom doesn't want me to, but really i look up to my mom. Only reason I'm dying it is for my friend who just past away :(

But i think you suite both.
You will look really pretty. I think red will suite you alot!

Coloring your hair
by: Anonymous

You might want it to be red. Just plain red!! I think it looks very good for girls with pale skin and blue eyes. My boyfriend has blue eyes and black hair with pale skin, but he looks good. But for girls it is way different.

I have black hair too, with black eyes and pale face, but i'm not positive if i want to bleach my hair!!!Good luck!

this looks really cool
by: Anonymous

I really like your hairstyle... black is totally your color, but what I wanted to ask, is your hair short all around? or dose it have any more lengths to it?

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