Does Red Hair Change Colour in Sun?

by Ria



I am going on holiday in a few weeks and want to dye my hair before it and want to dye it bright red but i was told not to because it will turn ginger in the sun. Is this true? Help me because

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Does red hair change in the sun?
by: felicia

Color treated red hair does tend to fade out alot faster than natural hair color because you are putting an artificial pigment of red in the hair.

Red hair is also the hardest to change although it will fade fast especially in the heat of the sun, it also grabs to the hair follicle due to the natural red pigments in hair. So if you still opt for red be warned it will fade you can how ever wear a scarf or hat out doors this will help,also find a good UV spray L'Oreal makes one called EverPure it is in a silvery purple bottle
spray this on after you wash your hair you can blow dry I use this myself although I am a light golden brown it works great.
Good Luck!

Color change in the sun
by: Hairstylist

All artificial hair color changes with too much sun, chlorine, or chemical exposure. You can get sunscreens for your hair. Pureology has on that is a spray that you can just shampoo and condition your hair and then just spray it in like it is a styling product. They sell a travel size as well so you don't have to buy a big huge bottle.

If you are going to be in a pool or at the ocean and plan to get your hair wet make sure you spray it in before and after. Getting your hair wet before and after helps fill the cuticle so it won't fill up with harsh salts or chlorine. That will help tremendously with keeping the color.

If you are a blonde now and you are putting red over it, and you are paying to have it done.....I would wait until you get back. It will be a waste of your money.
Hope this helps.

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