I want red violet and not bright

by Chelsey




Okay so I love styling hair and changing it up, but I've never really dyed it. I went a few shades lighter once, but eventually I just let it grow back out. I have naturally dark hair and I love it but lately I've wanted... kind of a drastic change... is what I guess I'm trying to say. So I've been searching the Internet trying to figure out what I was looking for and one day, my sister was watching Victorious and it hit me. Red hair. But not just any red hair. I believe it's called red velvet?

I want like this shade: (A)

However, I don't want it to look like this: (B)

I'm really picky about my hair and I want to make sure that it will look good with my skin tone, eyes, etc. I don't think I'm really good at judging that kind of stuff so I REALLY want to know what y'all think about it,

so this is a picture of me: (C)

Any feedback you guys can give me will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and I love you all! <3

I'm sorry that second picture might not show up, but it's just a bright Rihanna style red. That's the color I DON'T want. If I were to go with this color, how should I go about asking a stylist? Should I print off the picture, and take it? or show them on my phone so the color won't fade when I print it, or should I ask for a certain color and hope they know what I mean?

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Violet Red

Take both photos on your mobile to your stylist. That will be a good start to open a dialog. The color you asking for is a special mix in red violet. There are so many tonality and shade/depth combination within that color. Your stylist can show you a professional color chart with samples. This is a high-tech job - Get an appointment with a senior stylist (colorist).

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