Damaged Curly Hair - Need Help

by Christina

Well I use to have really tight curls. I always use to wear my hair up in a bun and have my bangs straighten. I've wore my hair like that at least 5 years. I started straightening my hair all the time since February and to this day I still am ( I am going to be doing my last year in high school so it'd really help if someone helped me please:D ) and now my hair seems to be breaking off getting really shorter and really bad split ends.

There will be days when I wash it and my curly is just not that curly anymore and plus it's even more shorter like that. I just need some help I don't want to lose all my hair I just want it to be long and nice. And every-time my hair isn't straighten my friends always say stuff like, " Ewww Christina, Why did you wear your hair curly?" So stuff like that makes me want to keep straightening it.

I also feel ugly with curly hair. Can someone please help me with my horrid hair please.

I have advice!

I used too have EXTREMELY curly hair. and 2 years ago i started straightening my hair. and eventually my hair became fried, and became shorter and shorter. It was breaking off. to this day now, i have healthy curly hair.. almost like when i was younger and didn't straighten it.

The first thing you want too do is definitely cut all the dead ends off, because they will never stop breaking, it will just get worse. once you get most of them off, make sure you are NOT straightening your hair anymore. You want to definitely blow it out with a round brush if you want it straight. And use heat protectant and serum for your hair so your hair doesn't fry as quickly. Make sure you don't make heat styling an everyday thing for you. You can use hair masks that are strictly for damaged hair, so they can moisturize your hair, and get your tight healthy curls back. This will not happen over night, unless of course you cut all the dead ends off.

Can help

By Hairstylist
It is hard to say why this is happening to you. It could be many different things. Your hair changes all the time, especially at your age.

Hormonal changes can do all kinds of weird things to your hair permanently. Health problems can also cause these things. If you have an allergy you are unaware of (i.e. to food or something you are using). Thyroid, stress etc.

If you are flat ironing your hair everyday, make sure you are using some sort of product that is a thermal protectant first. If you are putting an old or cheap flat iron to your hair everyday it can ruin it quickly. Biotin is an amino acid you can get at a health food store that helps your body process protein which in-turn promotes hair growth. If you do not have a good diet it can effect your hair.

Nioxin is a great shampoo for thinning hair. They have a line for coarse, curly thinning hair that could really help you. You can look them up on the Internet and find a salon near you that sells it.

Get your mother involved. Make sure she knows what is going on with you and tell her if you are experiencing any other problems health wise that she should be concerned with. I am not saying you have any health problems, I am just trying to give you all of the possible reasons.

Wearing your hair up in a bun every day for five years can definitely be the culprit as well. After that amount of time, that is enough to change your curl pattern and cause significant breakage.

Does your mother have a good stylist she can take you to to help you?? It can get expensive if you are not careful. Make sure to ask questions.

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