Dry Hair - Color Reverser And 8 Washes Hair Color

by Ami
(Adelaide Australia)

I bleached my hair about a year ago because i dyed it too dark. The other day I dyed my hair too dark again and now had to put a color reverser witch gets rid of artificial hair color. Now its back to that copper bleached look so I've just put a "8 washes hair color" in and It's soo dry now where it used to be soft. I have thick curly hair is there any treatment you recommend?

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Mar 24, 2010
Dry hair color reverser

Conditioner "Treatments" will bring the moisture back to your dry hair. A "treatment" is not the same as a regular conditioner that most people use after shampoo.

The "treatment" that i recommend is called the "DEEP" by Bumble & Bumble. Use this treatment twice per week, following directions on the tube and keep on doing this for as long your hair is colored because that is the problem. Most people only use "treatments" after the seeing the signs of problems, instead of using it before to avoid the dryness of the hair.

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