Facial Exercises to Reduce Signs of Aging

Facial workouts and exercises are among the latest trend in anti-aging. Exercising your face will significantly tone your facial muscles, but the benefits are far greater than this. By firming facial muscles, you actually slow down the signs of aging because skin is less likely to sag.

That is what many experts in Dermatological Reasearch believe to be true, but there are also those who doubt the effectiveness! – There are no clear scientific reasoning in either case. So we let you decide!

illustration image woman doing facial exercise

The reasoning

According to studies, engaging your muscles encourages the flow of oxygen to your face, which will produce visible benefits to your complexion, such as rosier cheeks, plumper lips, and a healthier glow. If you skin is prone to appearing dull, pale, or tired, facial exercises could be for you. You can also reduce tension of the muscles around head, neck, and eye area, which can help to prevent headaches.

What are these exercises?

Here we have few sample exercises that you can try at home. You don't have to follow every single step - just pick-and-choose your facial workout according to your own specific concerns.

Exercising your face can take as little as 10 minutes, and can be done whilst you are watching TV, studying, reading, cooking, speaking on the phone, taking a bath or shower. Done on a regular basis and in correct way, these exercises can be a great way to wake up a dull or tired complexion, whilst firming and toning your face for an anti-aging effect.

Will it work or not!? That is not completely clear. Some experts believe that repetitive movements of facial muscles on certain area of face can lead to additional wrinkles and other experts argue that they are not talking about same type of exercises and certain exercises when done correctly are actually beneficial!

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