For: NJ hairdresser who LOVES his staff

by Boston SE

I'm very concerned about your post here on this website. I am excited about offering the procedure to clients as its really the most remarkable hair straightener available. I haven't had any issues with the product yet, only that a few clients do say it stings their head for a few minutes during the beginning of the process. But, so does your average haircolor and perm solutions... So far, everybody has been very happy with the results.

I'm curious if your post is just hyperbole. Could you give us the data with regards to what your staff experienced? Did anybody on the staff have a pre-existing respiratory illness? Unusual sensitivity to vapors, hairspray, etc... How many members of your staff were effected? Clients? How did you go about seeking help and what did the doctors tell you? Were you speaking to a credible physician? This information would be much more helpful to us all vs posting things as alarming as using the Keratin Complex will result in certain death.

I'm hoping this isn't another case of hysterical reporting. The data sincerely would be better received.


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Sep 01, 2010

I commend you also! People do your research! Do you know how rampant cancers and other auto - immune diseases are these days? They are only getting worse. Do you want to add to the pile of formaldahyde you are already taking in that you can't get away from. You have a choice with this one.

Too many stylist don't do research and just want to make a dollar. Thank you to the NJ Hairstylist for giving our industry some integrity in your work for your staff and your clients!!

I wish you a long a successful career. There are too many stylist giving everyone of us a bad name out there that don't do their research and don't stand behind their work!

Jul 01, 2010
Good for NJ Hairdresser!!
by: Anonymous

Actually unlike perms and hair dye - these products are being altered by the high level of heat that are being applied and turning the aldehyde (which is at least 5 x the level recommended by the FDA) and the Benzo Quinone into a carcinogen. Do your homework - I commend this hairdresser for placing the safety and well being of his staff above turning a profit.

Apr 01, 2010
Keratin complex
by: Anonymous

Well i don't know what sort of hairdresser he is but if he is so worried about the keratin straightening systems out there he should be looking for another career !!! What about all the tints and perm solutions he must have applied over the years, why do we have to put up with this type of crap being written to scare monger , i would be more concerned with the ton of laquer i have breathed in over the years, when i finally " peg out " they will prob find my lungs full of " glue " as a long standing hairdresser i think it is all hipe !!!! At the end of the day hair is DEAD and it is made up of keratin! the complex is not put on the scalp only on the hair , fumes cause a problem !!!!!!!!! Christ have you ever stood out side a salon and then walked in !the smell hits you like a bullit , i have seen it done and smelt it ,and all i can say is if you want nice conditioned straight hair it is the way to go , let this person* go back to chemical straightening if thats what he prefers.

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