Formaldehyde-free Keratin Products Are Carcinogens

(Miami, US)

I am a stylist in Miami who has used numerous different brands/formulas of the "Brazilian" Keratin Treatment. To tell you the truth, I (and my co-workers) have concluded that there is no perfect Keratin Treatment.

The original formaldehyde formulas were by far the best as far as straightening/de-frizzing. Period. The lower formaldehyde formulas were not as straight & didn't last as long. The Coppola Complex & other formaldehyde-free products that our salon tried were the least straight and didn't last very long. I question the person who commented claiming it lasted 8 months. Our clients were very unhappy with CKC.

The problem is toxicity. The original formulas were highly toxic (didn't take a scientist to tell us that the fumes were not healthy to breathe) and removing the formaldehyde clearly changes the results. We also did our homework & most form-free products, including the Coppola have other ingredients with are similar and are also toxic. Coppola uses Aldehyde and another product uses Ether (Global Keratin). Both ingredients are carcinogens when heat is added.

The results from these treatments appear to make the hair healthier. but in all honesty, as a stylist performing these treatments I have not seen hair become healthier after multiple treatments. I have been performing these on clients for over 2 years & I have not seen any major difference in my clients hair, it just appears healthier because it is coated with this product. If anything I think it possibly becomes dependent on having the treatment to look healthy.

My advice: get good styling products & a quality brush/ dryer/ iron.

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Aug 24, 2011
Coppola keratin complex
by: Anonymous

Hi ,i started to have Coppola keratin complex in 2009 -it left my hair straight- no need for blow dry or irons etc...the only down side was the fumes and stingy eyes.

Then in 2010 the fumes and stingy eyes stopped- but also my hair was not as straight ,it had frizzy bits and needed blow drying or irons to look really good. This 100% was still the Coppola keratin complex, still the 3 hour treatment BUT something had drastically changed.

Can anyone say honestly what happened -if they know the truth? I believe Coppola changed the formulation but did not tell anyone.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Apr 20, 2011
Great Stuff!
by: Hair Zen

Hi everybody, Im a hairdresser as well as a product developer for manufacturers for over 20 years now. First, there is no such thing as Formaldehyde-Free Keratin, simply because it wouldn't work! Its just BS and its quite dangerous for the health for the techs and hairdressers using it especially if there is lot of demand. The concept itself is great, because once in a while salons need new services to attract clients and a boost to the industry as well. Its just the formulation that really needs to refine! Sometimes company would just launch the product just to make money until something happens! Did anybody notice the little flakes when you clamp the Coppola keratin? Its really cheap silicon!!!! Hopefully, we will have a safer product that produces same result soon! Keep your fingers cross!

Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

So being new to this service, are you saying the products that are very low in formaldehyde (FDA approved ) also dangerous to use in the salon? I'm using one I like and the results are great.

Nov 28, 2010
Thank you to the Miami stylist
by: hairstylist for 10 years

I just want to thank you for this post! I have commented on this blog a few times trying to help these women. I have cut and paste many articles I have found warning of the dangers of these products and tried to put as much info on this blog as I can find just to help inform stylists that don't do research and women thinking of getting these treatments.

Every time I see a stylist post on here singing the praises of the BKT'S and saying they are not dangerous, I just want to scream. I have had full blown fights with reps and forwarded this blog and other articles to my reps so they know what they are selling. I am tired of stylists and reps just trying to make a dollar (especially without the true education and information). It makes the rest of us look bad. I completely agree with your statements. Thanks for sharing

Sep 15, 2010
Thank you
by: MikeB2MR

Thank you for the continued updates the honesty in your review and information is very refreshing in this sales driven education lacking industry!

Sep 15, 2010
keratin cancer treatment
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your honest comments. Shame that such a good resulting treatment is soooooo bad for us...
SHAME to the suppliers for putting the $ before our HEALTH...
I will not be performing this treatment in my salon.
Ionic straightening seems to be the best solution by far.........
L in Sydney Australia

Jul 23, 2010
Thank you
by: MikeB2MR

As a stylist an educator or who has been trying to find information on the Brazilian Blow dry Keratin System. Thank you for the honest review. So many products are misleading and do not provide professional with all the information required to make good choices.
I educate in the UK and write an educational Blog
if interested search Back2myroots MikeB2MR
Thanks again

Jun 13, 2010

Did you actually see him/her drink Coppola or you heard it from someone else? It must be a joke. WOW -

Jun 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also work in a salon as an assistant and i believe we use the Coppola keratin treatment. many of the stylists a couple of clients and myself have all complained about the fumes that come off while blow drying and straightening the hair. Now i know why. The only thing/ reason i question what has been said here is because of the fact that a demonstrator for the product actually ate some of it too prove it is all natural and not this only true in the liquid state??

Jun 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yr awesome....great to hear from a hair designer! I have been doing the beox one and have looked into all of them ...but i feel like my throat hurts after the treatment! Now i know im not crazy!

May 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Really thanks for your honesty, which i think all people who read your comment had appreciated your view, really many thanks...

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