Global Keratin Treatment

by Raji

Before and After Global Keratin Treatment

Before and After Global Keratin Treatment

I really had bad hair day every day. Managing my unruly, frizzy hair was a nightmare. I tried several hair straightening techniques like Japanese straightening and relaxing but instead of making my hair look good it only worsened its condition.

Due to excess chemical treatments my hair started falling and became even more dull and dry. That is when Global Keratin came to my rescue.
I came to know about a show hosted by Global Keratin in Miami and attended it. They were giving live demonstration of their flagship product Keratin Hair Treatment. They explained that Keratin is the natural protein our hair is made up off and by using keratin based treatment our hair will become healthy and strong. Also this treatment is free from chemicals and prolonged usage will make the hair lustrous and full of volume.

Hence I decided to try their product and visited one of the Salons doing this particular treatment. As soon as I reached the Salon I was given all the necessary information about the dos and don'ts of the treatment and its benefits.

Then during a 2hr process of washing the hair, applying the product, blow-drying the hair and ironing the hair to seal the product my hair was magically transformed to straight, sleek and shiny hair. I just could not believe my own eyes as I had completely lost all hopes about my hair.

Unlike other hair straightening treatments my hair did not become poker straight instead it felt so soft with slight wave.

Maintaining my hair after the treatment was simply effortless. I just wash and blow-dry or sometimes towel dry and brush. This treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months can’t wait to get it done all over again.
Now everyday is a GREAT hair day for me!

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Feb 26, 2015
I have done the keratin treatment for more than 10 years
by: Anonymous

And I would only recommend to people that yes it has thing that are "linked to cancer" In research everything is done with statistics, so if we knew what causes what, don't you thing we already have a cure?
But hey if you don't want to use it. Don't.

2- It is very important to have a good person doing this treatment to you. Every person has different hair, and the experience is all. Different times, some people need not to rinse the product, other needs to rinse it, so the experience and see different people get it done by the same stylist could give you the idea. I stay and saw that she tweaked the times, how much it was rinsed, depending on the hair length , texture etc.

3- In the United states I tried two stylist in the same city one was from Brazil, and the other American, well the American blond one, know her thing way better, and it was half the Brazilian one. I have fine limp hair, really not a lot, but with no form, it is not straight is not curly. It has a personality disorder! That is the main reason I do it. because i could wake up with one side curly, other not so and then one part straight (without any treatment, and i really can't afford the time to pick one style every day!)

4- I am very allergic, and of course the main thing is not to get any of the fumes (believe me , even bath cleaning products, affects me in such a bad way!) Hence experience is number one.

5- One time with the same stylist I like , well the thing did not work. Well I just called, and she said, come and will fixed it, She did, I did not have to paid more, and she get the bottle she was using because she did exactly the same thing, but with a new bottle. A professional.

6- Keep in mind that the minute you are having any reaction, stop the procedure, do not risk have an allergy attack (by the way good professional made everything that i don't get the fumes in my face ever.

7- Do not feel that is your fault, if you had a bad reaction to the treatment, it could happen, I can't take some medicines that for anyone are nothing. So, the same applies to anything even a soap, or shampoo. sometimes well the product would not work in you. But I have found a good professional would help to fixed it, or at least try to deal with the situation. and yes if you have a weird hair loss go to your doctor.

8- Keep in mind that African American hair is very sensitive (people tend to think the coarse, etc, makes it really strong, and that was said to me by a dermatologist) Yes it is very delicate , it could break more, which in that case you need a way more experienced stylist! not a more strong product! And again run away from stylist that one to do a process like a cookie cutting thing, every hair has their things, processed , length texture, etc

Aug 15, 2013
Not worth your life
by: Anonymous

NOT worth it... Nice looking hair but, can possibly died from cancer... Hell no. Never again.

Jul 13, 2013
Sadden by Hair Loss from Global Keratin
by: FLGirl

Apparently this product is marketed for someone like with a hair texture (African American) of tight coils, thick course resistance hair. I had Global Keratin Treatment applied by certified, trained hairstylist in Dec 12. I was amazed by the results. For the first time, in a long time, I was so excited to finally wear --as one of the blogger called "rocking" my own hair that was bone straight hair; frizz-free and had so much body. Prior to having Global Keratin, I was chemical free (that is, no relaxer in my hair) for almost four years. I was tired of wearing hair weave and wigs; so after much research on other people results with this keratin treatment brand, I was sold.

Well, my love of the Global Keratin treatment product after 2, (yes 2 applications of the treatment within a 2 month period) was short lived. My hairstylist had told me that due to my course-resisted hair and fast hair growth stage, that I required two applications of the product under the supposedly 3 - 5 timeframe the product promotions as lasting. Anyway, within 2 weeks of receiving the 2nd application of Global Keratin Treatment, I've started to experience a strange allergic reaction to that product that included swelling and redness of my eyes, pimple like bumps near my hairline and flakey scalp. My hair started to shed like a dog—with shedding and breakage starting from the back of the head, moving up to the crown area and stopped before the hairline or bang area.

All my hair was gone. The stylist asking me what had happen to my hair--she was noticing the hair loss but tired to point her fingers at me as though I was not eating right or had some medical condition. Wrong, I had blood work done, medical checkup and eat extremely healthy, plus exercise. I had no family history of premature hair loss.

I was so disgusted by the former hairstylist lack of concern or professional knowledge. She had tried to convince me to use some illegal hair re-growth products that are not approved for use in the US, but it used in her country of Haiti to grow hair back. I looked at her and in my mind wanted to say H to No. She had recommended me cut off all the remaining hair. For some strange reason, the hair in the front of my head or the bang area had no breakage, at that time. Well, four month later, now all my hair has been compromised. I still have about 6 inches of hair left in the front/bang area of my head, and 1 inches or less of hair left (after the breakage) where either the hair had stopped breakage at the hair demarcation line or new growth.

My next step is to go see a dermatologist. My PCP sees nothing that stands out to her from my lab results. I have no cancer or any other medical conditions to warrant my fast hair loss.

All that keeps running through my mind is how a woman's hair is the crown of her joy.

Apr 09, 2013
I did my own keratin with Uncurly, LOVE IT
by: Karen Riley

I used to use Global, too, although I did it myself at home--where I live it's expensive and cost me $450 in a salon. (I have a LOT of hair). Anyway, Global changed their formula about 2.5 years ago and the new version made my scalp itch.

Isn't keratin amazing! I've been very annoyed at the undeserved bad press it's gotten. Formaldehyde has an image problem that it does not deserve. The best, most logical and scientific treatment of the formaldehyde issue that I've ever seen was on the UNCURLY website FAQs.

After Global changed their formula, even though I still liked their result, I didn't like the itching and switched to Uncurly, which my stylist neighbor recommended. I like my results better as far as frizz control and longevity go, and it's actually a little less expensive.

I mainly just want to say: YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF AND SAVE A FORTUNE, but most of the at-home products are total crap and don't last past the first shampoo. Nothing I've ever bought at Sallys or the drugstore has been worth a darn. UNCURLY and Global are the only two worth the money, and Uncurly in particular is totally DIY-friendly. Karen

Jan 11, 2013
Fabulous Hair
by: Theresa S.

I've had the Global keratin treatment for two weeks. I do remember smelling the chemical when my stylist applied heat to my hair. I also remember watching her reaction in the mirror. It appeared that she was having difficulty breathing in the chemical. However, when she first finished my hair, it was bone straight and flat to my head. I also had my hair colored off black with a little brown. But when she was flat ironing my hair, the color changed to a medium brown. It was December 30th and I was nervous.

I'm African American with frizzy hair that gets long but easily breaks from processing. I had a weave for about a year and wanted to rock my own hair. I thought I was going to have to go back. BUT NO. When I woke the next day, my hair was dark with body. I washed it after the first week and it looks gorgeous. I have gotten so many compliments . I am totally happy. I will alternate from chemical to non chemical.

Jan 05, 2013
Throat burning
by: Anonymous

I just did the treatment. While blow drying I felt like my throat was swelling, burning, and was short of breath! I had to walk outside so I could breath! My eyes were also burning!

May 15, 2012
Babbles in Flora, ms.
by: Brenda Koah

I have had the treatment once and with very thick unmanageable hair which takes hours to do I am extremely satisfied and love my new look. When having it done my eyes burned and found out stylist forgot to tell me it sometimes
Caused that a little bit but would go away which it did in a few minutes.

I am still loving my hair a month later now only takes a half hour instead of two or more.

If future symptoms appear I will surely hate it but we take chances every day with all types of things.

Apr 19, 2012
love at first sight***
by: Jessica Nicole

I decided to get the Global Keratin treatment B/C all my life my hair has been so unmanageable and frizzy. I just hate it during the summer, Texas humidity is the worst! I saw a special for it on Groupon & said the treatment cost $190 but was selling it for $95 so I decided to get it done about a week ago & was very satisfied with the results! Since, my hair has completely transformed & it's the in the best state its ever been in. I liked it so much that I put a deposit & scheduled for another treatment in about 4 months but after reading other horror stories Im second guessing myself.

My stylist assured me that the treatment contained no Formaldehyde however after doing research I've read otherwise. I did not have any of the symptoms others claim to have like sore throat, runny nose, headaches, hair loss.. etc. The women who have posted stories of these symptoms - my heart goes out to thank you so much for doing that I don't think I'll be going back for a second time its not worth the risk even though my hair looks amazing (for now) I pray it stays that way.

Aug 28, 2011
Worked for me!
by: Juju

Its weird how my experience was different than that of most of you, when i got it my hair stopped falling completely except for around 10 or less hairs every-time i took a shower, other than that i experienced no hair loss.. i even felt my hair was thicker and heavier than before.

Now I'm considering getting it done again, hope it works out well just like the first time

Aug 15, 2011
Hair loss with Global Keratin?
by: Anonymous

I've had the Global Keratin treatment three times now and have experienced hair loss, which may or may not be coincidental to the treatment. My incredibly thick hair has diminished to a normal person's amount of hair, for he first time ever.

Feb 24, 2011
Global keratin
by: Anonymous

I have never personally used the product myself but another one of the stylists in my ship has used it and some of her clients had no problems with it and others complained about the same things I have read, water eyes, sore throat, not feeling well after thee treatment. We removed it from our salon because our corporate offices told us we had to because it was recalled due to the chemicals in it. I have booty known any other products used in a salon to cause these types of flu like symptoms so it is a product that I as a stylist chose not to use.

Feb 24, 2011
RE: Global Keratin
by: Becky

I used this product back in September and my eyes were so watery, itchy and very unbearable. I literally had tears coming down my face. At the time I was wearing contacts and I had to take them out. The stylist thought I was going crazy since my eyes kept watering and I thought it was just me. They kept re-assuring me that it wasn't the product since there are no chemicals in the product. I had no idea there was even 1% of fermaldahyde at all. I was never told that. Now after reading your comments and also seeing an AD in Yahoo! I realize that it wasn't just me and that is a symptom from the formaldehyde.

Jan 20, 2011
Great Results, but Not for Me.
by: Anonymous

I recently has a treatment done and experienced similar results- sore throat, back pain, allergy symptoms like stuffy and runny nose, etc. Unfortunately, it is so hard to tell which ingredient is that bothered me. Bottom line: If your body doesn't like it, stay away......Your body knows best.
On a side note: I have friends that use this product with amazing success and have no reactions. They are lucky, in my opinion.

Jan 19, 2011
Global keratin no formaldehyde (light wave version) has 1.5 to 1.7 percent
by: Anonymous

The curly version which is said to be 2% is about 3.5 to 3.7 percent. The version for resistant hair is said to be 4% is about 5.5 to 5.7 percent. Levels of formaldehyde over 1 percent have been shown to cause lung throat, and nasal cancer after it has been inhaled (smokers and stylists are at a much higher risk). This only happens after the chemical reaction occurs when it is heated, however there are new studies about its effect simply in nail polish and preliminary German and Israeli studies (the two countries are generally first when it comes to medical studies in the past decade for some reason though I am sure we the usa will get on the ball. Sorry for the tangent, I get the no formaldehyde type which is 1.5 to 1.7 because it makes my hair pretty but I know that being exposed to a gaseous form of a carcinogenic chemical is probably not that good. I hedge my bets on it, but like years ago when my moms generation took phen phen (or so I have heard) they thought it was a healthy miracle as well as ephedra, but by the time government agencies discover it the damage has been done so proceed with caution. It does make my 4 a frizzy hair, soft and shiny like it was before I had a four month stay in the hospital (freak allergy to tylenol). Good luck with your hair, keep it lovely.

Jan 17, 2011
lovin' it
by: Juju

I have just had the Global keratin treatment. I have soft but wavy hair. I visited a professional hair stylist who first explained to me everything that there is to know about this product. The type of keratin that was used for my hair was the one with the 2% formaldehyde (chocolate smell). But i didnt experience any headache, burning sensation at all.

It has been 2 days since I did it and until now I haven't washed it so I am not able to know if there has been any hair loss or not.

I will update you guys after the wash ,, but hope nothing serious happens coz my hair was already thin even before the keratin.

But in this 2 days' time I have been getting ALOT of compliments from my family and friends. My hair is just so soft and sleek and it looks wonderful!! I LOVE IT!!!

Hope everything goes well and good luck to all u gals.

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