Got My Hair Cut - I Went Short

by Carol
(House Springs MO USA)

My hair is now ultra short, gray and fluffy. Going so short really brought out the gray. That's ok with me because I like it! I've gotten lots of compliments on the color, surprisingly. Nothing but compliments on the cut and most people also say I look younger!

My hair is now 2 inches on top, sides shorter and back less than an inch. This works well with hair that is so thin and I think looks good.

I can easily change the style often with just a little water and a few seconds with a blow dryer.

It's surprising how many different looks I can get with hair this short! I intend to keep it this short!

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Mar 28, 2013
Love it
by: Linda

It suits you very well. I'm 55 with some gray. Mine is wavy and sometimes out of control. considering some haircut options for summer. Thanks for sharing yours!

Mar 06, 2013
Like your cut..
by: Joan Paterson

Love your cut ! I have had short hair for years, so I do like it and yours is outstanding.. Good choice.

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