Grey Hair - Want Caramel w/Blond Highlights

by Laurie R.
(Sandy, OR USA)

Lauries hair

Lauries hair

Lauries hair Laurie yesterday w blond hair

I am in my late 40's and unfortunately have grey hair. My hair used to be brunette w/soft red in it growing up, but late 80's I started "frosting" my hair. Now my hair is pretty light but I want to go to a caramel brown with blond highlites. What do you recommend? Now I'm pretty blond but used to like the attached picture's color...this was in April 2010.

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by: Kathy

The hair colour in the photo suits you ! :) Go for that caramel colour :) looks lovely

Want carmel w/ blonde highlights
by: felicia

I seen the picture of you with the caramel color hair. If I can say, you look very pretty in that shade. It gives your skin a very pretty rosy glow.
I am also in my later 40's and I color my own hair. I use L'Oreal excellence cream in light golden brown it is very pretty and natural looking. When you do or get your hair done the caramel shade is an excellent choice with your skin tone. As far as the highlights you could get golden blonde in the caramel that would look very nice.

It is your decision but you definitely have the right idea. The deeper shade is much more becoming on you.
Good luck!

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