Hair Fall Out But There is No Regrowth

by Karen

Just before the hairloss

Just before the hairloss

My hairs started coming out 3 years ago. I had fine hair but loads of it. It was long and wavy, everywhere I went I would get compliments from men and women alike over it...very often people would ask me if I had a hair piece in or something because it was so thick, well I notice it coming out and started to have it investigated straight away because all the site said its easy to stop hair loss than to try and regrow it.

I went to my doctor and he sent me to see a dermatologist...who checked my scalp - diagonises - "your scalp is healthy and you've got a lovely head of hair what are you worrying about" (I was worrying because it was falling out).

Then I saw a Tricologist - she said - the scalp is healthy its not alopecia. I had my thyroid checked several times...seen and endinocologist who discovered a cyst on my ovary. So have just seen a gynecologist who has said it would not cause hairloss.

Its now 3 years down from the initial hairloss and I am now nearly bald...I would have been totally bald over a year ago if it hadn't been for the amount of hair I started with. It seems the hair fall out but there is no regrowth at all...eventually when the last hair falls out...that will be it. What can I do?...No one seems to know why this is happening.

There doesn't seem to be a medical reason. Vitamins and minerals have been checked etc such as iron, copper, the lot. Hormones including the stress hormone cordisol...I'm at my wits end. I'm a single mother and ashamed to even go to my sons parents evening. I've always been a very happy, friendly outgoing person, and now I hid away, doing my food shopping at night so I dont bump into anyone I know, plus it gives me an excuse to have a hat on or hood up...but summers coming...what do I do then?...I'll upload a photo of before and now as soon as I can get a picture taken of as it is now. My life is ruined.



By: N.F.

It seems you have done everything possible to find the cause. There are some alternative medications like Minoxidil that has helped a lot of people to grow new hair.

Last year I had a client with thinning hair problem that tried Garlic on scalp for several weeks. Simply by rubbing a raw garlic (cut in half) on scalp for 5-7 min before shower. She was very pleased with the result and I actually noticed new hair growth on her scalp. Garlic have many properties like antibacterial, anti-fungal and have natural antibiotic. Perhaps garlic removed some sort of unknown bacterial infection that was causing her hair loss!
The smell disappear after shower with shampoo and conditioner.

Wish you best of luck.

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Hair Loss
by: I Am Groot

Sometimes the body does not absorb vitamin B12. It will show up fine in the blood work but not actually be gitting into the tissues. There is a form of B12 that is called methylcobalamin. It is absorbed by the tissues. There are several good brands of it. I will not advertise one. If this is the problem, it will take several months to help. But B12 will not hurt you.

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