Solution For Thinning Hair in Woman

When you hear the phrase thinning hair, what comes to mind? baldness, natural thinning, fine hair, thin hair -- we all hear these terms tossed around but what do they really mean? Let's define the terms before we discuss the solutions.

Your Hair Type - Thickness of Each Hair Strand

Each strand of "Fine Hair" is only about 50 microns thick. Because of its narrowness fine hair is very fragile and breaks easily.

"Medium Hair" , measuring somewhere between 60-90 microns, is what is found on the "average" person's head.

"Coarse Hair" has a diameter of at least 100 microns and is the strongest hair of all.

Density - How Much Hair You Have?

The term "Thin Hair" indicates a lower than the average of 100,000 hairs that are found in "normal" head.

"Thick Hair" is used to define a hair count that approaches or exceeds 150,000 hairs. It is all about density!

Hair Styling Options

Certain hair styles discussed in the fine hair section of this site are also applicable for thin hair. You can also check out two more options:

The Cause and Solution

Our hair gets thinner by age but beside the obvious for women unnatural causes could be completely different than men. And that's the secret of body chemistry! It can be a result of hormonal changes caused by Pregnancy and Nursing or abnormal protein levels due to unbalanced diet, thyroid conditions, and a lots of other causes. Fortunately these conditions are temporary and the hair re-grows when the body regain its proper balance.

Many of these conditions are solved from inside out by simple diet change. For example hair loss caused by iron deficiency can be cured by a simple diet.

Stress, illness and medication can also disturb hair growth by weakening the structure and function of hair root. If this is the case, then the cause could be temporary and it would be a matter of time for hair to start to grow but it is vital to deal with stress to prventent additional hair loss.

Sometimes you may experience unusual hair loss after chemical treatments like bad perm or bleaching. This is not a real hair loss problem. Your hair can start to fall due to breakage and hair damage. You can see the difference by examining the hair. If there is a white knot (your hair root) at the end of each hair, then you should contact your doctor, otherwise it is generally only a case of hair damage.

Thinning hair in woman can also be genetic comming from a family history of thinning hair.

Hair Care Products for Thinning Hair

There are a number of over-the-counter products available. However, there are also prescription products that you will need to see your doctor to discuss.

Some hair salons also work closly with dermatologists and other medical research laboratories and offer well known brands like Nioxin and Nexxus. You can purchase them in some professional salons.

In addition to simply making your hair appear thicker, most products designed for thinning hair also provide nourishment to encourage the growth of healthy hair and retard the thinning process.

In extreme situations you might consider to ask specialist to perform a hair loss analysis that could include "Hair Pull", "Phototrichogram", "Hair Window", "Scalp Biopsy" or "Hair Shaft Evaluation" or send hair samples out to a lab to have the tests performed. Either way, your hair will be examined under a microscope. The cause of hair loss and thinning hair can usually be found by an examination of your hair's root and bulb.

Once the cause is determined you and your doctor can work out a treatment plan to restore your hair to the healthiest condition possible depending upon the circumstances.

The best advice is: Don't despair! Whether your hair is thin or thinning, you're not alone and there are a lot of solutions out there. All you have to do is reach for them.

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