Very Short Naturally Curly but Thinning Hair

by Susan
(Chicago, IL)

Me with my dog, Amos (he's curly too!)

Me with my dog, Amos (he's curly too!)

How to cope with thinning hair with a very short curly "do"? I have short curly hair that is thinning in a few places, namely one place on the crown and at one of the temples particularly.

My hair is neutral light brown (I color it to give it a little more 'punch' and to cover up a very slight amount of grey (mainly on the right temple only - figure that out!) Although I'm not young (I'm 53), I have a very young appearance, good skin and seem to act/look younger than my years.

I like a youthful, but not inappropriate appearance. I also have sever colics in front of my hair, along the forehead mainly...which sometime cause a problem for stylists who do not know what they're doing. I'd like to have an easy to blow-dry (or just natural dry with a pick) style that favors my longer (though I think it tends toward oval) face shape.

I am going on a diet to loose about 15 - 20 lbs, but for now, have to deal with my rather plum 160 lbs and a 5'5" frame (I really should not be over 140 for best health).

Any suggestions. See my photo.

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Some suggestions
by: Nancy

I have couple of suggestion that you might like to consider. I think you should have you hair "above the ear on sides" slightly shorter with an asymmetric style with a very soft angle that goes from high (from back) to low (toward your face). This will emphasizes your cheekbones and will go nicely when wearing glasses.

I also think you should grow your bangs (fringe) a little longer and wear it slightly to one side. Only if its possible to have a side parting on your hair. It's difficult to say without touching your hair and see up-close. This type of styling not only looks stylish but also sometimes helps with colics. A good stylist will know exactly how to make it work for you by layering the front area in a natural way.

I like your hair color and with your cool skin tone, you will look even better with some dark vibrant red like level 6/41 (dark red ash blond) with some very soft highlight (lift) on top. This will help your curly hair to reflect the light and appear more shiny and vibrant.

As for thinning hair problem, I suggest you take a look at this post on thinning hair. You may find it interesting.

I think you look great. And Amos looks just so cute. I love his hair!

I completely understand your situation!
by: Anonymous

I also have very curly rather short and thinning hair. The thinning part came from dieting and not compensating properly. I HIGHLY recommend the Bumble & Bumble Density Therapy line. It's worth every penny! It's a little drying (and I have dry hair) so I put Pureology conditioner on my hair before I shampoo and then carefully work the shampoo up underneath the conditioner to scrub the scalp only. Then I condition and usually add some L'Anza trauma treatment at the end. I always scrunch in product (Redken Crystal Curls) and let it dry or use a diffuser and then scrunch a clear gel at the end instead of hairspray if I have flyaways.

I have also upped my protein intake as well as hair skin and nails vitamins. In 8 weeks I had VERY different (and happy hair!) GOOD LUCK!!!

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