How to make my hair grow thicker again

by Mrs Tania H. Tamakloe

I used to have long think hair until i recently dyed it brown. Since then its all thinned out and very weak. I've tried all sorts of hair products but they still don't work. Currently i use olive oil relaxer for my hair but it hasn't changed.

What do i do to make my hair grow thicker again? are there any good products for it and can i get them to buy here cos most of the products i see on the Internet are not available where i am (Ghana, west Africa). Please help, I'm desperate.


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Regaining hair thickness
by: Anonymous

Hello Tania

I am no hair growth expert but I will share with you what i know, based on research and personal experiences.

Myself and my sisters have all experienced hair growth difficulties to varying degrees, My older sister has a bald patch (she has polycystic ovaries, and baldness can be a symptom of this). My other sister has generally thin weak hair. My mum is also bald at the front. I have a mostly full head of hair but its finer than it was and there are some problem areas. I suffered severe breakage in that problem area in the past.

I know that hair sensitivity and loss can be hereditary. This means that its possible that your family is particularly susceptible to hair problems (like my family). With that in mind I believe that any relaxer will be bad for you and you should stop using them. When I stopped relaxing my hair, my problem areas grew back, although not as healthy as it once was. However my problem areas are mostly only noticed by me, most people don't notice.

In addition, the nature of afro hair is to be full and curly. So if you grow your afro, any hair problems are likely to be far less easy to detect.

The second thing is to see if you can find a doctor who can ascertain if there is a medical reason why your hair is thinning. My sister is bald because she has a condition called PCOS. I also have PCOS. Some people lose hair because of an under-active thyroid. Others lose it because of stress in their life. More often than not there is a reason for substantial hair loss. If you are young and healthy your hair shouldn't fall out or thin.

And lastly you must examine your diet. I believe Ghanaians generally eat quite a healthy diet, however make sure you eat plenty of leafy green vegetables such as spinach, and foods high in nutrients. In addition, if possible get hold of a multivitamin and take it daily.

Hopefully this will all help. Good luck

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