My Way - Dealing with thinning hair

by Laura Lawrence

First of all I have to say that stress is a huge factor, and it harms most everything in your body. Then nutrition. Then medications. But the worst is how you handle your hair, using chemicals, pulling stretching, baking, burning ( with hot irons). Eat healthy , get some protein, Veggies.

Be kind and good to your hair sleep on a very soft pillow (not satin, too much slippage). Comb and brush lightly and massage like a soft caress , not like a murder plan. And do take those vitamins.. My hair has doubled in volume, since I have applied these ideas. Best wishes.

Oh and be sure to keep it clean with warm water and mild shampoos.. I use a 2 in 1 Fructose. Love it.

Treat your hair like you are in love with it..

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