Hair Glue Damage

by Lirie
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I'm looking for some help/guidance for my best friend. She has been using glued in extensions for the past 6 years and it has caused major damage to her hair leaving her with many bald spots and extremely damaged hair for whatever that is left of it. Her confidence is completely shattered and I think she is too embarrassed to seek help on her own. If you don't have any suggestions, thats okay. I am emailing many companies, salons, and various sites in hopes of at least 1 helpful reply.

Thank you.

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Apr 12, 2012
Building confidence

She is lucky having a friend like you. This is more about her confidence than hair damage because such hair damage can be fixed in time by cutting off the damage part and stop using extension at all cost. Hair will grow back but it takes time (3 to 6 months). Meanwhile she can cut her hair short and wear wigs if necessarily. Building her confidence on the other hand needs support from friends and family. She must learn to feel good about herself and knowing that all will return to normal and she will get her hair back.

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