Hair is Thin And Feels Crispy - Help My Fried Hair!

by Jazmin G.
(Austin, Texas USA)

My hair is naturally brown. But two years ago i dyed my hair black and did nothing else to it. Then like 9 months ago i decided to bleach my hair at home. But of course i bought the products at Sally's Beauty Salon. And now my hair is real thin and it feels crispy and it just doesn't look healthy. But i want some advice like what exactly can i use to have my hair thick and healthy back? Please Help!

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Apr 11, 2010
thin crispy hair
by: felicia

First off never ever bleach your hair again this in it self depletes hairs natural oils and damages the hair within its structure which is known as the hairs cortex.

All you can do at this point is deep condition it find a deep penetrating conditioner that also restores and builds hairs structure back up. You may need a salon deep treatment or product to do this you, can however try to find one out on the shelf like nexus. Check labels be sure none contain sulfates or alcohol. This may be hard to find.

Or, ask a stylist what would be best if you are tight budgeted let them know they may be able to recommend something within your financial means.

Also Do not color the hair until the health of your hair returns then I suggest a mild semi permanent product but do not do this now wait like I said so your hair does not fall out. There is hope don't panic just know your hair will come back maybe not as thick but it will.
good luck!

Apr 10, 2010
by: zoothair

Reconstructive conditioner can add protein to strengthen your hair, but, excessive chemical service exposure can not be reversed. Grow out your hair, cut off the chemically challenged ends as it grows and chalk this one up to experience.

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