Hair Strand Splits into 2 or 4 Strands

by Nicole

Back in high school which was about three years ago i went through a phase when i would excessively bleach my hair to the point where it was white, then dye it back to brown, and black, and bleach it out again, then dye it back to black etc. I think i bleached my hair about maybe twenty five times throughout three years using the L'Oreal bleaching kits.

However, now i have completely stopped any damage that has to do with chemical processing, drying the hair with high heat, or any curling irons since my hair is naturally straight. I let my hair air dry also. The last time i dyed my hair was back six months ago.

My problem now is that it appears my hair has lost its elasticity, it's prone to breakage and splits into three or four hair strands which makes it thin. I'm going paranoid, and I'm afraid my hair will not grow back to its full strength.

I have gotten a short hair cut, and my dresser says my hair is healthy but I don't think she knows what she is talking about. Anyone with any advice or tips please help me! Please!

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Jan 13, 2011
Growing out - Split Ends
by: N.F.

You hair has lost its protective cuticle. This is worst for longer hair because the natural oil from scalp can not reach the hair ends and the ends get more dry and break easy into several strands. So keeping it short with regular trimming was an excellent decision.

However it may take several generation of hair growth/trimming until you start to see improvement. If you hair was damaged right from scalp to ends (worst case scenario) and your current hair length is 10 inch then you have to keep trimming until you grow 10 Inch before you see results. The old hair is still vulnerable to split-ends. Lets say your hair grows in a speed of half inch per month - then you need to wait 20 months!!

Meanwhile, keep hydrating your hair and get a hair cut/trim at-least every 3-4 weeks. You can also add biotin supplement into your diet to promote healthy and faster hair growth. Don't panic, it will grow-out just fine. Wish you luck!

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