Help for Chemically Damaged Broken Hair?

by Shevonda Evans
(Anchorage, AK)

I have an African American client whose hair starting shedding drastically after a relaxer treatment. Her hair was colored approximately 6 weeks prior to obtaining the relaxer treatment. it's been now 5 weeks since the relaxer and even after protein treatments her hair is still breaking and falling. What if anything, other can cutting is all off, can be done?

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Jul 27, 2010
by: hairstylist

I am a Caucasian stylist. Have been doing hair for 10 years. That said, I have not have extensive experience with African American hair. I do have a few African American Clients.

What I do know is all hair can be over proteinized. Moisture treatments would probably be better for her at this point instead of protein. Tell her to go to a health food store and buy biotin. It is an amino acid that helps your body process protein more efficiently, which in turn helps your hair to grow. So is L-lysine. Look them up on the Internet. They will at least promote hair growth while her hair is breaking off. Nioxin (i know is really made for Caucasian hair) but they have a formula for coarse, color treated hair.) It will help.

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