Honest Review of Keratin Treatment by Copolla

I had the treatment done on November 29, 2010. Without exaggeration, the following is my honest experience for those thinking of doing it. I had manageable, curly bi-racial hair. It did take me a while to straighten it and the reason I opted to try Keratin Treatment was b/c I wanted to shorten the time it took me to flat iron it and my hair was prone to frizz if I went to a humid club or party. So during the application phase, my eyes did sting a little and the scent tingled my nostrils briefly. The Copolla rep was quick to say "look it smells like coconuts or bananas" or something. It did - just with a hint of fire and spice. Lol. Btw, I did the Blowout which he stated was temporary and would wash out in 3 months time but it would remove 5% of my curl.

So...it did shorten the amount of time to do my hair significantly. I noticed when I flat ironed my hair it was smoother and I went to a sweatbox of a club and it withstand the environment.

However, because the product smooths out your hair so much it has a tendency to be limp or fall flat quicker. That means it's close to the scalp which makes it look and feel greaser.

Okay - it's March 10, 2011. For you ladies wanting to go back to your curls...WARNING: my curl pattern is different now. I've been trying to strip the formaldehyde out by using cheap shampoos full of sulphate, i.e. herbal essences, and slowly but surely it's coming back.

In various parts of head, certain hairs stayed bone straight like the tips and the bangs. So imagine that look with curly hair. My hair used to be full and poufy with curls...now i have to work at getting those results (scrunching, diffuser, playing with it to give it volume). I even tried washing it with straight up salt.

Oh and the product was removed off the market, 1 week after I got it done in Canada. Check the government advisor:


My recommendation: don't do it. Wait a little longer because it hasn't been out long enough. The primary agent that straightens the hair is not the Keratin, rather the formaldehyde that they put on dead bodies!!!!

Good luck ladies!

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Jul 06, 2012
To stylist
by: Anonymous

Other than a few stylist you all sound like programmed robots. Be honest accept responsibility. This treatment is currently receiving warnings and citations from the FDA on top of class action lawsuits. Don't follow what other people in the industry tell you like sheep. It disgusts me

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