How much natural curl is left after keratin treatment?

by Eve
(Sydney, Aus)

Just wondering how much of the natural curl in your hair is left afterwards? also, by "it lasts 4mths" does that mean it just washes out over time?

I had the ionic straightening done and my hair was left (awfully) bone straight and the regrowth was horrid. Then i got the regrowth straightened and all my hair (yes all of it) fell out....never again....

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Feb 05, 2014
Brazilian hair treament
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry that I didn't do my home work on this product . I don't know why I didn't, I just trusted my hairdresser as they had been in the industry a long time and most of her clients was having it done. This is my first and last never will I get it done again , I have lost all my curl now it is so flat and limp I can't even get any volume in it, iam so disappointed . Would not recommend the treatment at all . I would like to know how to get it out .

Jan 13, 2013
I have lost my curls
by: Anonymous

I have had 4 of these treatments. The third one is what damaged my hair. the woman used too strong a treatment and my hair is pin straight. No curls except when my roots grew in. I had the least strength keratin for the last treatment but now I fear as some say, that third one structurally changed my hair, which is quite long now. I fear I will have to cut it short, which is the last thing a curly girl wants to do, to get this out of my hair. Wish I was never introduced to it. What they need is a treatment to get out the frizz but keep the curl,

Mar 20, 2011
2 -3 keratin killed curls permanently & doesnt really wash out
by: chris

I had pretty curly hair & it was frizzy especially when it was humid. My hair was not consistent in the way it curled and because the front of my hair was tighter fuzzier frizzy hair, I almost never let it dry naturally.

I had keratin Coppola keratin treatment and I couldn't wash my hair for 4 days. I loved my hair about 2 months after my first keratin as it was slightly less curly & not frizzy at all.

It became a bit curlier as time went on, but never became as curly. I waited 6 months between treatments & have had a total of 3.

Now it is like I have more or less killed my pretty curls & in order for it to look full I have to use a diffuser on low and really really takes time to form the curls or more waves w/ my head upside down (me bent over). I have ugly curly hair in my front hair line unlike the texture of the rest of my hair & that is what prompted me to keep getting 6 months treatments. That hair gets less curly but was not killed like the rest of the hair.

The best result I received was the first time. With each treatment even though spaced 6 months apart my curls were less. IT WAS NOT TRUE in my case that the keratin wore off or washed out over time. Even months later the treated hair is still less curly. The treatment did not dry my hair, but no matter what anyone says, it did structurally change the texture of my hair.

Like most curly girls my hair has different textures and is tons curlier towards the front, esp. the 2-3 inches of hair around my front hair line. I was mostly concerned w/ straightening that area. I plan on getting it done again BUT my stylist will only do the first 2 inches of my hair line. I have hair that is on the fine side.

I totally do not recommend getting this treatment if you like your curls and you have a lot less than ringlet like curls. If you are more on the wavy side, you will end up with straight hair. Also, if i blow out my hair, the volume is less...and also when I use big round brushes my hair doesn't keep that bouncy roundish sexy shape any more. BE CONSERVATIVE!

Sep 08, 2010
be careful
by: Anonymous

I had no curl for a month - completely flat hair. I gradually washed the keratin treatment out, and my curl is coming back. Now the hair is unusually dry, but has some curl and is not frizzy.
The whole thing has been way too much trouble! I wouldn't get the Brazilian Blowout again.

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