How to Be A Bleach Blonde Without Damaging The Hair?

by Danielle
(Virginia beach, VA, US)

I have to bleach my hair every 3 weeks because i am really light blonde and my roots come in black, but i don't want people to know i am a "fake" blonde. I was blonde when i was little and it started to turn brownish, so i started dying it blonde again, but now i cant stop or i'll have black roots, which is embarrassing!

Also, my hair its really dry and frizzy, when i don't straighten it, but straightening it burns it really bad! I also, "scrunch it" but the gel messes up my hair and makes it really dry and rough.

What can i do with my hair, because with out damaging it it looks like cotton candy almost. Any advice to repair or styling it?! Please!

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Nov 14, 2010
One treatment
by: Dakota

I had the same problem . Very curly frizzy and light brown .. Well I am silky bleach blonde now.. Look up and get the one time repair kit it really works, but make sure to properly read directions.

First you wash your hair with the special shampoo the totally dry it, then apply repair serum it says you can use blow drier ,but the bonnet salon drier works better, your hair will get really hard be sure not to move it and make sure serum is totally dry all over then shampoo and condition for well it says five min. I usually do fifteen and then you are gonna be so silky like virgin hair. It makes it stronger and silky

I wish some one told me about this years ago .. Well enjoy and also you can get it on ebay much cheaper, but I feel like it is watered down on ebay but you be the judge.

It's really only for really damaged hair ..well good luck and glad to tell.

Aug 10, 2010
heres how:
by: Anonymous

I would take the advice of using a dye back to your natural color and waiting for it to be healthy again and then if you want to maintain some natural blonde highlights, you can try a product called "Sun In" and it lightens hair naturally with the sun. I use it and i have long blonde healthy hair

Jul 20, 2010
How to bleach hair without damage
by: felicia

Unfortunately if your natural hair is that dark, continuing to bleach it will eventually totally fry your hair literally to death it will break and get thin may even fall out.

My natural hair is a light golden brown. I used to bleach and it had gotten soo thin, dry and brittle like straw. I stopped and let it alone for a while then went to a golden blone and worked my way back to my natural color. Now it is healthy and thicker again.

I color it still but light golden brown. If you want healthy hair again deep condition usually a salon will have exceptionally good deep treatments that help. I would then go darker at least a medium golden blonde put some pigment back your hair will be healthier Go to a salon though since it is so dry! Go a few times till you see improvement in it's condition then you can color at home. There are gentle products out there but please no more bleach if you want to keep your hair.

Jul 20, 2010
by: Hair stylist for 10 years

Look, any time you lighten/bleach the hair, you're doing irreparable damage. I would recommend gradually darkening your hair if you ever want it to be manageable and beautiful.

You may be in love with the blonde color, but if your hair is naturally dark, bleaching will turn your locks into garbage -- every time, regardless. For the love of hair, put a semi-permanent brown dye on it until it has grown out. Trust me, you'll have much better hair, and be much happier. In the mean time, Phyto makes a hair treatment from egg yolks that can make it feel more manageable, but there is nothing that can be done to repair bleached follicles.

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