How to make my hair grow long faster? - Bad hair day!

by alopecia

I have a long hair before and i really like it. Then it dried out due to too much exposure to sunlight and split ends grew, it was a nightmare for me. I started ironing my hair when i was in the university, because of school requirement that we need to tie it very well before proceeding to our duty.

Due to the breakages, i decided to let my hair cut in a short manner and it went good. I noticed that it got waves and it curl out so i decided again to have my hair relaxed and be straightened. On my dismay and disappointment, my stylist didn't inform me that my hair was totally damaged and the ends developed dreadlocks until he finished blow drying my hair! I was staring at him with no concerns. It was totally a night terror for me! I love my hair, and my first time to have it straightened was the first to damage my hair totally. My hair gives me confidence. I'm so depressed and upset.

I really hate my hair now. I can't manage it well and every time I walk along the hall way, i got the feeling that everybody is looking at my hair (paranoid!). My classmates was also into a shock mode when they've learned my hair was damage (actually, i hate that salon!) I have developed anxiety.

I purchased different kinds of conditioners I know, from those containing coconut oil, olive oil to beeswax. What I did at home is to let the conditioners stay on my hair for at least 10 minutes. The beeswax conditioner went good and it softens my hair making it manageable. Unfortunately, I still got those kinky-look hair and I'm really going to wait for how many months to let my hair grow again.

Do you know any that can treat my hair as possible (now) or shampoos that could make my hair grow long faster?

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Jul 23, 2009
Hair growth and health
by: Anonymous

You should take Biotin, a vitamin that makes your hair healthy and grow faster. The reason I know this is that I had this happen to me also. It stinks. But your hair will eventually grow back, I promise. There is a shampoo and conditioner that is called Onesta and it doesn't have drying agents in it, so it is very good to keep your hair healthy. Anything by Joico, like reconstructor and intense moisturizer works too.

Also... its hard but you have to refrain from using any heat on your hair, no matter what, for atleast three months, this will help your hair stay healthy and promote growth.

I hope this helps!

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