How to Repair Severely Damaged Hair - Perms

by DG
(Atlanta, GA)

I have given my daughter perms for years. Over time, they have seriously taken their toll. Her hair is much shorter. In recent months, I have used a nice thick and creamy deep conditioner after washing her hair. I also apply a protective hair lotion that is supposed to help dry, brittle hair, before blow drying.

When styling the hair, I've used a flat iron once for the week. I have also tried just wet setting her hair with rollers and letting her sit under a hair dryer so I would not damage the hair with heat from the blow dryer. I think her hair is getting better, but I'm still scared about the damage.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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Mar 09, 2023
Organic perms
by: Anonymous

Try looking for the organic perms they now make! They may cost a bit more but when it comes to damage from chemicals the extra cost is worth a non chemical perm. The fist perm I ever got put me in the hospital because of the fact I have epilepsy the nasty stuff put me into status epilepticus(seizure after seizure and can be deadly if not stopped in time. The organic perms work great smell great and no hospital visits. Give it a try since if you do not have epilepsy there is that much less danger and result in beautiful perm with little to no damage. Glycerin is also good for damaged hair and helps it grow and is non irritating actually helps scalp issues. Go for it!!!!

Feb 21, 2010
Repairing damaged hair

Unfortunately the damaged hair has already been done, as you said . There are products that could help, such as "THE DEEP" and "THE MASK" by Bumble & Bumble. Just make sure to follow the directions on the labels.

It's a good idea to trim the ends of the hair at least every other month and using ROLLERS rather than blow drying or flat ironing hair. It would be best to let the hair dry naturally and after its 90% dry use Velcro ROLLERS under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Feb 14, 2010
Severely damaged perm
by: felicia

Keep using a good deep conditioner. Pantene also makes some I, believe they are called restoratives.
They should have one especially for severely damaged hair. The only thing I would change is stop blow drying and start air drying her hair. Fluff it with your fingers as it is drying. This should help so it has a chance of restoring it self. It may however not ever be quite the same.

I permed at a salon a long time ago and that was only once and it did a number on my hair which used to be medium thick. Now it is baby fine. Perms are extremely damaging whether you do them your self or a salon does them. I will never suggest a perm to anyone ever!

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