How to wear my curly hair?

by Jess

Alright so I pull my hair back in a pony tail almost every single day...which can be pretty boring! So can any one please give me some advice? My hair is very curly but I want it short! Any ideas?

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by: RE: Hate my frizzy hair

Use Bumble & Bumble Nourishing Masque from Curl Conscious series once or twice a week to add moisture to your curls to avoid dryness. If your current mousse goes dry quickly, then change the brand to something else. You can use the Curl Conscious holding foam. Its creamy and non sticky and can keep your curl in place between washes.

Hate my frizzy hair
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone I'm just reading through all of your advice but nothing seem to work with my frizzy hair. I have tried putting mousse on it but my hair dries so quickly and it goes frizzy again and I really hate it. So I just usually straighten it and go out like that but I really would like for once to have it curly if only it stayed in place.
so any advice for me?

I have long curly hair
by: Anonymous

Hi there! I have long curly hair and I used to do the same thing (the pony tail) it kept my hair out of my face and especially out of my eyes.

My hair is the same length all over (no bangs) so I get out of the shower after using Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner and dry my hair a little with the towel, I run my fingers through my hair to make sure I don't have tangles and then I apply mousse, just Suave brand mousse (in a black can) I use quite a bit because my hair is so long and thick.

Then I blow dry it on medium heat, flip your hair over and blow dry upside down scrunching as you go, then flip it to one side and dry, then flip to the other side and dry. When you flip your hair back over, run your fingers through the roots and flip the front back. I do this pretty much every day, my hair is NEVER frizzy. It stays curly and not frizzy all day.

Sometimes I'll use a head band with teeth, that looks nice also. I always get compliments on my hair. Also, use those bump-it's when you pull your hair back in a pony tail.

Good Luck with your hair and remember, if you can help it, don't wash every single day. That dries your hair out really badly. If you aren't going to wash for a day make sure to wear a silk scarf to bed, I swear by it! Good Luck

Tamed ways to wear it.
by: Jessie

All of u guys had great tips and I understand that ur guys's hair can spring up a great amount of inches. I have several tips that tame that.

The whole combing thing of not combing isn't to smart. I started wearing my hair out a little while ago and before I did I was unattractive, but now that I wear it out I learned how to keep the lenght u want and have flawless curls in 10 minutes.

I use personally a brush, mousse, and a headband, but that's just me. I first brush my hair descently through my hair, then I place the headband pulling my bangs back into my hair, after that I squirt mousse into my left hand and start by placing into top then to the tips of my hair and u then squeeze your hair together to keep it from puffing out and this also tames you hair from frizzing but don't put way to much just one squirt after another and it should last all day.
These are the real facts and now almost all guys in my grade have been crushing on me since I started and if doesn't work for you, maybe you have a different kind of treatment you need to use, but this is what works for me.

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by: Anonymous

My hair does that to! its super long when its wet then curls and it looks like an afro. I wish it would stay long the curling up.

by: Anonymous

Short curly hair for me is ugly. Long hair looks beautiful that why I'm growing out mine its shoulder-length but then it curls all the way to my ears when it dry. I hate it, it makes me look like I have an afro. just leave it down no big deal put some mousse and your out the trsseeme is the best.

by: Anonymous

Actually I think she meant part it to the side and ponytail center. Curly hair it usually kind of thick and parting in the middle will create a triangular pyramid. I think u just misunderstood =]

by: Anonymous

That is the WORST advice EVER!!!! Please for your own sake do not ever wear a side ponytail! You are a woman not a 14 yr old cheerleader.

Whoever told you that must have a personal grudge against you. I'm sorry.

How to wear curly hair
by: Anonymous

sometimes curly hair is very hard to detangle and style ive been there. The best way to detangle it is to use conditoner and put it in your hair and use your fingers to take out the knots. Yes it will hurt but its better then using a comb or a brush because it ruins the curl.

Some very nice ways of wearing curly hair is by wearing braids or pigtails it depends. A bad thing to do is to separate it by the middle big no no. Separate it a little to the side use a pen,comb etc. it frames your face.

You can take the hair from the top of your ears and do a ponytail then leave the rest of the out of the ponytail. Also maybe a side ways ponytail.

And you can also add barrets, ribbons, headbands or headscreves to spice up a simple ponytail.

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