Is it safe to do keratin treatment to pregnant or breastfeeding woman ?

by Sara

Iam planning to do it but iam not sure as iam breastfeeding and my stylist says that its safe as its Formaldehyde Free!! but iam not sure ?? did any one try this treatment in ColourNation Hairdressers London in Endell Street, Covent Garden, London as iam planning to go there soon . please help ?

Chemical treatment and pregnancy

By: Nancy
Sara, There are no clear evidence that chemical treatments in general (Brazilian Keratin or not) have any negative effect on pregnant women. There are many different opinions even among scientists. Here you can read more about chemical treatment and pregnancy.

I always ask my clients to avoid chemical hair treatments for the first three months of their pregnancy. After that its depend on each individual women to decide for themselves. Some decide not to take the risk and some are more concern about their beauty during this difficult time and I understand them both.

Back to Formaldehyde free Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Just because a product contain no formaldehyde, it does not mean its safe! Ask for a list of ingredients and look them up on Internet for their toxic property.
A good place to start would be

Toxic and carcinogenic chemicals can enter your system in two different ways: Through skin (scalp - less likely) and inhalation of fumes and gas ( higher risk). So make sure to choose a process that put less chemicals on your scalp (because chemicals can't enter your body through hair) and produce no fumes to reduce the risk of exposure.

Brazilian Hair Straightening

By: ColourNation
Hi there, Firstly thanks for your interest in ColourNation. We would agree with teh advice here there is no clear evidence of any danger of these treatments during pregnancy.

Both our IHR Permenant Hair Straightening Supplier and our Brazilian Straightening Supplier say they are safe during pregnancy.

But I guess everyone has to make their own decision on safety. Some clients for example will not colour their hair during pregnancy, while many do and have no problems.


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