Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Keratin

by Tati
(New York)

Share Your Experience: Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Keratin

Share Your Experience: Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Keratin

This is my second time doing the Brazilian keratin. I was afraid at first because three years before I had done the Japanese hair straightening and I hated it. I cried so much. My hair had no body at all. It just sat there flat.

Finally I let it grow and got the Brazilian keratin. Well it was the best treatment I have ever had. It made my frizzy wavy/curly hair so manageable. I can blow dryer it straight and it stays like that, but also shiny and freeze free, or I can just leave it and let it dry naturally and comes out with a beautiful wave, freeze free. It looks like when people with straight hair let their hair dry naturally and has the straight but with a wave look. I love it! I only do it for the summer, and I'm going to keep on doing it every summer.

Now there is a new one that came out called chocolate and you don't have to wait four days to wash your hair. I got my hair done on a Tuesday and by Friday I was able to wash it. So.... try it you'll love it.

P.S. you'll have to buy special shampoo and conditioner. Because they are sodium free.

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Aug 19, 2017
Japanese Hair stylist in Miami?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know of a experienced stylist for
Japanese straightning in Miami?

Oct 15, 2014
by: Karen

I get the Jap straighener every 4 months along with the keratin. Japanese on my roots and the Keratin on the rest of may hair just as a treatment. I love it! I'm worried now with people saying how bad the formaldahide is and even if the product doesn't say it, it still probably has it in it.
I have a great stylist in Orlando Florida that has been doing mine for 9 years!

Jul 23, 2014
Love the Japanese Ion Straightening treatment.
by: Anonymous

I have very curly course hair....
I first found out about the Japanese Ion treatment in 2002..
That was my first treatment, and have been doing it yearly ever since...
I was completely amazed at how it changes the texture....
For the first time in my life, I had straight, shinny silky hair....
I only have it straightened once a year...one year, it takes about 3 hours.....for the entire process....
When, my hair grows out...on top, I just flat iron it....the rest of my hair stays stick straight.....it sort of helps weigh the new growth down...
With the Brazilian treatment, all your hair just starts to return to it's natural curly state.....with in a period of 3 to 4 months....
I only like straightening mine once a year, not 4 times....much cheaper, as it is pricey process.
With the Japanese treatment, you can wash your hair the very next day, you don't have to wait 3 or 4 days....
If you have color on your hair, it's best to do the straightening one week before color.....it will lift the color about 3 shades lighter, and the first month, it's flat....but once the regrowth
happens, with in 4 weeks, then it's perfect....those are the only two downsides that I have found....after all these years of straightening, my hair has never looked dull, or split....it's always shinny....I will never go back to my natural curl....it allows me to have a lot of different cuts....with my curly hair, I didn't have the same option.....

Jan 31, 2013
Japanese Straightening vs Brazilian Keratin
by: Yuria Luna

I did my first straight treatment in Japan. It was good for my NON--COLOR and NON-BLEACHED hair, it becomes manageable and silky.BUT!!! Only for 3month! After that I found that my hairs became more damaged and unhealthy!!

But naturally my hairs curly and thin and I can't live without straightening. So I decide do it sometimes though it became damage(( Next time my hairs was colored to light blond color with highlights. I didn't know that Japanese straightening or perm can kill blond colored hairs!!! I was just shocked what happens with my hairs:((( I was like crying and I so wanted to get my hairs back!!

So I understand that Japanese Straightening is OK for Asian strong and healthy hairs. BUT if you have a bleached or color-damaged or highlights or very thin blond hairs NEVER DO JAPANESE straightening!!! It will kill your hairs!

So my hairs was damaged all time after it until they grow up, but it took soooo long time!!!

But recently I found out Brazilian Keratin treatment and did it for first time, so I can say it was really better and nothing damage for my hairs, it became more manageable and healthy shiny look, and amazing straight only after drying it!!!

Just amazing feeling that you have not to do something with your hair cause they are beautiful the way they are!!!

But Brazilian Keratin is very expensive and lasts only 1-3month and you have to use special shampoo-conditioner))) But if you have blond or bleach hair it don't damage and make it look like celebrity hairs:)))

Apr 26, 2011
I have had both treatments
by: A Summers

I have had both the Japanese straightening and the Keratin and here are my thoughts for those of you considering them:

With the Japanese treatments (I had the ionic) your hair is pin straight and will lose it's natural wave - but it is glossy, straight, and NOT frizzy. It certainly saves you time and the cost of hair products at the end of the day. Mine lasted 8 - 9 months and I touched up about every 10 months. It is really only recommended for people with a slight wave to their hair as it will be easier to grow out and not look so obvious. Those with really curly hair would have to do it more often which my hairdresser would not recommend. I have had 3 of these treatments done over the last 4 years and then switched to the Keratin as someone had said that they were better for your hair...

The first two Keratin treatments I had (one was the Coppola and one was Global) were pretty good and lasted about 3 months. My hair slowly got a bit wavier and the frizz returned also slowly over the 3 month period until my hair was its normal wavy/ course self. I DID notice after the Keratin treatments that my neck felt stiff and I had allergies for the 3 day period I had to leave the product in. A few weeks ago I had another Keratin treatment (the new Coppola) and it has done nothing. After spending $500 my hair looks the same. This was the new formula that came out after the other was recalled due to the Formaldehyde. In any case it was just not worth the money.

I am now considering going back to the Japanese treatment as it is much better value. I am wondering about the difference in chemicals between the products so if anyone knows can you please let me know?

Sep 23, 2010
Experience Stylists
by: Anonymous

I had my Japanese Hair Straightening in Tokyo and that was amazing. My hair was awesome afterward. I decided to do that again in Seattle and my hair just come out amazing. I am Asian and have thick asian hair. Now it is glossy, straight, and just stay in place. The place I went to did both the Japanese S. and Brazilian Keratin. I had the Japanese Yoku Straightening. They had the straightening with iron in a clam, clam, and zip zag straight pull method. With the Brazilian method they just clam and pull. The Japanese method required more work and if someone is un-experience and doesn't do the zig zag method, it damage and frizz the client hair. Just a word of caution.

Jul 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I did the Japanese Hair Straightening twice. Destroyed my hair, burned my scalp (i had scabs) and it never really worked. My hair was still frizzy and instead of curly hair i had terrible wavy hair. My hair has never been the same since. Its been about six years since i have had it done and my curls still don't curl like they used to.

Ive seen and heard wonderful things about the Brazilian Keratin. I'm still skeptical on how it will turn out on my hair

Mar 13, 2010
Japanese straightening all the way!
by: Kathy

I've been getting Japanese straightening done for the last 6 years. My hair is shiny, manageable and never ever frizzy all the time. You do have to do your research and go to someone with experience. A good stylist is not cheap (unless you go to Vietnam where it's around $30). You won't have body, but that's what straight hair is. It's an investment. I get touch-ups twice a year and I've seen some real disasters so be careful where you go.

Every-time I go for a touch-up about 25% of the clients have come from other salons to get their botched Japanese or Brazilian work fixed. I'm white but I'm seen many African American women come out with some awesome, breath-taking locks!

Jan 21, 2010
Japanese Straightening
by: Jessica T

I have been getting my hair straightened with the Japanese treatment since 2002, almost 8 years! It is life changing. Just like the comment before, if you have had extreme damage, your stylist must be inexperienced. I go to a tiny salon in a small suburb in MI, not a really ritzy place, but just a great, experienced stylist with a lot of training. You must research before you get this done. If you have bushy, unruly hair I would definitely consider this! Best thing I have ever done. I am starting to look into the Keratin, just to see they difference.

Nov 29, 2009
LOVE YUKO Straightner
by: Anonymous

I have been doing the Japanese Hair Straightening YUKO for 7 years. It has changed my life. I love it! People who don't like it went to the wrong hair stylist... I even have color treated hair and never have had a bad one..Do your home work before going to anyone. Hair stylists will always tell people they are a specialist at it but get referrals..

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