Kera Hair Keratin Treatment - The Test Of Fire

by Raphael

The cosmetic grade formalin (methylene glycol) content for Kera Hair is actually 1.7pct. Formaldehyde, which is a GAS that is created when the heat of the 450 degree flatiron reacts with the formalin in the 4th (and last) part of the Keratin application process.

A compound found in many hair and salon products, formalin reacts with the heat of the flatiron to crosslink the protein in the hair cortex once the Keratin has been introduced. So far, no company has been able to recreate this linkage without formalin or a similar substance that is reactive in nature to proteins and capable of creating a similar bond between them. The 'formoldehyde-free' products simply don't achieve an acceptable long-lasting effect. They thrive on getting customers to redo the process with more frequency, something that is just too much for people to afford these days.

Another way that opportunistic business people have exploited the'formaldehyde free' misnomre is by actually using substances that create the necessary bond but that in high enough high doses and over prolonged periods of time will share similar effects as formaline. Think of marketing a cooking oil by saying it does not have cholesterol while being incredibly high on saturated fats. That's the type of opportunistic marketing we have to deal with!

Another important fact is that the FDA doesn’t have specific regulations that prohibit or restrict the use of formaldehyde formalin in cosmetic preparations. In fact, they take no issue with nail hardeners that sometimes have 5% + formalin contents. Regulation of formalin is done by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and that is done in a measurement scale that does not consider formalin content in liquid form but rather focuses formaldehyde's presence over prolonged periods of time - namely ppm (parts per million) over an 8 hour period.

Even though the facts above render the discussion of formaldehyde content moot, there are several reasons why Kera Hair is superior to other Keratin products in the market. First of all it is a product that incorporates many natural vitamins and minerals that do not exist in Keratin products that have tried to imitate it. These include Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in addition to nutrients found in rare plants from the Brazilian rainforest.

By far the greatest reason behind Kera Hair's success (and the reason that prompted me to focus my distribution business for Keratin products soley on this brand) is that it exhibits by far the best performance in what the Brazilians (who as much an authority in Keratin as they are in soccer) call the "Prova de Fogo" or the TEST OF FIRE.

The TEST OF FIRE refers to the results AFTER the hair cuticle has been closed and the Keratin solution has been allowed to seal itself in the hair cortex for 4 days.

Keratin of less than stellar quality will have no problem exhibiting those BEFORE and AFTER results that have become a staple in marketing brochures of cheap Keratin imitations. These DIME A DOZEN pictures are deceiving, because even a mediocre mix will achieve that type of result right after being applied. The REAL test is in the DURABILITY. And most Keratins out there will barely make it past the 4th day.

It's on and beyod the 4th day that your client will either say WOW THAT WAS WORTH PAYING FOR A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS OR REALIZES THAT THEY HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF.

At the end of the day, the TRUE QUALITY stands to the even the toughest test. Just like a fake diamond will look just fine to the untrained eye but fail the litmus test of a trained jeweler, the true quality of the Keratin you use with your customers will be exposed or vindicated once it stands up to the TEST OF FIRE.

So have this in mind next time you collect their hard earned money.

Best of luck to all of you out there. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Keratin is a new field for most of us and for the sake of our customers we need to get savvy!

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Apr 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well the composition of the hair is complex and it's hard to find any one product that will work on everyones head. Many attributes must be taken into consideration. Not all damage is the same, for ex someone who doesn't use products or appliances on their hair still can suffer an abundance of damage.

Poorly chosen shampoos as well as hard water and chlorine can play a factor on very damaged hair. These types of damage need to be considered when choosing a treatment.

Next is the hair itself, thick or thin, long or short, colored or natural, frizzy, dry, over perms & harsh bleaches. Each branch will ultimately decide which service is right whether it's a keratin treatment, keratin blowout, but the hard part lies in the cosmetic esthetician's hands. A good cosmetic esth. knows what makes a good product and what makes a "long shelf life" product is. And if your in a salon, your worry should be whether the stylists bring their own products or use the salons... And if it's the salons, you better hope the owner isn't trying to penny pinch.

Formaldehyde is a great preserver, it makes dissecting frogs possible. But there isn't any need for it in anything you use ever. You may have applied it to your hair but just as lotion is absorbed thru pores so are hair care. I do keratin treatments and i found it best to make my own products; reconstructor, as well as conditioning mask.. This way I know what quality of results to expect.

Apr 12, 2012
Kerahair does not contain methylene glycol
by: Sabine

Hi Raphael.. I know a little bit about Keratins and know that in order to achieve a lasting effect on African Americans and Caribbean course hair Formaldehyde has to be present.
You mention that Kerahair does not contain Methylene Glycol and/or a very small amounts. How long then Kerahair treatment last on the above mentioned clients with course hair? Your information is quite educational and very well explained but I am still confused. I am an African American person with very small and tight curls.
Thank you!

May 13, 2011
Do you think Kera Keratin is the safest on the market
by: Anonymous

I have had Global Keratin and was sick for a month. I could not stop coughing. It was out of control, I have never felt that sick in my life. Having coughing fits 24/7. The results were great but will not go through that again. Looking for a keratin product that has minimal formaldehyde. I was told Kera has, is that true? I know you need some formaldehyde for the treatment to work but what is a safe amount?

Jan 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've used kerahair 4 times already and like many have commented my hair is really shiny and healthy and straight. I had the typical curly frizzy hair and since I did the treatment I couldn't be happier. Do it won't regret it!!

Dec 27, 2010
Kerahair does not contain methylene glycol

Raphael, according to Bionaza Cosmetics: "Kerahair does not contain methylene glycol. We use very small quantity of formaldehyde (0.26%) with the purpose of only conservation of the product."

Sep 01, 2010
Kera Hair Works!!!
by: Finally Happy

My mom found a hairstylist that uses Kera Hair by Bionaza. She did the treatment and I could not believe how healthy, soft and shiny her hair was. I couldn't wait to get my hair done. I still waited about a month after she did hers to make sure there weren't any side effects. Her hair did not get frizzy at all.

I scheduled an appointment and got highlights and the keratin treatment done. I could not love my hair any more. My friends and family can't believe how awesome my hair looks. Even strangers compliment my hair! Best treatment I have ever done! and no side effects---no burnt, damaged dry hair, my hair is not stick simply looks natural and with style!!

Mar 23, 2010
Is it this the Kera Hair by Bionaza?
by: rlc

Hi Raphael,
I've just begun to research the keratin treatment jungle : ) I want to do it - I'm half white half black, and have 'typical' mixed race naturally curly hair - complete with frizz and dryness. It looks nice when I have it blow dried and flat ironed, but any moisture will make it go curly and frizzy again. My curls are also tighter than I'd like, and in the past I've tried relaxers, curly perms, and the BioIonic retexturing system. All of these chemical treatments left my hair in worse shape than it was before. I still want what I've always wanted - a looser curl, no frizz, more moisture and a lasting straight look when I have it done straight.

My reservation is the formaldehyde controversy, as well as the level of straightness and how long it lasts, as I rather my hair not go permanently dead straight. So far, I've come across the Brazilian Blowout, Coppola, QOD, Kera Straight, Global Keratin and your Kera Hair, which I found on a site called Is it the same? And is it still the one you recommend above all the others?

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