Keragreen Keratin - Review Request

by Lady J

Now someone please tell me about Keragreen which in doing my research all ingredients are natural. Some research has been done and none of the ingredients show formaldehyde. In fact my beautician says it doesn't smell and a mask or gloves is not used!! Is that a proven fact that it has no chemicals? She also said that's why it does get as straight as the BK treatments out there. And that it like getting a really good deep conditioner( no harm).

So is it the formaldehyde that's causing breakage or the keratin. Keratin is supposed to cause growth! Keragreen is supposed to be the alternative to the other BKT deadly products, someone help me before I dive in, I'm between a texturizer, weave or going natural. Now I don't know what to do!!

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Jul 23, 2015
Hair feels worse two months after
by: MsL

My eyes burned as did my scalp when I was having this treatment, but they assured me that it was the only natural and organic keratin treatment on the market! My hair looked and felt very smooth when I washed it out a few days and for several weeks, but now two months later, my hair feels like straw and worse than it felt before I had the treatment! I truly regret having this done and will not ever do it again. Not only that, but it seems to have changed my natural wave curl which now feels completely different. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PRODUCT!

May 20, 2012
Keragreen contains formaldehyde!
by: NJ Hairguru

"Saliguard," is the "chemical" contained in KeraGreen. When heated to over 400 degrees, it becomes toxic formaldehyde gas release- that you , the stylist and the CLIENT breathe in. Every-time the client washes her hair in a steamy hot shower- inhale deeply the toxic fumes.

This is how they get the product past the red tape. be cautious, ask questions, press further- and DONT be fooled. I'm using KeraSapa for the last yr and its awesome.

Buy KeraSpa by emailing them and finding who the distributor in your area is. I got mine from a place in Long Island, NY. Again- STAY AWAY FROM KERA GREEN!!!! it contains saligueard, a chemical that when heated to 400degrees or more, turns to formaldehyde gas. PERIOD.

Apr 14, 2012
Keragreen rocks!
by: Emily

I just got the keragreen treatment and washed it out yesterday after 3.5 days of not washing. My hair is AMAZING! I was skeptical because there were a number of negative reviews on line, people saying their hair was the same. I have no idea why that would be (except for a poor application?). My hair frizz is GONE. I blew it out yesterday which I rarely, if ever, do because it takes over an hour and then looks like wavy hair blown straight, but not with Keragreen! It took 15 minutes and looked better than ever. Today I let it air dry and it is dramatically smoother, shiner and flatter. It is a remarkable product. It smells chemical free and though I dreaded not washing or wetting for days, it was really no big deal.

Aug 17, 2011
KeraGreen is fantastic!
by: Leslie N.

Thankfully, there are actually informed individuals on this site and have done research! That OSHA report is old and only done one 2 bottles! OSHA said they would've had to done the sampling on 25 bottles to even have a semi-decent estimate. But apparently, Organic Salon Systems were still a transparent company wanting their clients to be as satisfied as possible and changed the formula.


FORMALDEHYDE is a naturally occurring gas that is found everywhere! Even in bananas and our own bodies! In high dosages(like Brazilian Blow Outs) they can be extremely harmful to both the clients and hair dressers at hand!

When organic compounds are heated above a certain degree (which happens from the straightening process) natural formaldehyde is released. When using KeraGreen about .001% of Formaldehyde is released. FAR BELOW THE OSHA REQUIREMENTS.


This product is more than safe to use and the company and distributor are both extremely transparent and do not lie to anyone about the ingredients or formaldehyde!

As for the people who did not have good results, perhaps you should call Organic Salon Systems Tech support because (in all respect) you may have done the treatment poorly. Did you wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo before hand? How much product did you put on the hair strands? Did you let it process long enough? Was your hair virgin hair (it is harder to open the hair shaft and it requires higher heat) There are many things you could have done wrong.

This is not a straightening treatment! It makes hair smooth and manageable and allows clients to be able to curl their hair still! (AFTER 3-4 days)


Jun 28, 2011
Tried Keragreen
by: Linda

I tried the Keragreen as I have a problem being allergic to chemical fumes...after owning salons so many years.

I was disappointed with the results. Makes you hair softer...more conditioned and thats about it.
My hair was still frizzy. I followed the directions exactly. There is a smell...sort of like Cellophanes.
Actually a clear cellophone treatment would give you similar if not better results. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE RESULTS. I wont be offering the service at my salon. Not even much improvement with the shine....after you wait 4 days to wash your hair, your hair looks maybe 5-10% better...not worth the money or the trouble.

I will try the your money on the Keragreen. I do like the color line though...but that does still have a smell while applying. I have to open windows and turn on the fan.
Sigh...will give the Keraspa a try.

Jun 20, 2011
NEW KERASPA I've been using the past 4months

The NEWEST safest easiest keratin system I found that I have used on many clients thus far is KERASPA.

1. You can wash it same day
2. Smell is mild/pleasant
3. Outta control shiny glass-like sheen
4. Gr8 neutralizing "mask" to seal
5. Awesome results on wiry-coarse hair - as well as fine wavy hair.

Highlighted hair MUST BE CAREFULLY treated (or hair previously treated even w/another product) just make sure to reduce the temp down to 410 or less if the hair is more than 50% bleached high's.

After-products shampoo/conditioners are way expensive.

Don't know the long term results/longevity as of yet b/c the product is so new to market.
Price-point is a hybrid of the semi and permanent thermal relaxer/straighteners.

May 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

When I was looking into carrying KeraGreen at my salon, I called up both Organic Salon Systems and OSHA to verify and dig deeper. I was told that this reading was probably a bad one, as it was based on 2 bottles. On top of this, Organic Salon Systems told me they reformulated the product after they were shocked to be accused of containing formaldehyde. OSHA also told me that their reading was "probably off due to the smallest sample size in the study (2 bottles)".

KeraGreen is the ONLY product you can go green with in this niche. You are not going to find a professional, high quality keratin treatment other than this (at least at this point). Maybe some at home products contain less formaldehyde than the OSHA study claims the OLD formula had, but the results are simply that - at home results. For people serious about how their hair looks and feels without sacrificing their body and health, GO GREEN WITH KERAGREEN!

Apr 22, 2011
KeraGreen is Unsafe @ 1.5% Formaldehyde!!

Keragreen contains an unsafe level of fromaldehyde being at 1.5%. You can comapre it to a typical coppola keratin complex containing 1.9%. ...
look at the Oregon OSHA report and see.

I am the hairguru in NJ - I have been working in a place with two windows, and a $700.00 air purifier - and even i got major congestion from using the coppola. Stay safe - stay away from Keragreen.

Im currently looking into these 3 that rate below the .02% scale...
1. JKS Smoothing treat
2. Bio Ionic Kera Smooth Anti Frizz less than .01%
3. Pravana Naturaceuticals Keratin Fusion less than .01% also.

Feb 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Apparently KeraGreen is formaldehyde free. So from lab point of view, this product is safe for consumers. Here you can read some formaldehyde results for KeraGreen. From stylists experience, I have not heard anything negative. They all happy with smell and convenient of not using masks. I think the only problem is that you can't wash your hair after treatment for at least 2-3 days. We still missing client reviews and not sure how long the treatment lasts. If you decide to test this, let us know about your experience.

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