Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

by Denise

I have recently started offering the Keratin treatments and while the results are amazing the affects from breathing the fumes while flat ironing are concerning. Every time I do a treatment I start feeling irritation in my throat, lungs and eyes.

I did a treatment today about 10 hours ago and can't sleep because my heart is racing and my chest feels heavy. My throat hurts and I just don't feel well. My resting heart rate is 120 while laying in bed.

Needless to say I am up now doing more research on these Keratin and Brazilian treatments. It's too bad that the staff at the beauty supply places aren't more informed. I guess they wouldn't be selling much of the product if all the facts were plainly stated.

Has anyone used a mask while doing the flat iron process? I can't imagine my client wouldn't want the same protection if she sees me wearing one. And how would you strap one onto your client since you can't strap it around their head while you are ironing their hair. Have you ever seen the canister masks? They are big and bulky and I doubt a client is going to want to hold it to their face for an hour.

I'm frustrated and not feeling well and concerned for the health and safety of my clients and myself. But I love the results of the product! Anyone have some suggestions or comments?

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May 16, 2012
Help please
by: Anonymous

I did my hair yesterday not knowing anything about this product :( please help. How long does it take to get the awful smell out of my hair ? And how do I get a product out. I hope the smell doesn't stay long. I was having same exact problems last night. Couldn't sleep. Sore throat. Itchy eyes. God why do we girls do this to our body :(
Does anyone have any info ? Keraspa is the name

Sep 01, 2011
Don't be scared

One time treatment will not lead to cancer. The risk of cancer is in continuous exposure to formaldehyde fumes during straightening. Your burning sensation is probably caused by high level of formaldehyde. Did you inhale any of the fumes (smell)? Next time - Try to either find a better treatment or stay away from these treatments. You be fine (hopefully) in few weeks. Those shampoo and conditioners should be safe. Good luck!

Aug 31, 2011
Me tooo
by: Anonymous

I used keratin for the first time and my hair is great but my eyes are burning me and my heads burning after 2 weeks Boone told me about the side affects:((( and I'm scared if thus will cause me cancer which I heard on news just 2 days later after I did it I'm scared!!! Someone let me know what they think and also I stopped using there keystone shampoo abs conditioner and leave in as I'm scared.

May 19, 2011
Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment
by: Anonymous

I got this done a few days ago, and it was fine during the straightening. But before the straightening, my hair was blow dried and I had to keep my eyes closed because they burned so much. My nose also burned.

I think I am going to research the chemical that is in this treatment for any side effects or dangers. Even if something is deemed as safe, that doesn't make it true. Things change. People used to drink Coca Cola with cocaine in it and nothing was thought of that. Just because it's okay now, doesn't mean it's realistically safe.

Apr 22, 2011
California Injunction for Brazilian Blowout Manufacturer & Distributors

The state of California has issued an injunction to the manufacturer & distributors of Brazilian Blowout. While the injunction does not prohibit the sale and/or distribution, it does require Brazilian Blowout to conform to a stringent set of requirements before selling or it will be in violation of the injunction and subject to further penalties.:

1. Amend and distribute MSDS sheets that state:
"Warning: Use of the product will expose you to formaldehyde (gas), a chemical known to the State Of California to cause cancer."

2. Post a non-password protected link to same text on its website.

3. Mail written notice to salon customers of record stating in 14 pt. type:
"The enclosed MSDS contains a warning that the Acai Professional Smoothing Solution and Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Solution will expose salon workers to Formaldehyde (gas), which is a chemical known to the State to cause cancer."

4. Stop making Formaldehyde Free claims in all advertising.

5. Ditto for all website language. Stop claiming that the product does not cause "acute health effects."

6. Comply with health code by submitting product ingredient information to the State Department of Health.

7. Submitting to Attorney General, the California Air Resource Board and the court a certified lab analysis that emissions do not violate state regs.

8. End their no refund policy

9. Love this one: "Invoking any renaming, repackaging or other re-characterization of it's formaldehyde-containing hair smoothing product to evade the foregoing requirements."

Apr 09, 2011
Keraspa treatment
by: Anonymous

Works great but on one treatment I found the hair smells musty when wet :(

Mar 09, 2011
Kera Spa Smoothing treatment
by: Anonymous

Has anyone used the Kera Spa Keratin Treatment and want to share their experience with it? I have used it and find the fumes are not as powerful as the Coppola or Marcia keratin treatments. The Kera Spa also doesn't have any formeldehyde in the testing of the product and also from the vapors while flat ironing. Just wanting feed back from my peers. It appears this treatment is safe but after what we know about the OSHA testing specifically on Brazilian Blow Out there are lingering concerns.

Nov 20, 2010

No one advertising BLEACH as "natural keratin that is good for your hair"!! Companies not listing the true ingredient list and call it "Formaldehyde free" which is NOT. Some companies and stylists misleading consumers. How do you educate yourself in this case? Sharing information is all is left. I don't think its ridiculous!

Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think all of these comments are ridiculous... Every single thing in our industry is not good for us.. BLEACH....even all over color..hello..people inhale and/or put bleach on your scalp (up to 30 min).... but techs are ok with getting these acids and peels....oh and don't forget about hairspray...
Don't get me wrong there are some companies that are taking short cuts and using cheap ways in creating the "brazillian treatments" but that is where you should educate yourself!!

Nov 17, 2010
by: Rick

Does anyone know where i can download or find a real msds for this product?

Oct 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also do this treatment in the salon and have the same effects, i get watery eyes and all the time have a headache, when doing the flat iron process my clients tend to then get the watery eyes and sore throat.

Oct 17, 2010
by: AKinNJ

The salon I work in started doing the Coppola Keratin Treatments a year ago. We were certified by a rep who reassured us it was "natural" and did not contain any derivatives of formaldahyde. In his words, "it is so safe you don't even need to wear gloves".

In my experience over the past year, within 12-24 hours of applying the treatment to a client, my nose, throat, sinuses and roof of my mouth burn, I have a heaviness in my chest and I become completely congested. While doing the treatments my eyes burn and I sometimes feel lightheaded.

The salon does NOT have proper ventilation or supply stylists with masks.

I am seeing a doctor tomorrow. I have made my mind up that I am absolutely done with these treatments and if the salon does conform to the proper ventilation systems and proper requirements I will have to find another place to work. I refuse to subject myself and my clients to caustic fumes.

Do your research...there are thousands of posts form stylists/owners/clients with similar if not the same complaints.

Angela in NJ.

Oct 15, 2010
I am sick from doing this treatment
by: Anonymous

I have done the Coppala Keratin smoothing treatment on 4 different clients and each time I have spent the rest of the day with burning eyes, pain in my chest,and dizziness,I did this treatment today at 12 noon and still fell sick at 10pm. Today will be the last day I subject myself to this products dangerous fume,and will tell everyone I come in contact with my experience! I do not breathe second had smoke to have a quality of life I want, so why would I be around this product. Others will let the product harm them because the money is good, its not worth it to me!!!

Jun 10, 2010
Eye twitching after keratin complex
by: Concerned

The day I got my keratin complex treatment my eyes were burning especially the left eye. That night my left eye started to twitch.
It has been 2 weeks and my eye twitches several times a day still..
I am very worried about the effects of the product especially since the FDA does not regulate it and it has not been around long enough to know the long term effects. It seems like people are experiencing different things like HAIR LOSS and the company tells them it's there age and hormones. I will never do the keratin complex treatment again NEVER!

Jun 08, 2010
keratin fumes are killing me!
by: Anonymous

I absolutely agree!!! I do not do the treatment, but the 2 people i sit next to do, and it stinks to the point that i am literally holding my breath while trying to work next to them!! and no, i cannot change my station.

The fumes are extremely bad to breathe in every day. I actually went home early today, and will not be in tomorrow either because the fumes have made me sick. I feel like i have a chest infection!

I am worried about the long term affects this will have on my health. Does anyone know if this causes cancer? unfortunately, i'm sure it eventually will!! i think the treatment looks beautiful, but the fumes when flat ironing are unbearable. i can't take it anymore!!! any suggestions? thanks!

Mar 16, 2010
keratin complex
by: Dani

Denise and anonymous, What is the price you will pay for your health? It is up to us as the professional to do all the research we can before offering any type of service to our clients.

When you call the manufactures and they don't want to tell you the ingredients or give you the run around doesn't it stop and make you think, they must be hiding something ? If you need to wear a mask or have fans going to perform a treatment doesn't that seem unsafe? Definitely not consumer safe. These treatments need to have a "hyde" ingredient to make them work. When they are at room temperature it is fine but once they are activated by heat it becomes toxic.

Also keratin is a hardening agent so over a period of time the hair will begin to break. All it is doing is coating the outside cuticle layer of the hair. You need to stop using the product all together. And NO wearing a mask doesn't help because the toxic fumes are already in the air. So unless you have a special mask that recirculates the air you are breathing it doesn't work.

You have options with better results and your clients will be thanking you for doing your research and saving their lives. go to you will see you have 4 different options to offer and Great results. You will actually be changing the texture of the hair not just coating it. And it is chemical free and consumer safe. Wish you the best of luck.

Mar 08, 2010
Price Of Beauty
by: Anonymous

I started offering this service a few weeks ago and although the results are amazing, I HATE doing the treatment. The fumes from the heat makes me dizzy, and hurts my chest,eyes and throat. I wish we were all more informed. It appears that just because it is Formaldehyde free, Aldehyde is even worse for you.

Feb 24, 2010
yes on the mask
by: Anonymous

Yes wear a mask the product heated up to 450 can release toxic fumes, and have client close their eyes when flat ironing and ventilation helps.

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