Keratin Hair Straightening - Damage Treatment and Solution

by Heather

I had the Coppola treatment done on Feb 4th. My problems started like most people's I have read on this post. I too found this post in a desperate search AFTER my hair was breaking off in little frizzy pieces after the first wash (three day waiting period.) I'm going to make this to the point and share my solutions instead of all the problems. My problems seem right on with everyone else's.

I first used Ojon Pre-Cleanse Treatment so my hair could receive the full benefits from the Ojon Restorative Treatment. I also wanted to use the pre-cleanse as a way to remove ANY formaldahyde residue from my scalp. I left the Ojon Restorative Treatment on over night.

The next day I rinsed my hair with warm water and shampooed with Purelogy NanoWorks ZeroSulfate then conditioned with the Purelogy NanoWorks Luxury Hair Masque. I left the masque on for 1 hour.

The two days I spent doing the OJON and PUREOLOGY I was researching everywhere on what I could do further. I tried the above because it was what I had on hand. NOTE: My hair was noticeably better after using the above, but the possible saving grace was yet to come.

I read several reviews on other sites about Nexxus Aloxxi Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor. I had to order it online. The waiting for 3 days was painful! I did my first ALOXXI treatment tonight. MY hair looks and feels full of life and shiny again. I do have many broken pieces around my face and some on the crown. But, I think I have saved my hair.

I think the ALOXXI is the way to go. But, I wanted to at least let everyone know the other options that did help. I am going to continue using my PUREOLOGY shampoo and conditioner as my regular ritual and do another ALOXXI again in one week.

Good Luck to all of you!

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Jul 22, 2012
total breakage !!!
by: Anonymous

Has anyone, with using Coppola products, ( shampoo, condition, intense RX, and keratin infusion) had breakage with continued use. I have been using it since Sept of 2011. I used the keratin intense RX in June of 2012, 10 minutes under the dryer with plastic cap, blowdried and flat ironed as recommended. The next day, the hair appeared dry and brittle. The next day, it was EVEN WORSE ! I had someone trim my hair, and when water was applied,, OMG, IT SMELLED LIKE A PERM !!!! as of today,, July 2012,, my hair is a MESS. I contacted the company, and they claim WE'VE NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS... ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS ???? After researching it's JUST AMAZING , check out this link,
and by the way,, I am a licensed cosmetologist, and have attended the Coppola training classes,,HELP

Jul 14, 2012
Few answer

Jessica: Nexxus A.P.E Reconstructor could help if your fall-out simply caused by breakage (weakness in bonds, possible thermal damage) due to excess heat or physical damage. Not useful in any other cases!

Gigi: John Frieda's product (3 day straight) is good for taming the frizz for short period of time for certain hair types. It won't give you the same result as Coppola! And my guess is that John Frieda is not for your hair type! Look at Kera Green - it might be what you looking for.

Jean de perle: I think your hair is damaged by over-application - Too much keratin protein on hair (specially fine hair) can cause breakage. Meanwhile do not use any hair conditioning or mask that contain protein. That will make it worse! Wash out the remaining keratin on your hair by strong cleansing shampoo. Your hair can not handle another application for at-least 4-6 months. Grow-out the damage and trim the ends. If your scalp and skin is not irritated then this is not a medical case.

Jul 13, 2012
Jean de perle
by: Anonymous

I had my hair treated for the first time 4 weeks ago. The stylist used a product called Jean de Perle. It is a formaldehyde-free Keratin product which makes use of a certain kind of element called argila clay along with keratin. The results were awesome. Normally, my hair is frizzy and curly. Now the frizz was 80% gone, and my hair looked shiny and extremely soft and healthy. I loved it. However, the ends were a bit dry. My stylist then recommended that I come back for a follow up session in 3 weeks, and if the ends were still dry he could re-apply the treatment on the ends. And that was when my life turned into hell! Three days ago, I went to him and he re-applied the treatment on the ends (and administered a quick general application on the whole hair). Again, he blow dried and flat ironed my hair. He then said I could go home and wash it the following day. When i did (two days ago), it was disastrous! It now was extremely dry and wiry. It has never ever been like such. And the amount of hair fall is tremendous. I have no idea what to do especially since my hair is already thin. I do not know whether I should go to a doctor or another stylist.
Advise please.

Jul 09, 2012
Keratin Results
by: Gigi

I had the Lasio brand done a few years ago and my scalp burned and the salon had me put a towel around my face. The results were great however. Subsequently, my own salon starting using the Coppola keratin, and it worked really well except for the last time when it didn't even seem to last 3 months. My hair is now more wiry and it seems to be falling out a lot more than it ever did. After hearing all the possible issues with formaldehyde, I am searching for a safer alternative. I tried the John Frieda 3 day straight, but once I go outside in the humidity, it frizzes anyway. Any ideas?

Mar 02, 2012
Keratin Coppola
by: Jessica

I was told that this procedure was actually good for hair. Why are we being so mislead? I had the treatment done about 3 weeks ago, my hair is also falling out in fist-fulls, so sad and desperate. Has anyone else tried Nexxus Aloxxi Polymedic Emergency reconstructor? I need to stop the shedding.

Dec 23, 2011
hair loss
by: Anonymous

Have had 3 treatments since march 2011. 3mo and 6 month intervals. The 2nd treatment I began to have hair loss and I asked my stylist, who told me that does not happen it must be something else. My girls friends also mentioned it to me months later. I had done an Internet search in June but found nothing to alarm me. I did a search again this week and floundering lots of info on hair loss from this treatment. My hair is much thinner, but it feels soft and looks shiny. I loss some hair every day, but seems normal now. What concerns me is that most of my hair loss has the bulb or root on the end. I have seen short hairs coming in around my face. I am going to stop putting heat on it and wear it natural after a wash.

Aug 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello, advertising much??? I don't trust the above lengthy comment one bit!!

Aug 09, 2011
by: Vickie

I also am having alot of hairloss after a keratin treatment. My scalp burns and itches and just feels sore. I wash my hair in the shower and I'm loosing so much that my drain clogs up. I had it done in May,its now August and its not stopping. I now have a big bald spot in the front of my head, and I'm having to do a comb over. I am devastated over this. I think I have lost about a third of my hair thickness. Does the hair grow back? when will this stop?

Jul 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had regrowth? I am still seeing my hair fall out since Dec 2010. Very small regrowth so far.

Apr 21, 2011
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I have had the Keratin by Coppola done five times.
The first four were great. I have found since the last one, that I have lost a lot of my hair and it is still falling out after four months.

This product had made my life so easy. I saved one hour everyday of my life because I no longer had to wash my hair everyday. I am in need of another treatment, but I'm very hesitant about doing it. I don't want to be bald or develop a sort of medical problem. No one can give me a definite answer as to it's long term affect.

Apr 16, 2011
No Protein!
by: Anonymous

The Nexxus Poly product is full of protein and will cause breakage!

Any protein product used after a keratin will cause breakage, unless TWICE the amount of DEEP moisturizing conditioner is used, AT LEAST! So, one use of Nexxus product will need two long sessions of a moisturizing conditioner.

keratin is a protein, too much protein causes breakage. These restructuring and strengthening products are full of protein!

Just thought I'd add my two cents!

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