The Brazilian and Coppola Keratin relaxers are both DANGEROUS!!

by Tammy

*An aldehyde is an organic compound with a carbon bound to a -(C=O)-H group. Examples are formaldehyde (HCHO), acetaldehyde, CH 3 CHO, and benzaldehyde, C 6 H 6 CHO.
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Acute effects Toxic. May cause irritation to mucous membranes, difficulty breathing, lowered body temperature, lethargy, coma, and death.
Chronic effects May cause cancer of the nose and mucous membranes.

I got this info and so much more just by doing a little bit of research on the Web.

C'mon Hairdressers! Is it really worth the health risk to you, your staff and your Clients? This Coppola Keratin Complex is CRAP! Just call the company, they have even admitted to it being at least 5.7% FORMaldehyde. You are breathing in this highly carcinogenic gas that when heated is even more toxic. There are other Relaxers out there that are not toxic. Don't be fooled!!!!!

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Jan 05, 2018
Smell is driving my friends and family away.
by: Anonymous

I have been getting Brazilian Blowouts for several years and had great results. However, if I don't let it air dry or use any heated tools it smells. When I began to spend winters in FL, even with air drying, after coming out of the sun it would smell. Is there any treatment that doesn't smell?

Dec 29, 2017
This is a very old article Things have changed a bit
by: Anonymous

This is a very old article and companies including Peter Coppola and Keratin complex have changed. Peter Coppola’s and Keratin Complex parted ways and now have their own separate formulas as well. I used this product in the very beginning when Peter Coppola’s name was still on the Keratin Complex product. I personally didn’t have any of the symptoms that were being reported but heard many. Companies change formulas change and products get better as years go by. I still do keratin treatments in the salon today and I am fine.

Dec 29, 2017
RE: another side of formaldehyde
by: Anonymous

Ironing process on any chemical will release gas due to heat - True. But whether or not it is dangerous will depend on chemical and product used. There are other dangerous gases beside formaldehyde.

Dec 26, 2017
another side of formaldehyde
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone! Ian an hair stylist .I have been doing Keratin treatments for my clients. I started google Keratin few weeks ago and through that I came I to know even if keratin doesn't have formaldehyde that may release very dangerous result when the treatment followed by ironing process. When the treatment is applied n compressed by ironed or heated that can cause dangerous. This is what I found ,can anybody suggest is this true or not?. I hope somebody can leave an answer for my doubt.thanks.

Oct 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

I had a client tell me hers smelled like cat litter. I called the company, and they said that it just meant that it had gotten into the cuticle very well. That was before they changed the application and rinsing directions also...
I haven't had any complaints since, though

Oct 22, 2015
Residual smell from Peter Coppola Keratin Concepts
by: Anonymous

I sell it to many salons and I have had only one salon with the smell issue. I called Coppola and their feedback was that stylists needs to make sure they rinse the treatment out for a full three minutes (longer time needed for thick dense or coarse hair) as indicated in the application instructions.

Oct 10, 2015
Bad Smell?
by: JCRSalon

Anyone know if it is common to have your hair smell as if something died after receiving the Peter Coppola Treatment? We've been doing them for years at my salon and have never had this problem until one of our guests said her smells god awful even after three washes. Is this normal? I've tried researching can not find anything and Peter Coppola call line is not open today.

Sep 24, 2015
Coppola is no longer with Keratin Complex
by: Anonymous

Confusing, but Coppola is now Keratin Concept. Formaldehyde and aldehyde free.

Dec 20, 2014
Do your research
by: Anonymous

Bull. I've had the Coppola keratin on my natural hair. That has been bleached and I'm fine and so is my hair. Will there be long term ramifications. Who knows but so is eating fruits and veggies that have been spayed with pesticides.

Oct 26, 2014
Copolla express blowout
by: Anonymous

Is this one dangerous? I heard no cons of this product but I'm now not sure I want to do it

Sep 15, 2014
RE: Show Proof
by: DEB

Send over an email to

I sent mine about a month and a half ago and got their current msds/safety sheets.

They should send over a total of 3. keratin, keratin for blondes and the express. none say coppola on them, i just went and checked, so the other commenter is correct.


Sep 15, 2014
will never go back
by: DEB

my salon was using complex and my stylists started getting sick- coughing, eyes watering, breathing issues with one of them), so I messages peter coppola on facebook. turns out, he said complex is not his brand even though his name is on the bottles and my distributor told me this was his company and was chemical free. i went back to my distributor and they told me to get msds sheets. complex emailed them over and i was taken aback. there on the sheet it says how dangerous it is, it contains formaldahide and it could make you lose your vision!! i don't understand how they can sell this stuff??! since i was skeptical, i asked for msds from peter's brand keratin concept. they looked fine, but i was still not convinced.

I called 10 or more salons using the Keratin Concept in the United States. There was a post on facebook where salons could add their address and phone number if they carried keratin concept. So I called these salons to get the truth about this keratin and everyone was happy. i ordered a test bottle and did a client that weekend. quickly ordered more from there. I love this stuff.

no complaints from my stylists anymore, thank god! and the results are just like complex if not better. not to mention, you do not have to wait the 3 days before washing you can wash the day of!!!!!!!

Sep 11, 2014
Show Proof
by: Anonymous

Can you back it up with current data sheets that state the Keratin is dangerous? They changed the formula as well. Do until you provide proof your comment means nothing. I take it you work for Coppola?

Sep 11, 2014
Yes the keratin Complex and other treatments are dangerous but they are not a COPPOLA PLEASE do not use his name with theirs
by: Anonymous

You are right the old keratin formulas are dangerous and they are made by Keratin Complex, Brazilian Blow out and others but they have nothing to do with Peter Coppola Smoothing treatment that he launched in 2013. He left the Keratin Complex company in 2010 to make a safer smoothing treatment and succeeded and launched in 2013 to salon industry only. It is approved by Health Canada and they allow no formaldehyde (or any tricky names it goes under) in Canada so you don't have to believe me just check it out!

Salon chains in the US have all dropped the dangerous stuff because they have smart legal teams Peter Coppola is the brand that will be in many of these in the near future. the independent salons and OSHA just don't seem to care about the health of the stylists so they need to care about it themselves and move on to the next generation of safe smoothing haircare.
Check it out online at remember it is not a Coppola unless it's a Peter Coppola!

Sep 10, 2014
Peter Coppola vs Keratin Complex
by: Anonymous

I had the PETER COPPOLA KERATIN treatment - Anyway, they showed the bottle to me, so it must have been this. Afterwards, every time it was very warm (80 degrees or warmer), my hair would smell awful. This also happened when I washed my hair with or without a sulfide shampoo. I found out when I called the salon that other people had the same problem when they wet their hair. I also found that this made my hair very straight & witch-like.

Prior to this, I had the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out, which doesn't last as long (6-8 weeks), but gave me better results. My hair had body/bounce and no bad smell. I would go for that again, if I could find a place that uses this!

Oct 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

You probably had a Keratin Complex or Brazilian Blow Out or Global Keratin or any number of other Keratin companies products BUT NOT A PETER COPPOLA KERATIN treatment. His does not contain formaldehyde or any other tricky names that other companies hide behind like aldehyde. NONE, NOTHING, NADA in the Peter Coppola keratin Concept line and that is the only one that should and can be called a Coppola. If a stylist says they are doing a Coppola & uses another line they are lying and committing consumer fraud possibly unknowingly as consumers you need to educate yourselves.
Insist on seeing the label, look for "PETER COPPOLA KERATIN CONCEPT". If your eyes burn it's not his, if your throat is scratchy or itchy it's not his, if you have to leave the guck in after you leave the salon it's not his safe new product formulation.

Even if it says the last name only it could be Keratin Complex who used his last name on their products for years after he left them and disassociated himself from them to sell product that has aldehyde that becomes formaldehyde gas during the blow dry and ironing steps.

To answer your question of whether you should wash it out - the danger was in the salon air when they blew your hair with it in it and when they ironed it...not so much now so just don't repeat the same mistake next time. Don't go to a salon that does that type of service again as you will be breathing in this gas from other people's services!

How dangerous is it? That depends on your own body and if you have a family history that includes cancers, lung issues, sinus issues...Are cigarettes dangerous?... is one less dangerous than two? This is a personal choice to make like smoking but there are alternatives. It is banned in Canada and Europe, Brazil has just banned too. NOT ONE Formaldehyde based hair care product is allowed in these countries.

Thanks and please don't call it a COPPOLA unless you see Peter Coppola on the Label.

LOOK FOR THE PETER COPPOLA KERATIN line. It is a safe alternative the last up to 3 months for frizz free hair.
It is a safe alternative the last up to 3 months for frizz free hair.

Oct 28, 2013
Washing the product out
by: Anonymous

If you are allergic and show reaction then there are still product residue remained in your hair - then you need to make a decision for your health. If that continue, IMHO you should remove it or wash it out.

Sep 30, 2013
Peter Coppola
by: Anonymous

Actually he did not sell his name to them. They were allowed to use it when he was with the company and wring on the line but as he grew concerned and left them to look for a safer better product he wanted to not have his name associated and was not paid anything like a royalty while the used his name. This is big corporate America and he did not get them to stop until he came out with his safe next generation line. Your right it is a shame the consumer and most stylists call every keratin a "Coppola". His new campaign is to educate the stylist first that " it's not a Coppola unless it's a Peter Coppola ! Look for the seal to know it's real.

Sep 14, 2013
Safe Cobella
by: Anonymous

I believe you. But that is confusing. How can people tell the difference between two different products that have the same name on it!? Which product is safe and which is not? It is hardly consumers fault. He sold his name and must take the responsibility!? Not?

Sep 14, 2013
Please stop calling it a Coppola
by: Anonymous

Peter Coppola a life long hair stylist himself left the company and sold any shares he had in 2010 because he was concerned that the Keratin Complex company was not telling the truth about dangerous aldehydes that were turning into airborne formaldehydes. They continued to use his name even though he left and asked that they stop.
He has worked for 2 plus years to create a new safe keratin line that has absolutely no formaldehyde or aldehyde or any other dangerous chemical. It was launched in June 2013 and is a new generation of haircare that is safe and effective, Frizz Free hair for over 3 months.

PETER COPPOLA KERATIN CONCEPT Leads the way out of a dangerous salon environment.
from a stylist to a stylist try it you will love it.
It Safe It's Simple It's NOT COMPLEX

Oct 16, 2011
Pneumonia like symptoms
by: Anonymous

I'm a bit worried right now. I did the home kit on a friend about 4-5 weeks ago, and have headaches every single day. My neck has also been very stiff and now I have pneumonia like symptoms to the point where I am considering going to the doctor. I am usually a very strong woman and for me to even admit that I am feeling abnormally ill and in pain, it's definitely pretty bad.

I'm going to have to go to the doctor and will post my update.

Aug 14, 2011
Keratin Complex Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner
by: Debra

I used the shampoo and conditioner only for a couple of weeks..... my eye lid started to swell and a nerve underneath started to twitch and both eyes became dry. I stopped using the products and after 4 days my eyes cleared. Even though the products say that they are sulfate and chloride free there are other chemicals in them that can cause serious health issues.

Jun 15, 2011
I love my straight hair but this stuff is TOXIC
by: Annie

I had a BKT five months ago and wept with joy at the results. When my hairdresser was applying it, the smell and fumes were appalling and made my eyes red and watery. This freaked me out so much I got researching. I could get a degree in straightening treatments following the amount of research I've done. Bottom line, you CANNOT do a keratin straightening treatment without some percentage of formaldehyde or one of its variants. Once Formaldehyde is exposed to heat, ie straightening irons, that's when the fumes are released and you're inhaling a toxic cocktail. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic. You could get CANCER. I LOVE my hair straight but I've no intention of making an attractive corpse! Wise up, ladies!

Apr 18, 2011
Organic Keratin option
by: Christi

Looks like you were right! Canada just banned most major keratin options. The only solution I have found to this is using an organic keratin option, which obviously contain very little formaldehyde. Only one I can find is one called Keragreen, looks like the new product for my salon here in Canada!

Apr 15, 2011
Baby hair around my hair line
by: Kris

I too have noticed that I have an unusual amount of baby hair around my hair line. I had the treatment 9 months ago, and had my son 11 months ago, so I wasn't sure if this was due to childbirth or the Coppola Keratin treatment I had done.

Mar 24, 2011
Canada and Australia Have Banned or Recalled It
by: Anonymous

If competitors have put this website up as a scam to scare people away from using this product, why has Australia recalled Keratin Complex and why has Canada banned it? Stylists, if you are inhaling this on a regular basis you could be putting your health at risk, and if you have clients who are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, they could have serious allergic reactions to the product. Below is an article on the Canada ban. Search Keratin Complex Australia Recall ACCC if you want articles from Australia.

Mar 15, 2011
Simply Smooth After Color (Brazilian Blowout)
by: Anonymous

I have this product put on my hair along with hair dye on October 14, 2011. I went to the doctor on October 28, 2011 and was diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung. I am still having problems today. Since then I have had bronchitis,sinusitis and now they say I have asthma. The doctor said, the asthma was brought on by the pneumonia. I am not a smoker. I can't believe how my health has declined. I didn't know what could have caused all this so suddenly, until I saw the news and they said, the Brazilian Blowout had formaldehyde in it and was causing respiratory infections, then a light went on. I am not upset with my salon, but I am mad at the manufacturing company who lied to us! I hope Michigan will file a lawsuit action suit against this company. If anyone knows of such a suit, please let me know!

Mar 12, 2011
This is real hair loss!!!!!
by: Raquel

I've read some comments written stating that competitors are just writing about hair loss after keratin treatment to scare away potential customers. That is total nonsense. This is real. I have noticed it in my own hair. I have had all med. work ups done with no problems. Also the hair loss started a few months after the treatments but was more severe the last and final time i did it. Just because some people don't have a terrible experience doesn't make it less "real" for others who were not so lucky. Maybe you'll experience it the next time around and then you too will believe that this treatment is dangerous. How can so many people be experiencing similar results after a treatment. I think that someone should start documenting or taking data on this. I'm sure that one day, researchers will discover there is a definite link to hair loss in certain individuals who undergo this treatment.

Feb 16, 2011
My experience
by: Anonymous

Hello! I'm Brazilian i have been the BKT for years. Before i tried it i have done so many kind of and nothing let my hair so great. I used to spend money on Shampoo after care. Now that i use BKT i buy any kind and my hair still looking very gorgeous. I know it is not about how your hair looks. The most important thing is how health it is. It is a Question there. No one knows, But course you have to find a product that seems to be the most safe for you.

Make sure that the person that will do it for you, knows what they are doing, and always ask the salon to show what they are using on your hair and check how much of Formal is in it. Use mask, do not let get on your skin. If you do it at home you have to be very expert on it. I do my in my patio and i still put glasses and mask. Just to be safe. I have a very curly hair and i do it every 6 months or some time once a year. So doing no too much you will be okay.

I done it for 6 years and never had any problem. Good luck with your choice! I hope you find the right product that works well for your hair.

Pleases do not blame the product until you know all about it. Don't forget each hair is different and so many things can cause falling hair. Well that is my experience with it. If you a not sure and not know what you are getting don't do it.

Feb 04, 2011
Stiff neck
by: Anonymous

Hi, I wondered if anyone else had experienced a stiff neck following the Coppola treatment? One of the bloggers mentioned she had - I have had a severe stiff neck since just a couple of weeks after my hair treatment for no explicable reason. The chemical specifies no such side effects I being paranoid?.,

Feb 03, 2011
Stay away
by: Anonymous

I'm a hair dresser and licensed in the Brazilian. After doing the method twice i stopped. The irritating had me thinking so i researched and yea another lie companies don't tell you about carcinogen agents. I love my clients and if i made 5 cents today i would be happy because i know i did not contribute to the cancer cause to my client..

I refuse to tell them the product don't cause cancer. That chemical is ingested through the scalp ladies, the largest organ is skin so don't be fooled. Do your research, oh by the way another thing to keep in mind; If it changes the natural state of the hair even for 3 days, it has a chemical in it. Ex. if you have curly hair and you blow it straight, it will stay that way till you wet it again, so with the Brazilian Keratin it does not go back to original state because the only thing hat changes the state of the hair is chemicalsssssssss...

Jan 27, 2011
customers beware
by: bertino salon

Customers who have experience trouble with keratin treatment please know the application of this product is very important fumes means too much product use. Stylist should apply and comb out excess, well ventilated area is a plus, shampoo in the hair two and three times for virgin hair with a and only a clarified shampoo is essential, avoid coming to the salon with other product on your hair.

No conditioning product can be use, hair should be 95% dry prior to treatment and 100% after when step is appropriated, flat iron used at 450 degree for coarse resistant hair most client benefit at 350 passing of the iron should be light quick and 7 to 10 times stylist should check her work pass 10 times only for coarse hair. Hair sticking out is purely stylist error using the flat iron once you flat hair that direction stays.

Make sure you don't select a new cut or style just before the keratin style hair in the most older direction example if you part to the right not choose left on that day if you want to change style do so 3 weeks prior.

Scalp treatment are a must as with all chemical process color etc. After 3 days wash hair with the indicated shampoo and conditioner and rinse rinse rinse. Stylist always must wear gloves. Like with any process must wait 2 to3 weeks for color prior or after keratin.

Jan 26, 2011
Agree, my hair is on the mend
by: Anonymous

Had Brazilian Blowout a year ago and loved the results until months later. I lost about 40% of my hair from the blowout and had new growth come in all over my head. It has been a nightmare to tame the short hairs (new growth). Luckily my hair is thick so I can somewhat hide them. Due to the different lengths of hair and the new growth being very coarse and wavy, I recently had a Keratin Tx. So far so good with the Keratin.

Nor sure why the Brazilian damaged my hair but would not recommend it to anyone!

Jan 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

It is my understanding that the issue surrounding these treatments is not that they contain formaldehyde or any bi-product of... From what I understand it is the level of formaldehyde allegedly present within most general keratin straightening complexes. Formaldehyde occurs naturally within nature... as does keratin though is toxic at certain levels... and also illegal. Check the ingredients are listed!!

Jan 19, 2011
Formaldehyde is part of every day life
by: Robin Stachnik

That does not really mean that its good for you, asbestos was a part of every day life, lead paint was a part of every day life at one point, and while it is not in most places in the USA anymore, a lot of people became very sick (some died) from diseases caused by these things. The fact that it is in so many products has to do more with how cheap it is to use as an emulsifier and to bond things together. Its fairly toxic when its not heated, especially since it is everywhere, and by the time people address the issue (which will not happen for 20 years probably), too many unfortunate health hazards will occur in the mean time. Don't cut your life short, or at least research what other countries publish about it and proceed with caution. Please, you owe it to yourself. The whole, hell I'm going to die anyway attitude is all well and good until it either happens, or you have children (so I hear).

Jan 19, 2011
Unfortunately the USA (fda) is behind european countries here
by: Robin Stachnik

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, a lot of the treatments saying they have none or less than one percent are lying by between 1.5 to 9 percent (in severe cases). I loved what it did to my hair, and there was not to much product used by my stylist. Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that formaldehyde without being heated is dangerous ( in cleaners, nail polish, particle board, furniture, too many things really), but when it is heated a chemical change occurs carrying it into lungs, through throat tissue, and nasal cavities. Proceed with caution, do your research, if it was banned in southern Ireland or France, then be advised against it. The regulatory agencies are stricter, and generally about a decade ahead of my lovely land of the USA. I have faith that we will get back on top eventually, but unfortunately concerns that are raised ( or repressed) by lobbyists are the issues taken care of first. The same thing happened with my mothers generation with Phen Phen, my grandparents with asbestos, etc. etc. etc, (ever seen the commercials about exposure). It is up to the consumer to know what they expose themselves too.

Jan 19, 2011
RE: Formaldehyde is a part of everyday life
by: Anonymous

Sorry but I don't agree with your comment.

1- Formaldehyde is in every-days life BUT mostly in solid form and NOT in GAS State! Remember stylists run a 400 degree flat iron on those stuff.

2- YES. They do put 20 times more than allowed limit in products. Its all over news. They call it formaldehyde free and then they don't have to mention it on the bottles.

3- No. High ends salons don't know what they doing either. They just take more money. They been misinformed by their distributors for years.

Ask yourself a simple question! Why L'Oreal or Wella professional didn't made a line for keratin treatment? They have the most advanced lab and chemical engineers in world and obviously this product is a very high demand product by us end-users!

Jan 18, 2011
Formaldehyde is a part of everyday life
by: Anonymous

I'm an Interior Designer, and just to let you know.. there is Formaldehyde levels in many products and construction materials that one will encounter in the living/working environment everyday. It can't be avoided. It is the level of Formaldehyde that is dangerous.
I'm not sure the exact percentage that puts an individual in danger but I"m sure they wouldn't be allowed to put more than the approved level into Keratin Products.

People need to relax.. I got this done 6 months ago and my hair is fine, I have no breathing issues. I paid alot at a high end salon with people that knew what they were doing. In my opinion - you get what you pay for.

Jan 17, 2011
JUst had this done
by: Anonymous

I just had my hair done with the Coppola Blow Out Express and I don't have a single complaint. It did not burn my eyes, skin or anything else. There were no harsh "fumes" that people seem to think they are getting hit with. The treatment does have a scent but not as bad as hair color has. My hair is shiny and stronger feeling than it was before.

I believe the people who are bagging on this product is the competion like an earlier poster said. NONE of the supposedly bad thing that happended to these other people happended to me. My hair did not fall out, it did not break off, my scalp is not burned, my health is fine.

Think about all the crap in acrylic nails that people breath in when they get their nails done. That stuff is WAY more harmful and people do that every 2 weeks!

Jan 06, 2011
a little worried now
by: suzy

Although now I'm a little worried due to all the scary comments. I got the relaxed a couple of weeks ago and its still doing great. My scalp is naturally oily in the back and dry in the front. I have been using the recommended shampoo and conditioner but its not enough for my scalp. Before I got this treatment I had to use a serious dandruff shampoo. Now since the maintenance is so strict for this treatment I haven't been able to use my usual dandruff shampoo. What should I do? My scalp is hating it! Its not the relaxer!!! Its my scalp...does anyone have any advice?

Dec 10, 2010
by: Misha

I am a hairstylist and a user of Coppola Keratin I have curly frizzee hair and the Coppola Keratin save my hair! I have many clients I service with Coppola Keratin for over the pass year and they all love it I think you who complain have nothing better to do !

Dec 08, 2010
My experience
by: Anonymous

I just started in a brand new salon yesterday. I have never been around another stylist while doing a Brazilian Blow Out...My eyes, nose and throat burned. I asked around me if anyone else was having a problem. The hairstylist across from me was doing a Brazilian blowout. I am coughing up small amounts of mucus today. I will never use this and I will change to another salon if this reaction continues. I value my health!! I am not from a competitor. Just a small town hairstylist, mother and wife!

Dec 07, 2010
Love my Keratin Complex treatments!
by: Anonymous

I am a stylist AND a woman with curly, frizzy hair. I have tried many products over the years from chemical relaxers to blow dry styling creams. When we first got Keratin Complex in the salon, I decided to play it safe and try the "Express Blowout". I figured I wouldn't be stuck with it for MONTHS & MONTHS if I didn't like it. I LOVE MY HAIR !!!!! I have great shine, shortened my blow-dry time in half, smooth and soft hair. No bad fumes (product actually smells good). Express Blowout lasted in my hair over 8 weeks. Last week I got my 2nd treatment and I went with the Keratin Complex 6-month treatment. I'm a huge fan of this product!

Dec 06, 2010
See The Truth For Yourself
by: Anonymous

Sorry to tell you this but....... Global Keratin (GK Hair) has been banned in Ireland because their Light Wave formula which is supposed to contain NO formaldehyde actually has 1.7 percent in it.
So, apparently all of Global Keratin products contain formaldehyde.
Check out link below to see for yourself. (Report 33 in 2010 - or search for Global Keratin)

Nov 26, 2010
Coppola Keratin is NOT dangerous
by: Anonymous

Most of you experiencing problems with your hair are most likely having the BRAZILIAN keratin treatment done to your hair. Yes, it does contain large levels of aldehyde (sorry, I don't know how to spell that!) but I just went to my salon today and talked to my stylist about the Coppola Keratin treatment, which I will be receiving soon. It contains NO aldehyde and she researched and tested it herself on different things to prove this fact.

Coppola is the treatment that does NOT give you a burning sensation in your eyes, hair loss, ect. I was telling my stylist this stuff and she agreed that these were effects of the Brazilian , however, Coppola is completely safe. They are TWO different keratin treatments people!!!

Nov 23, 2010
Cancelled booking
by: Anonymous

Reading all these sob stories has been enough to cancel my upcoming appt.

I had a Chemical straightening disaster many years back and it took 2 to 3 years for my hair to grow back ... like last time I was reassured that my thick, course & frizzy hair was a perfect candidate ... but there are no guarantees & way too many horror stories here ... so why would I risk it again?

I'll be sticking to the straightening iron for a while longer ..

Nov 18, 2010
Coppola Amazing Product!
by: Anonymous

All i can say is that having the COPPOLA TREATMENT in my hair has changed my life as far as my hair goes,I loved having it , my hair was looking like all the celebrities in Hollywood. I am hanging to get it done again!

Nov 14, 2010
SAFE use of Global Keratin! LUV it!!!
by: Heather R.

I'm a Certified Global Keratin Specialist whose been using and LOVING Global Keratin for over a year. I've used all 3 strengths (0%, 2%, and 4%) on clients 6 to 81yrs. old and have never had ANY problems!!!

One thing I haven't seen ANYONE mention is NEVER apply ANY brand of keratin to the scalp! It's drying to the skin/scalp-which your CERTIFIED stylist would know if properly trained!

Global Keratin is by FAR the best treatment I've used on myself and clients (with 3 strengths to choose from-0% is totally formaldehyde FREE!) and leaves hair shiny, healthy and 100% frizz free while still having body...NOT flat, lifeless and dry like the Coppola brand does.

There's 3 flavors that smell great- NO fumes and DOESN'T burn eyes! I have allergy induced asthma and have NO problems using it ever! And Global has excellent, reliable technical support easy to reach should you have questions.

BEWARE of companies like Coppola that claim to be "formaldehyde free" when they are NOT!!! Aldehyde IS formaldehyde in liquid form! I've witnessed VERY unhappy clients returning to salon DEMANDING their $ back after a Coppola treatment..spending $350+ and stuck w/dull,flat,bone-straight hair.

Bottom line is always be honest w/clients and make sure to accurately educate yourself because this CAN be a miracle service for the right type of hair, but your professional judgment should determine that, NOT some of the ridiculousness on this site!

More comments on Global keratin treatments

Nov 12, 2010
Very good! Love it
by: Anonymous

I have been done the BKT in Brazil and in Canada and I love it... My hair damaged yes, but the regular damage since I dye my hair sometimes and wash it every day... I use Coppola Keratin Shampoo everyday and I love it !!
Just be aware how you treat your hair and how often you do the BKT... but to me honestly this treatment was life change ( for much better)!!
Its almost 2 years I do it and I love it.
Good luck!

Nov 12, 2010
To: Should I or Not

You just need to know the risk and make a decision. There are no 100% guarantee in this case. You might be one of the lucky ones that don't show allergic reaction and come to love the result. Have your stylist to do a skin (patch) test on a small area behind your ear near scalp and wait a week to 10 days to see if you develop any sensitivity or allergic reaction to product.

Nov 11, 2010
Should i/ or not?
by: Anonymous

My hair has been chemically highlighted and is fine and sort of on the weak side. But it gets so frizzy after I wash it and always need to blow dry & straighten using lots of products. I am considering having the Coppolla treatment done but after reading all these reviews, I am really worried. I don't want my hair to get thin and fall out but I want them to be manageable. What should I do?

Nov 11, 2010
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I must say that it's at these times that the value of Internet really becomes clear. If we didn't have this amazing way of communicating on a worldwide level, we would probably all have a tendency to believe in our own little parts of the world that 'it's not Keratin that is responsible for the weakened state of my hair. It's my own body, due to hormones, my thyroid gland etc etc'

Being able to read about other people's experience - all over the world - really makes it harder and harder for companies to produce dangerous products and get away with it on a long term basis.

Yes, I have also had identical problems to everyone else on this page. Weakened hair ('old ladies' hair). I had a Keratin treatment done twice and since then my hair has become lifeless and very thin.

Yes, Keratin treatments should be banned. And everyone should know what the results will be.

Nov 11, 2010
keratin complex treatment
by: Anonymous

I had the keratin complex done two weeks ago. I had no reaction. My hair is more manageable.i am just wondering about the keratin shampoo and conditioner that should follow-up after the treatment, if they contain the harmful ingredient.

Nov 05, 2010
by: Kristin in CO

I received the Coppola smoothing treatment on my hair a week ago. I have a lot of hair that is course and curly. My hair stylist, who I have been with for 8 years talked to me about it. I asked a lot of questions, and waited to make my decision for about 6 weeks. It was the best decision I have made.

While getting the TX I was able to smell a faint chemical smell. No worse than the hair dye I use every 5-6 weeks and certainly better than perm solution or artificial nails.
My hair is soft, shiny and smooth. Used to take me 40 minutes to blow dry my hair with a round brush and using the instyler. Now? 15 minutes total including dry time and curling the ends. My eyes did not burn, my scalp does not itch.
I have never been so happy with my hair. It feels and looks healthy.

Nov 04, 2010
Healthy Hair.
by: Salon Dan Davis

For all you Hairstylist and people using any kind of relaxers, should know that when we do any kind of chemical service on hair it's done to something that is not living, its protein waste from the body.

We services our client's to make there hair fit there life style. On the other hand we should be more concern with the scalp, once you damage the scalp you will have problems with the hair.

In using any chemical service you should know the side effect's that product may cause, and caution must be taken in using the product. So even though were trying to see which product is the least toxic,your hairstylist or hair dresser should be more educated on what ever chemical is used.

We are in a industry to make hair, skin, and body's look perfect, and until there's something that doesn't cause any side effect's we are going to strive to look perfect in this selfish world we live in.
Danny Davis of Salondandavis.

Nov 02, 2010
These are chemical products!!!!!
by: Anonymous

To those who believe that keratin smoothing treatments are not chemical products, you are SERIOUSLY WRONG. They all must contain formaldehyde or aldehyde in order to be effective - and other chemicals. All the manufacturers would tell you that. HOW they work and the percentage of formaldehyde/aldehyde differs from brand to brand. Read the ingredient list, ask questions like % of formaldehyde/aldehyde and educate yourselves before committing to any brand.

Oct 27, 2010
This is ridiculous
by: kendra anne

What people are doing is getting two different brands mixed up, the Brazilian blowout is the one that is harmful to your body because it contains over ten times the amount of formaldehyde the FDA accepts while keratin complex contains only 0.016 percent of the aldehyde which is organic if this was that dangerous there would be a disclaimer found on the bottle, also there is formaldehyde found in nail polish so are you gonna stop painting your nails? As for the breakage it could be from the hairstylist not knowing how to use it, they should be certified in the keratin complex...

Oct 20, 2010
No Problems here with Coppola
by: Anonymous

I Recently Started using this product in my salon and so far I have not experienced any of the horror stories in this blog. No negative feedback from my clients and I even did it on my daughters frizzy wavy thick mess and her hair is absolutely beautiful two months into the treatment.

Perhaps these symptoms are an allergic reaction to the aldehydes used and should not be done on sensitive clients. Perm fumes and lighteners give off far worse fumes in my opinion, and idk who is smokin up their shops with this product but I dont have that result either.

I will however continue to research on this product however In todays world there is formaldehyde derivatives everywhere including fragrances cosmetic products fruit and vegetable juices building materials pressed wood and many household materials. I personally get sick any time im around pinesol but its still sold on shelves everywhere.

If you have issues with a particular product then you just dont buy it. And furthermore there are many different factors that can contribute to hair loss. I don't charge an outrageous price for this service so its not making me "rich" but my clients are happy with the results and I will continue to use it.

Oct 04, 2010
No problems for me
by: Anonymous

I had the Brazilian Blow Out 3 months ago, eyes stung a bit at the time but no side effects after wards. Hair felt great and was east to manage.
Had the Global Keratin 4 hrs ago, eyes didn't sting too much. Now will have to wait 3 days to wash it and then I'll see which i prefer....

Sep 29, 2010
Please Research
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist and recently did extensive research on the Coppola product, since it has adversely affected my health as well as fellow co-workers. If you want an explanation to all the hype, just read the newly released OSHA report. It's all there! Dr. Ali Sayed also tested and reported on the Coppola as well as others. If you think it's not that dangerous, you are sadly mistaken, and definitely misinformed!! I know where a mask at work, I don't even do them! This is effecting our livelihoods as well as our health and must be stopped.

Sep 21, 2010
Lies from Tammy
by: Anonymous

Where are you getting these numbers from 5.7% Whom from the company did you speak to? Where are your facts to back this up? Who do you work for?

Sep 20, 2010
BANNED in IRELAND - but the authorities are wrong - WHATEVER!!
by: Anonymous

Thats right the product is BANNED in Ireland. The 'nice' people at Coppola say that the authorities are wrong and that they are right - YEAH WHATEVER!! I think I know who I choose to believe!! Apparently the testing done by Irish Health authorities is 'outdated', even though they test products all the time.

Also, can I ask why as a stylist I should wear a mask if there are no harmful fumes... hmmmm? Please do not treat ALL us stylists as idiots (there are a few admittedly who keep using your stuff and believing your lies).

Their time is running out, lets not make them rich in the meantime.


Sep 14, 2010
Coppola Treatment

I LOVE IT! The Coppola treatment doesn't even smell. No masks were needed when I got my hair done at all. You have to make the person doing it is certified to do it. Don't just let any hairdresser do this treatment on you.

Sep 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have had the Coppola Keratin and the Brazilian blowout and the results are similar on both. The only thing I liked about the Brazilian is you can wash your hair right after. What I didn't like is that it burned my eyes a lot more then the Keratin product. I had the Brazilian done 3 weeks ago and have been getting migraine headaches daily. I never get headaches normally. I don't know if its the Brazilian product, but I think I will go back to the Keratin and wait to wash my hair, because I think there is something in the Brazilian product that is very toxic!! I just want my headaches to go away!! If your to do this go Keratin!

Sep 13, 2010
Did u know...
by: Anonymous

I'm a licensed hair stylist thinking about bringing in the Coppola keratin service for my clients...After reading ALL the reviews I've come to the conclusion it would be a wonderful service and will make many of my frizzy,curly, dry haired clients very happy ...
just an FYI--- Did u know your avg. bar of soap has lye in it - same product that unclogs your drains! if you use anything correctly you should have great results be it making soap or taming frizzy hair...
PS...I use "proper ventilation" for ALL chemical services and never have a problem...

Sep 12, 2010
Coppola keratin banned in Irland
by: Anonymous

This comment is to the lady that says Coppola is satisfactory being used in Europe. It has been banned in Ireland and the product right now is out of market and in next weeks will be completely stop from selling.
That´s the information you can request from consumers site in European union. Hope this information helps you.

Sep 07, 2010
Pain in ears, eyes and headaches from this treatement
by: Jen

So, I have had this treatment done about 4 times. My thoughts? Well, the fumes really both my eyes. The 1st time I had it done, I had a headache for 4 days straight. The 2nd time I had it done, same thing, plus the fumes burned my eyes, same thing the 3rd time I did it. The last time I had it done, I had the same symptoms, PLUS, terrible pain in my ears that went down teh side of my neck when it was being applied. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results..perhaps I was in denial of how skecty this treatment really is..But, my last visit won't allow me to deny it..I think this product is super dangerous..I do not believe it's chemical free. I believe the chemicals are what caused the symptoms I had because they only occurred when I had this treatment. I'm a very healthy 27 year old woman. Also, another down side is that once the treatment wears off, my hair is extremely dry (Worse than before I started getting this treatment)..MUCH WORSE. I think I'm going to stop getting it done : ( Hope this helps

Aug 31, 2010
Global with JUVEXIN
by: Kathy

I have been thinking about getting the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN--fairly new on the market. Does anyone know if this is different than the Brazilian treatment and the Coppola treatment???

I have read the horror stories about people who have had this done and now their hair is falling out. The JUVEXIN treatment has three levels you can select. The first level is FORMALDEHYDE FREE which is what I was planning on trying. I also believe you must get a stylist who knows what they are doing and doesn't use too hot of a flat iron. The JUVEXIN process is suppose to be great for your hair, especially if it's damaged from bleaching, etc. Their claim is it restores damaged hair. They say you get even better results if this is the case.

Aug 28, 2010
No problem
by: sparkys nemesis

I have had 1 'regular' BK treatment and 1 with the Coppola system. I never had any negative results nor did the stylist applying the treatment. My frizzy hair is smooth and straight. NEVER had breathing problems or any of the scary stuff mentioned at this site. From what I understand, the Coppola Keratin has far less formaldahyde but hey, in today's world, even eating salmon or eggs or breathing the toxic air can be dangerous!

Aug 11, 2010
I'm confused
by: Anonymous

It seems like ppl are talking about two different products one seems like there talking about the Brazilian blow out and some seem to be talking about the keratin. So I'm kinda confused on what to think i scheduled to get the keratin complex but idk know all the good reviews come from stylist and of course they're gonna say good things there making money of off it. I just want to know if it will damage my hair??? Because if it will then I'm out

Aug 07, 2010
My Hair Loves Coppola Keratin
by: Ruth Hanna

I'm more than 2 weeks into my first treatment with Keratin. My hair is soft, smooth, silky, and shiny. I read the reviews, I was skeptical, I was cautious, I scheduled time to buy a wig, just in case.

No wig, just soft, flowing locks.


Aug 02, 2010
Coppola is Great
by: Patrick

I have been a hairstylist for over 30 years and have seen all kinds of products come and go, Coppola's Keratin treatment is the best thing I have seen come along in years. In my salon we have experienced none of these horror stories that I have read about. Check the stylist and make sure that they have been properly trained in the process and I believe as my clients do that this is a truly amazing product.

Jul 28, 2010
Experienced coppola user
by: Anonymous

I am a hairdresser and Specialize in the Coppola Keratin Treatment. My clients love it and have it done regularly, the only thing negative I can say personally is that the treatment stings my clients eyes slightly and irritates my nose.

I've never had any problems with it because the sting is so faint you hardly notice. The product itself gives great results and almost smells quite sweet.

I have came to the conclusion that yes everything is bad for you these days and if the concentration of formaldyde is so weak then I dont see the big deal, therefore I am going to continue using it on my clients. If I had an instinct that this product is dangerous then I would certainly not use it.

Jul 21, 2010
Think about it
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin Coppola treatment done yesterday. I have not experienced any heavy breath or burning of the eyes. My hair looks great and find it hard to believe this product contains a large enough quantity of Aldehyde to harm you or the FDA wouldn?t approve it. After all people continue to smoke, drink, diet, bleach and perm hair, Botox injections, tan, tattoo and do many other damaging this to our bodies. Get a grip!!!

Jul 05, 2010
I'm really happy but this comments worry me
by: Joanne

Hi, I've had this treatment done in Montreal, Canada and I simply love the results. My hair is just fine. I have a bad asthma problem and this has not affected at all. It's been four weeks and I'm still waiting for the horror story to begin. Frankly I'm skeptical!

What I would like to know is if I can now use Elumen color in my hair?

Jun 29, 2010
Best thing I ever did to my hair
by: D in NJ

Tammy you are absolutely correct competitors aren't happy with the amazing results from The Coppola Keratin Treatment. I did the Brazilian Treatment twice before the smell was so bad I couldn't breath from the fumes. I just did the Coppola & I'm so much happier with the results. My hair is very thick & very curly. I can blow it out now in half the time it used to take me & it's silky, shiny & so soft. The best part is I can have it blown & be outside in 90 degrees with the humidity & it stays as straight as it did before I left me house.

If you are thinking about doing this treatment I highly recommend it. I've read up about it on every possible website & am absolutely doing again in when it grows out.. I just bought the Vanilla Mask Deep Conditioner & I'm the happiest person..

Jun 08, 2010
Eye twitch from keratin complex?
by: Anonymous

Dangerous, can you tell me more about your eye? My left eye has been twitching, it started the day I got the keratin complex. It has been 2 weeks and it's still happening, I'm thinking about seeing an eye doctor.

The left side of my hair also got more damage, fried hair that twisted and curled up. My hair is not as healthy as before. They market this as being safe, organic and it repairs, that is false! the aldehyde coats the hair shaft giving the illusion that it's healthy.

Jun 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have had both Coppola and Global keratin and prefer Global by along shot both make hair straight but Global feels like hair and Coppola is like a lank silicon overload.if you look at ingredients Coppola is very high in silicon ingredients and not keratin.

Jun 03, 2010
Ridiculous comments

I have used keratin complex extensively and the only damage i have seen has been by the operator.

In general they have their irons to hot which burns the hair they put to much pressure in the irons and break and dehydrate it they over load the product and cause the iron to give off fumes. If the hair is prepared correctly and the correct amount of product applied coated not saturated then left to develop and dryed of to 100 percent you should have not fumes. Then the hair ironed in paper thin sections sealed gently with around 6 passes it leaves the hair feeling awesome.

Over the years there has been hype about all sorts of chemicals in this industry causing horrible things but you know what that is the industry we choose to work in , so stop winging if you love it you love it if you hate it move on from a keratin loving hairdresser and user.

May 20, 2010
Very dangerous-I agree! Report to BBB
by: Anonymous

I agree with you. It is dangerous. I have been sick for a week since I had the Coppola treatment. After seeing the manufacturer's F rating on the BBB I am going to wash my hair with my usual shampoo and detox to try to remove as many of these poisonous chemicals from my body!!!!!!!

Apr 21, 2010
Daily Hazards
by: Anonymous

I am researching having this done. I am wondering do the people that are so against this procedure ever go tanning --hello skin cancer for cosmetic reasons, drive a car--hello polluting our air. Educate yourself and decide but I can almost guarantee that many people complaining about the hazards also go outside without sun screen and go sit in tanning beds. Hair dye contains chemicals, my friend a hairdresser had to retire at 29 due to collapsed lungs because of the fumes in hair dye. Do people still color their hair?

Mar 25, 2010
RE: Disagree
by: Anonymous

Paige, Today and two years ago, Copella and others still using aldehyde in their products and they are actually admitting this fact on their website. The result of having a beautiful hair is not been questioned here. The question is whether these chemicals once subjected to high heat by flat iron could evaporate and cause harm to lungs and other organs? - Copella saying that "hair stylist performing the treatment of the hair will not be affected by the evaporation of aldehydes or sulphurous fumes" VS stylists and clients continuously reporting eyes and lungs irritation problems after treatment. It is not "strictly Keratin".

Mar 25, 2010
I disagree
by: Paige

When initially introduced to the beauty industry, the Brazilian Hair relaxing system was an ideal treatment for frizzy, unruly hair! Unlike the results from the Japanese relaxers, the end result was a soft, sleek look that would still hold a curl and eventually revert back to its natural texture.

Unfortunately for the stylist applying the Brazilian Relaxer it WAS extremely dangerous! However in the last two years the relaxer has been reformulated to use strictly Keratin that is already found within the hair to fill and add protein to smooth and decrease frizz. These relaxers are no longer any more dangerous than using a high protein shampoo or mixing an amonia color. So if anyone is interested in using the Brazillian or Coppola Hair relaxing systems, it is no danger to your health, and will provide a fabulous service to your client that is in distress over her distressed Hair! Thanks!

Feb 20, 2010
Feel like such a dummy
by: Anonymous

I just had this done to my hair today. After reading all these comments I feel pretty stupid. My hair is naturally curly and my front is course. I had not straighten it for about 3 years and this year I've decided to straighten it just to make my blowing drying easier . I usually blow it out & use flat Iron (Chi) comes out beautiful with or without relaxer.

So today I go for the first time in history to a Brazilian hair dresser and some how she convinces me to do this treatment. I come home and decide to read about other users and read all these scary comment of nothing but horror stories.

I too was told how great my hair would look and how much easier it would be to manage. While having process done my eyes began to burn. I notice one of the girls opening door to salon and then soon after I was asked to go downstairs where a door was left open and a fan was put in front of me to help with the burning of my eyes. I was then offered a mask like one use in nail places.

I ask if the product was causing this to happen, but didn't think much about and even refuse to use the mask. He wasn't waring one, and the air from the fan took the stinging away from my eyes. Needless to about and hour later after leaving the place my eyes began stinging again and still continue too.

I'm pretty scared right now and don't know if I will be able to get any sleep tonight. Worst I have to wait 3 days before I wash my hair and it sound like my problems have already started. I loose a lot of hair every day and it sound like it could be because I use the flat iron a lot.

Now I'm fearing losing even more hair and my beautiful thick long hair is about to get really thin and I'll probably have to cut it. Wow and I told them I would bring my daughter in to have this done for her Birthday. At lease I'll be able to save her from this nightmare.

I guess I should be saying thank you, though I fear it's to late for me. If any of what I read begins to happen to me, I'll go to a doctor right away and try and follow some of the remedies. I feeling pretty awful right now. My hair does look nice though but lets see for how long. Thanks again. Will keep you posted.

Feb 11, 2010
Hair breakage from Coppola
by: Heather

Hair breakage from Coppola SOLUTIONS:

I had the Coppola treatment done on Feb 4th. My problems started like most people's I have read on this post. I too found this post in a desperate search AFTER my hair was breaking off in little frizzy pieces after the first wash (three day waiting period.) I'm going to make this to the point and share my solutions instead of all the problems. My problems seem right on with everyone else's.

I first used...
Read the full article about Hair breakage from Coppola here

Feb 10, 2010
The Truth
by: Anonymous

I have been a hair stylist for 11 years and I have been doing the BKT for over 3 years. I have used formula's that contain formaldehyde such as Marcia and Lasio. I can tell you after a lot of research and personal experience, that if you have to leave the product in your hair for it to work, it does contain some form of formaldehyde. There are many ... Read the full story here

Jan 31, 2010
Coppola Keratin
by: Anonymous

Ever been to the Peter Coppola in Boca Raton on Glades Road? When they use this stuff stylists actually put their chairs outside because of the fumes. This stuff is TOXIC! We will hear in 10 years about the problems these stylists have with the effects of this product. Firefighters have Hazmat books on how to handle Aldehyde. Full suits when coming upon this chemical. Aldehyde is a by product of formaldehyde. They embalm dead people with this stuff! No haters here. I am not a hairstylist, just a client stating what I have seen. Biage Bucario and Peter Coppola are in a big jam with this one! There are other alternatives out there. Visit Cameo Chemicals and type in Aldehyde. You have been schooled on the hazards. It is up to you to use the info.

Jan 10, 2010
Getting scared!
by: Anonymous

Been a hairdresser for 35 years and been using Coppola and Lasio one day Keratin treatments. Results are truly amazing, I've never seen happier clients in my life and it is an incredible money maker for me.

It pains me to say that I have recently decided to stop doing them due to health concerns, and the possibility that someone may blame the salon for an illness they may acquire, that may or may not be due to this treatment. Since the last treatment I performed I have been a bit short of breath myself.

I think because of the amazing results (and the amazing money we make) we are all in denial about the health risks about these products. I remember when people thought smoking wasn't dangerous.

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