Keratin Formaldehyde Side Effects - The Truth

I have been a hair stylist for 11 years and I have been doing the BKT for over 3 years. I have used formula's that contain formaldehyde such as Marcia and Lasio. I can tell you after a lot of research and personal experience, that if you have to leave the product in your hair for it to work, it does contain some form of formaldehyde.

There are many sister aldehydes of formaldehyde and the chances are they are using one of those. If you are feeling any type of burning in your eyes, nose or throat, there is something wrong.

I have experienced hair loss in some areas of my head from having the treatment done and the hair has never grown back. I think that some hair stylist are fooling themselves into believing there are no health risks, because of the great results they are having with the treatment. I too, loved my hair with the treatment.

If you have experienced any side effects from the treatment, something is wrong! Wake up people, formaldehyde is a carcinogenic, which means, it causes CANCER! Sides effects of formaldehyde include... burning of eyes, nose and throat, dizziness, shortness of breath...I can go on. You can find all of this information online, if you just look for it.

If a salon claims their product contains no formaldehyde and then also says you have to leave it in for x amount of days, for it to set... RUN! If you have to wear a mask or sit outside while getting the treatment, something is wrong! Trust your instincts! Those of you that are hair stylist pushing this treatment, I suggest you do some research and educate yourselves.

Yes, there is formaldehyde around us and we are exposed to it day to day. The problem with the BKT is, that when you are heating it up with the flat iron, you are fumigating the formaldehyde and breathing it in. That is what is dangerous about it. It doesn't matter if it only contains a small amount. There are no studies about the long term effects of this, so you are taking a chance and playing with your health.

I urge you all to do your research and don't fall back on the excuse that it is just a competitor trying to fool you.

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Dec 27, 2016
Percentage for highlighted Wavy hair
by: Anonymous

Can any one please tell what formalin Keratin percentage should i use for Wavy & highlighted hair,i am Asian

May 16, 2012
keratin vs yuko
by: Anonymous

After reading the above comments, all my curiosity regarding keratin treatments has dissolved.

I have long hair that is naturally wavy on top and soft curly underneath. For the past seven years I have had the Japanese straight treatment by a highly qualified hair stylist who was personally trained by the founder of Yuko System Japanese permanent straightening therapy. First five years my hair felt soft post treatments and in between treatments with the use of leave in conditioning products. However, the past two years i noticed an unusual amount of baby hairs growing back in chunks, although i did not observe breakage in the rest of my hair. I remembered that my hair stylist was always careful not to apply the chemical to my scalp and was very surprised to see this happen. I also noticed that my hair was becoming progressively drier and leave in conditioning treatments, such as Moroccan oil, were no longer sufficient in keeping my hair soft between shampoos. As a result of this experience, i cut 10 inches off my hair and I am now going all natural in order to have healthy hair.

Wanting to stay away from the chemicals associated with permanent straightening, I was intrigued when i read about semi-permanent treatments such as "Coppola keratin" and "keratin earth" but after reading the above reviews I'm so discouraged from taking the risk on my now healthy hair. Especially since i cut off 10 inches to start fresh. Not to mention the health risks.

I agree with the above comment, that if you have to leave the product on the hair for x-amount of time, then a chemical is driving the keratin into the hair shaft. Any resulting damage will only be obvious if you allow the keratin coating to wash out. Then you will have a true view of your hairs health.

I guess all chemical treatments available today have their short comings. Until something better surfaces on the market I think I'm going to hold off.

Jul 22, 2011
There is no reliable safety data on ANY of these products
by: Discouraged Consumer

I see a lot of comments on here talking about how well a given treatment worked for you. No one is questioning the efficacy; most will help smooth your hair. The question is, what's really in them - and are the ingredients harmful?

Sadly, you will get no definitive answer to this. God knows I've tried. First of all, the FDA does not test any cosmetic products, so it has no idea what they really contain. It also does not regulate how much formaldehyde can be in a beauty product. Yes that sounds shocking, but it's true.

Secondly, while suppliers are required to provide an MSDS (materials safety and data sheet) with the product, NO ONE CHECKS to see if they are lying about the ingredients. Many are. They either leave off chemicals, or underestimate the percent. The one agency who did investigate, OSHA in (I believe) Oregon, found almost double the stated amount of formaldehyde in BKT. They issued a warning for the product which you can find online.

Third, there are many different names for formaldehyde... they can list any of them. No regulation on this.

Fourth, there are many different types of "aldehydes" - some as harmless as cinnamon, others are formaldehyde, used to embalm corpses. By just changing or re-arranging one molecule, you can create an infinite number of compounds. Which ones are safe? Which aren't? Damned if I know. It is very difficult to find any of this information online, and even if you do, it will be on websites so highly technical, only a chemist can understand it.

In frustration, I even contacted a local chemist to ask if the ingredients in one smoothing product were safe. She couldn't comment for legal reasons, but said the "glyoxyloyl" was indeed a complex form of aldehyde (as opposed to what she called "free aldehydes). Again, is that better? She wouldn't say.

So I am still in the dark. As are all American consumers. This is an outrage. We have a right to know if what we are using is toxic. As someone else commented, we'll find out in 10 years when large numbers come down with cancer. We should write Congress and demand action on this.

Jun 19, 2011
Breathing Problems DON'T Risk your life!!
by: Celia

I had what the salon called BBO which is a shortened form of the BKT they said it was just a conditioner with NO chemicals. It had Formalin a derivative of Formaldehyde. Long story short, I have had the service approximately 5 times. The first treatment, no side affects. No effects just nice hair 2nd and 3rd treatment. I experience respiratory issues the last 2 times. I could hardly breathe the 4th treatment, I thought I had the flu. I was at work, gasping for breathe, a colleague saw me struggling, I started drinking lots of water, sprayed some magnesium oil, on my neck rubbed it in, I got relieve. Four days ago, I experienced a lot of plegm in my throat, breathing is a problem, and my throat feels as if it is closing once again, I now realize, how very dangerous this hair product is, I will never allow anyone to put it in my hair! I have done lots of research and I KNOW the DANGERS and could have lost my life if I continued. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!!!!

Feb 24, 2011
scalp irritation
by: Barbara

I had the Brazilian Blowout-loved the way it straightened my frizzy hair but noticed some scalp irritation. Later, I had another treatment which was applied and straightened with a flatiron. Now, I am having greater irritation and something like dermatitis of the scalp-constantly itchy and patches throughout my scalp like patches.
I would recommend not using it-not worth the aggravation

Jan 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm a hairdresser and I'm in the process of doing my keratin treatment right now. I was reading on the sites about the Simply Smooth Keratin Treatments and they say that there is no formaldehyde in it but on my bottle it says "This product contains Formaldehyde". Some people have such good things to say but i cant afford to lose hair.

Jan 13, 2011
No Problem So Far
by: Anonymous

I've had my hair done with Coppola three times in the last 1 1/2 years over Korean Magic Hair (like Japanese straightening). My hair is naturally blonde and baby fine. I've had no problems with breakage or hair falling out. The last time my eyes burned for a few seconds and then like every other time no issues, no odors, no health problems that I am aware of. I think it does make a difference who does it and how they do it. It doesn't really touch your scalp. This has been my experience but can't vouch for anyone else. A very experienced operator I think is essential.

Oct 21, 2010
keratin complex Coppola and the other brands are dangerous
by: Anonymous

Its really really dangerous,
I done that for four times and the last time i was sick for three weeks i had such difficulty to breath also i keep losing my hair. I realized that i had same problem each time i used this products.
Too bad we have stop using it :(((

Sep 16, 2010
formaldehyde free
by: Katrina

I have had the Brazilian Blow-wave twice and have been thrilled with the results. Unbelievable change to my fine curly frizzy hair. And then the disappointment after reading all the dangers. I have now heard about the Global Keratin Formaldehyde free treatment. Does anyone know what they use instead of any of the "hyde" family? So desperate to have this treatment but scared because I have bad lungs. I have had TB and Pneumonia twice. Can anyone help me and recommend a product?? please!!

Jul 31, 2010
Change my mind!?
by: Katrina

My cousin's daughter who is African American and Hispanic,hair is beautiful. I asked what was on her hair and then I looked this up on line, WOW!!! I was really trying to find my daughter, who is African American, Indian and White a Dominican Shop to get her hair done with this product. Now I think I will perhaps stick with pressing or finding another perm. Thanks. I didn't see any of this information on Facebook. Oh and by the way, it's sad to heard these stories and you want to believe them but, being in a profession where our job is to educate, it means more coming from a stylist. THANKS!!!! 7/2010

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