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by Vivian

Kim Kardashian - Blond Highlight

Kim Kardashian - Blond Highlight

I really like Kim Kardashian's blonde highlight from summer 2009. I have mid. length hair and my skin tone is similar to her and my hair color is brown. I really like to add highlights like that so my brown hair color pick through under highlights (like hers on shoulder). But I don't know what are the colors and what tech to use. Can you help me?
Thank you.

Kim Kardashian Blond

By Flo Briggs
To achieve the Kim's highlight you need to process the color application in horizontal sections across the top. Take sections 1" apart and do 2 foils back to back. Fine sections end up with your own brown color at the hair line. Also do the sides using vertical sections in the same manner as the top.

When doing the top sections make sure to include the crown area (above the occipital bone). To allow brown hair to show in a fashionable way, you need to have the right haircut. As you notice the cut on Kim's hair has long layers, that allows the brown color to show through the highlights.

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