Learn to love your curls

by hip hop
(toronto, canada)

It takes a while to love your curls, and to get used to the way they will curl. If you have naturally curly hair, wet it, use a good moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. Now you can either, put a leave in conditioner in your hair and let it air dry, or put in a mousse or cream product.

You don't need expensive products, they work, but they make your hair very greasy. Use a little product in your hair, and you can top it off, with a LITTLE hairspray. Too much, and your hair will go crunchy.

All curls are different, and it will take a while to find whats right for you.

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Curls Rock - honest!
by: Jackie

I agree totally. I have naturally curly hair that would reduce me to tears in my early teans. I would even cut bits off if they stuck out the wrong way.

I learned to embrase it at about age 18. Now I love my hair and am always complimented on how lovely it is and how lucky I am. I use Shockwaves Curly Mousse with a scrunch of Trevor Sorbie curly stuff.

The worst thing is when you find a product that works perfectly then they stop making it. I'm 40 now and that has happened alot as curly goes in and out of fashion.

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