Losing My Hair From Brazilian Blowout!

by Susanne
(Calgary, Alberta)

Had the Brazilian Blowout done at a salon in BC, Canada and at first thought the results were amazing! Had it done August 17, 2010 and they used the trademark "Brazilian Blowout" product (I called the salon and double checked) and I also purchase the Acai shampoo and deep conditioner mask.

In the last few weeks I have noticed considerable shedding and breakage of hair. When I run my fingers through my hair 8-9 or more stands come out and some in chunks. It is falling out constantly.

The hairs around my hair line have broken off too. I called the company 1-877-779-7706 and spoke with a rep (Erin) who asked if I was allergic to fruit or nuts (no, I am not) and if I had a hair process done on my hair prior too. I did have highlights put in my hair in June 2010.

The rep stated the product may have something in it that I was allergic to and sent me a basic list of ingredients but could not send all the chemical ingredients due to it being Patent Pending. I was asking for the complete ingredient list to have me tested as she suggested I may have an allergic reaction.

The rep also stated that the salon may be at fault for using too high of heat with the flat iron on processed air from highlights which was why it was falling out. This is just beyond being plausible as my hair is coming out from the root AND breaking too.

I am obviously not the only one going through this and have found several posts and msg boards with other women experiencing the same thing.

I will continue to post and if anyone want to send me an email who is experiencing the same thing please, please let me know.

My hair is auburn, thick and long. (or, at least it used to be thick). Anyone else out there?

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Jul 25, 2014
Morass voice
by: Anonymous

No pain but it sounds like I've half lost my voice when I talk. Treatment was great on hair so sorry I can't do this formula again. For people feeling toxic you can do "the purification rundown" at Scientology churches. Don't need tone or do Scientology to do this. Lots of firefighters do it to get their health back, as well as recovered addicts and painters..

May 01, 2014
Scalp burning and hair falling out!
by: Sharon

Had BB about 2 weeks ago and my hair started falling out at a high rate about a week after. In clumps when I wash my hair and constantly thoughout the day. Top of my head has slight burning sensation and that's were it has thinned out the most! I can see my scalp and partite wide spread! This happened the last time I had it done but I thought perhaps it would not this time! Wrong ! I will not get it again ! Hair feels great after treatment but it's just not worth it ! Does anybody have any suggestions to sooth the scalp burning and stop the hair loss:(???

Nov 15, 2013
Im so sick about My hair loss!!!
by: Anonymous

I also had a "mini bb". The first one was wonderful as My hair is naturally curly, It was done the same Day I got highlights and my salon tested my hair to see if it would be ok. It was about 10-12 weeks later I went back to have my hair done again since I thought the Mini bb wears off quicker. When she done it the 2nd time my hair never felt like it did the first time. Now its been almost 12 weeks since I had it done my hear is horrible!!! Scary to see how much hair I loose a Day. When I told my beautician she asked me if I was on any Meds or was I stressed out??? I said No not anything then she asked about my shampoo I was using. So we changed it to something She recommended. Im afraid to over wash or do anything right now to My hair because it is so fragile!!!

Sep 15, 2012
Brazilian. Blow out
by: Anonymous

I am so scared I had the bb done in May and noticed in August my hair was falling out.
I was so scared I went to the doctor trying to fig this out.

They only different thing I have done is the bb
And I don't know what to do now I had thick hair
And it is falling out by 100s at a time when will it
Stop help.

Aug 26, 2012
There is hope
by: Maria

I too had the Brazalian Blowout done in Nov 2011 and again in March 2012. Loved it the first time and actually the 2nd time till three weeks later when I got this horrible bad sore throat. I actually got it right during the treatment, but thought it would go away, but it didn't it just all of sudden got real bad 3 weeks later. So bad that I made a special trip to the doctor and then 3 days after that, a special trip to urgent care. There really was nothing they could do for my throat. They did give me codeine for the pain and some numbing medicine for my throat to numb it so I could swallow some food. It was so painful I could not eat or drink. My sore throat lasted for "7 weeks!!" I thought I had throat cancer for sure! And I still worry about it.

To add to all that I lost my hair by the hand fulls. My hair fell out by the roots and the ends broke off. I was so sick from all the stress and I lost so much weight.

I finally found that taking fish oil daily, vitamin E, Ho Shou Wu, Biotin and shampooing my hair with a good shampoo that has Rosemary and Chamomile and vitamin E in it plus other essential oils. I use that once a week then I shampoo regularly with L'oreal Evercreme and I use Aloxxi conditioners. The Aloxxi products are soooo Good! Pricey, but good for your hair. They have made my hair strong and have helped in keeping it from breaking.

My hair is now growing back and no longer falling out anymore. I am so happy. I have long hair and it is back to being long and healthy and shiny again. BTW I am over 60 and I never thought I would have my long healthy shiny hair again. I just hope that I did not ruin my health and I still worry about that.

Please no matter how bad you want straight sleek hair do not ever have this procedure done. It only last about 4 months and it is not worth it in the long run. I will always be worrying about my health now. My voice has changed forever. I still get sore throats now and then and it scares me every time.

Feb 04, 2011
Hair breakage
by: Anonymous

Yes i had this brazilian blowout done on my hair in sept of 2010, i really liked it at first, but i have noticed in the past couple of months my hair is breaking off, every time i comb my hair it is all over my clothes and on the sink, also my daughter had it done as well and her hair came out in clumps, what can we do about this.

Jan 06, 2011
Bad experiene with BB
by: Anonymous

I too had a Brazilian Blowout down at a reputable salon in Ottawa. My hair use to be thick and have great body. Now it is flat and thin. I hate it. I called the salon but they were of no help and basically said the more I wash my hair the quicker it would come out.

The product was shortly removed from the market in Canada. I called the salon after this and they basically told me that they did not believe Health Canada and were hoping the product would be reinstated. I guess the hairdresser has no concerns regarding getting cancer.

Dec 26, 2010
by: hairstylist in calgary

Well ladies, I am responding to this common identity and more, I have hair loss, severe scalp pain and more! I have been in and out of emergency clinics with severe breathing reactions, on inhalers now and can no longer be near low volume scents of perfumes/ haircolors/ perms/ house cleaners/ new furniture/ nail polish/ exhaust from the cars /paint/and the list goes on an on.

It is now called Multiple Chemical sensitivity. Throat constriction to deal with, nausea , headaches, muscle pain, and still hair loss 3 months later. I am losing a career and a great livelihood. I need a miracle from God to overrule this challenge in life too big for humans If you think you can offer any positive advise or Help, it would be appreciated. This stuff was dangerous and cloaked to be safe on the packaging and by the companies and they still stand behind their doings? Anyone else out there experiencing this?

Nov 09, 2010
I'm experiencing hair loss as well
by: Arlene

I had my BB done on August 7, 2010 in Edmonton, so the 12 weeks is now up. For the last month or so, I've noticed significant hair loss. I can feel it falling on my arms. Whenever I brush it, I have to pull hair out of the brush and the amount I end up with in my hands is scary. I have decided not to get another treatment and wonder if the hair loss will stop. I can't believe that I just jumped on this without doing any research. If not formaldehyde, what is the "sealing" ingredient? What does it say when a manufacturer won't divulge a complete ingredient list of its product?

Oct 19, 2010
Hair is falling out
by: Liz

I had a BB applied on Oct 6th and I am noticing a lot of my hair falling out when I run my fingers through it. I used to have super thick wavy hair and now it is completely straight, thin and silky. I am really worried about the hair falling out, how long will this go on? Anyone else know? I hope I don't lose all my hair!

Oct 15, 2010
Brazilain Blowout
by: Pissed Off

I had it done at Ecotique Salon in Burnaby in September, and I had to cut off 3 inches of my hair because the ends got damaged I am guessing from the high level of heat??? I spoke to the General manager of the company and she is not being accountable whatsoever. All I want is a refund or partial refund but the manager seems to be side stepping the issue. If I am unhappy with the end result or if the treatment was misrepresented, I deserve to get my money back. The salon pulled the BB product off of their shelves, but the GM doesn't seem to "believe"that BB has Formaldehyde in it? Hello...every BB product tested contained unsafe levels of formaldehyde.

I think we should band together and contact CTV news.

Sep 29, 2010
I'm sorry to hear this
by: anonymous

I have chemically treated hair also and I was interested in this product but after hearing your story I have reservations. I was under the impression that this was not a chemical like a relaxer?

Sep 28, 2010
Update on my experience with BB
by: susanne

I created a blog to share what I have experienced and the recent results of formaldehyde levels (6.4% - 10.6% in 4 separate tests) found by the Oregon Health and Science University posted to their website on September 24, 2010, my conversations with Brazilian Blowout, the fact that the product is also being tested by Health Canada and more.

I have also spoken directly with the University head of Strategic Communications who informed me the product test was done as a result of a salon in Oregon who contacted the local health authorities.

Looking for any others having hairloss which you strongly believe is related to the BB process, eye irritation, coughing, illness?

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