My wierd curly and wavy hair !!!

by Ameena

It's curlyish wavyish.. Sometimes it's nice and beautiful but sometimes it looks like a broom ( literally )!!! I love headbands but sometimes my hair looks so bad that i don't like to leave the house. What should i do? Oh and it's up to my shoulder and i want to cut it short but i know with it's weird texture, it would not look good !!

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Natural Curly Issues (ditto to your definition of 55 year old hair.)
by: Lynn

Cut your hair to chin or shoulder length, slight layers, and crunch your hair with your head upside down. Then fluff it with your fingers and re-crunch head up and let dry naturally. Gives fullness, and no heat products.

very fine curly hair with more curl in the back of my head
by: mary Rigney

As I am aging (55 years old ), my hair is getting less curly starting at the top of my head to my eyes. Yet, it is very curly at the back of my head. Plus, it is getting thin so that I have more hair on the bottom than the top. Right now the length is a little past my shoulders. I like it longer so that I can put it up because my neck sweats. I color my hair and it feels and looks amazing afterward. I have struggled with my hair forever ! When I was 15 years old the crown fell out due to a straightening procedure. I have 2 types of hair now, frizz and non-frizz. What to do?

Weather condition

Your curl pattern how it holds and moisture requirement changes with weather condition. You probably using a set combination of products that works fine with your hair texture and type in some days and won't hold or provide enough moisture in others. Try to take weather factors like humidity and temperature into your hair care routine

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