Platinum Blonde - Should I Color My Hair?

by Teresa

I have got this quite beautiful, natural platinum blonde hair which kind of annoys me. I don't feel good with it anymore, so I considered coloring it. Whould you recommend it? I don't want it to look unnatural, I would like a similar haircolor as Hilarie Burton had back in 2006. Kind of both brown and blonde parts.
Good idea?

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Just Don't
by: Skynet

You look really pretty btw!

Please don't dye your beautiful natural platinum blonde hair. It is too rare and beautiful to ruin.
by: I Love Natural Playing Blonde Hair

I agree with these people saying not to dye your beautiful hair. Natural platinum blonde hair is so beautiful and so rare. It's a tragedy when a woman with naturally very blonde hair dyes her hair.

I don't like dyed hair of any type though I will say natural blondes that darken their hair look even worse than brunettes who dye their hair blonde.

So please please don't dye your hair and please please don't any other natural platinum blonde women dye their hair.

Natural platinum blonde hair int dyeing its too rare as it is and way too beautiful to be ruined , and fake platinum blonde hair just looks ugly and unnatural. Besides hair dye has been known to cause cancer and lukiemia, as well as ruining your hair and causing hair loss.

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and I love your beautiful blue eyes and beautiful fair skin . Your beautiful blue eyes and fair skin compliment your natural platinum blonde hair perfectly and your glasses make you look even cuter.

So please please don't ruin your incredible and rare natural beauty by dyeing your hair.
You will sadden many people and just look ugly if you do and you will deeply regret it.

Platinum Blonds Rules
by: Anonymous

Please do not dye your hair! Your hair is so beautiful just the way it is now. There are only so little of us natural platinum blonds left. It is very rare and beautiful. I would love to keep my hair. I love it just the way it is and never even think for a second of coloring it. I don't think your or my hair is ever annoying. People love my hair, don't they compliment you on yours? I love yours. I mean, I can't force you not to, but you are asking for an opinion and my opinion is that you shouldn't dye it.

Thanks for listening. I hope you take my thoughts into consideration.

by: Anonymous

You wouldn't say it was beautiful if you were annoyed with it.
Platinum blonde hair is very, very rare don't dye it!!! Just even out the colour, like in your roots and some of your strands and then it will be very pretty.

natural platinum blonde should you color
by: felicia

Coloring is your decision If you want to stay more natural looking, I suggest trying a temporary color meaning one that washes out gradually usually within 28 days. Try this before you go to a more permanent color to know if you will like it. To stay close to what you have you could try a medium blonde If you feel that is too dark you can try a light golden blonde this will give you a little more color without looking un natural or too bold.
Good luck!

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