Prom Hair Style With Glamorous Look

You've got the gown. You've got the pretty new shoes ready to be danced in all night. Even the date thing seems to have worked out. Now all you need is a prom hair style to top it all off.

Soft, cascading curls of hair that billow around the shoulders, a la movie queens from the '40s. It's a look that hairstyling maven Jesse Briggs of Yellow Strawberry Salons calls "Hollywood glam" and he should know... Briggs has invented the waving technique called the S Wave Thermal Set that caters to this romantic hair fashion.

hair model with sophisticated hairstyle and bangs in golden hair color and brown lowlight
Style by Egidio Borri

Half-up and half-down updo with natural messy look are always exciting and never get old and with some few tweaks your curls can be made ready for any party with any budget.

soft curly hair down hairstyle for prom

Enhance your curls, add some bouncy ringlets and dress them up with your favourite headband to give yourself a completely different look in minutes.

curly hair updo for prom prom updo hairstyle
By Yellow Strawberry Global Salons, Photo By Tom Carson

For straight hair S Wave Thermal Set is the perfect foundation for a multitude of prom hair styles. And when the big night is over, you still have a full head of glorious, easy-to-manage curls to get you through the summer. Here are some formal hair styles displaying the new, glamorous look to help you decide on your new "do".

Soft wavy and curly hair style Formal hair style - simple updo back view Formal Hairstyle - updo hair front view
Yellow Strawberry Salons - Photography: Tom Carson - Makeup: Katherine Quiel

Short Hair Idea for Prom

Short hair for prom short hair with soft texture for prom short hair cut for prom
Photos: Courtesy of Frances London DuBose

Prom Dress - Red with Black Hair OR Black with Blond

Short Hair with Prom Dress Short Hair with Prom Dress
Photography: left: Chris Hatcher - Right: David Gabber

But What About Short Hair?!

"My hair is short. Does that mean long romantic prom hair styles are out of the question for me?"

Wavy hair extension for short hair

Not at all. As long as your hair is at least four to five inches long from the crown (so the bonds can be attached and concealed) you can experience the fun and glamor of long hair for as long as the extensions last – up to six months.

Hair extensions can be styled into beautiful prom hairdos using curling irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers with just a little extra caution around the bonds. It can be styled just like regular hair, with a little extra care around the bonds, using curling irons, hot rollers and blow dryers. Have a great prom night!

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