Reaction To Keratin Treatment - Eyes Wide Shut

Thanks to everyone who posted. After reading, I feel an obligation to share my story for those who are considering this procedure. I am biracial (Asian and African-American) with thick, curly hair. The hairstylist told me I was a perfect candidate for this all-natural keratin treatment that would leave my hair frizz-free, shiny and healthier than before. He said it was formaldehyde-free and would improve the condition of my hair.

After waiting 4 days during the curing process (my eyes did burn throughout the application and heat and now I know why) I washed and flat ironed my hair and felt so-so about the results. I went back to the stylist to have my hair cut and after he flat-ironed it with high heat, I was able to see a noticeable smoothness and silkiness.

I religiously used the SunPure products (sulfate free) he sold me to extend the life (14 - 16 weeks) of the keratin treatment. The first few washes, I lost an incredible amount of hair, but I am used to seeing a lot of hair in my comb in the shower. My hair is so thick that it doesn't normally bother me. But this amount was excessive - a full handful of hair from the root.

My hair was very tangled and stiff when wet but I thought that maybe it was supposed to be like that because of the new products. I was told that when I wanted to wear my hair curly, it would have a nice wavy frizz-free texture instead of the almost spiral curls I naturally have. Not so - when I let my hair air-dry, it was hard and crunchy.

When I wore it straight, my shed hair would coat the floor when I brushed it after flat-ironing. My husband was aghast at the amount of hair on the bathroom floor everyday.

In retrospect, after reading these stories, I know why my eyes burned, why my scalp continues to be tender and why I am able to see my scalp now in the front where I used to not be able to.

What I don't know is:

(1) why I trusted a stylist who I never used before to put a product on my hair that I didn't know much about;

(2) why I paid an extra $100 because my hair is so thick and halfway down my back;

(3) why I was online looking at Ulta's keratin special and thinking about doing it again.

So thank you to all that have shared their stories and hopefully mine has helped someone else.

I will NOT be doing the keratin treatment again - the benefits did not outweigh the negative side effects. I am on my way now to the store to get biotin, l-lysine, Nioxin and Nexxus.

I am not telling anyone reading this not to get it, but just know what you are getting into before you do and be prepared that you may not get the results you were told. Be willing to deal with the possible side effects of this CHEMICAL treatment. Your stylist may or may not tell you. After all, they may be caring for your hair, but they are still sales people. Ask LOTS of questions. I wish I had.

I wish I had read these comments before I did it.
Good luck!

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Apr 04, 2022
Braliz straightening treatment
by: Anonymous

I had this treatment done 6 months ago. If only I could turn back the clock. I do not want what happened to my hair to happen to anyone else. Do not get it done. My hair is now unaturally straight with no body. It looks like I plugged my hair into an electric socket. My hair will not keep a style. It just falls flat. I have tried clarifying shampoos to no avail. I liken it to a weed killer applied to get rid of frizz but it killed everything. When I contacted the hair salon the response was appalling . They were on the defensive straight away. My roots are growing in straight as a poker full of static. No sign of any body in the new hair regrowth. I fear this is permanent in my hair.

Apr 12, 2019
by: I Am SICK from Formaldehyde Poisoning

Got a Keratin treatment Jan 18th, 2019. Next day i wake up to a rash all along my hairline, face and neck, looked like chemical burns. Stylist swore up and down no Formaldehyde. Each time I washed hair, blow dried and used flat iron, rash would come back. I figured I was allergic to something else in it. Fast forward to March 2019, I am still getting the rash when I apply heat to my hair. TONS of hair breakage. I am now seeing a pulmonologist for difficulty in breathing to the point he thinks it is COPD. I am on two asthma inhalers. Finally ask my stylist for a list of ingredients. Boom, there it is- Timonacic... when heated such as for these treatments it turns into Formaldehyde. It wrecks HAVOC on skin and lungs. This is why every time I would wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair the rash would come back, heat brings it alive again. Chest Xray next week to see how much damage it has done to my pulmonary system, I am devastated. These companies LIE!!!!! They use different words to hide what is really in it. Do your research. I am 46 years old and this has effected me greatly. If I have irreversible damage I am totally going after this company. Stay tuned, I will update soon.

Aug 16, 2017
my daughter is losing hair after 2 treatments
by: Karla Olson

hi all

My daughter is 14 and had 2 treatments. Now her hair is falling out and she seems sick all the time. Her antioxidant levels are low ( we just had them tested).

Does anyone know how I can detox her body from these horrible chemicals?
has anyone thought about suing the company?
what products or diet are helping with hair regrowth?
thank you

Dec 28, 2015
Hair loss
by: Sad

I too am losing so much hair 4 months after keratin treatment. My hair is receding rapidly and scalp is burning and itching so bad . I don't know what to do first . My part is getting wider and wider everyday. I'm so as about this and can't sleep bc I keep thinking of this and the pain is unbearable. Any advice? Got it done August 20 .

Nov 06, 2015
Protein Allergy
by: Anonymous

Hey all!
My story goes back to 2009 when I got my first Brazilian. It was amazing, but after the 2nd one my hair started to itch and be painful with hair coming out from the roots. Well, I went to a world-renowned dermatologist, who specializes in hair, got a biopsy, and results were normal. He really didn't know what was causing it, so he said it was probably Telogen Effluvium; he said I was under stress from graduate school. That was BS. I've been under more stress in my life before, and my hair didn't budge. Went to another Dr. to have my hormones checked, too young for menopause..nothing-all was normal. Well, as time went on, I did some research to find out that yes, an allergy to formaldehyde could be plausible, but proteins in hair treatments, also, shampoos and conditioners; i.e., keratin, any hydrolyzed proteins can cause a condition called severe contact dermatitis. The dermatitis symptoms are: severely itchy scalp, pain, may have bumps, and hair loss from the inflamed follicles, pustules...
Now, everyone, you have to find a very experienced hair person to do this procedure. If you are getting a coupon or a deal for it, I'd be weary. If you must, tell your hairdresser to please NOT slap it on your scalp, and blast your scalp with high heat from the blow-dryer or flat iron close to your scalp. Yes, an experienced professional should know how to do this. The combo of extreme heat, proteins, and our sensitivities, can reek havoc on your hood.

My experience:

1. Vitamins DO NOT WORK when your hair is falling out like crazy. Take them, but not going to stop your hair from shedding.
2. Don't use Rogaine. I had more shedding (the dread shed) for a month. It was frightening! Then...tick-tock, it starts to grow in. Also, you have to use it forever. I weened off of that stuff finally two years ago, and the hair fell out that it helped grow in. Then many more months to grow it out naturally.
3. Cortisone liquid like Scalpicin Extra Strength will stop the itch for some, but I needed a prescription liquid cortisone. It works like a charm now.
4. I find a good shampoo like Giovanni's Tea Tree shampoo it is sulfate and protein free.
5. NO proteinaceous conditioner on the scalp. Only on the length of your hair. Use something else on scalp like rosemary oil. It has been shown to promote hair growth and stop the itch, but cortisone is the gold standard.

Here is a short article about scalp sensitivity from Pub-Med.

I get my BKT every six months, but I have a girl who knows what she is doing, I remind her every time to stay away from the scalp. Yes, she gets sick of me reminding her: however, it's my head and my money. I get my Scalpicin; it stops the Itch in 2 days, and I use my protein-sulfate free products.
Heck, my scalp goes crazy if I don't wash it in 3 days regardless.
I hope this helps, and also, I'm a Ph.D. chemist, remember the grad school thing. I work with chemicals worse than formaldehyde, and life is a bit more stressful now, but my hair is on my head. Also, my crazy frizzy, unmanageable hair is pretty.
Results may vary for every individual so do your research as well my friends.

Kind Regards,

Nov 03, 2015
Not doing Keratin treatment again
by: Anonymous

I'm almost bald. My hair doesn't grow as it used to ... I have to say it is totally my responsibility, because I used to have a Keratin treatment applied every 5 to 6 months. I have had a total of 11 keratin's since 2011 to present, and it has damaged my scalp, my hair follicles, and I just had the same day Wash out keratin treatment 2 weeks ago: the results??? Horrible. I have decided to let my hair grow, to not apply any hair color or chemicals because it is ready damaged and coarse to be repaired. I have to let it grow, so back to the begging and praying to God that I can recover at least half of the amount of hair that I used to have

May 19, 2015
Coppola keratin and dry scalp/hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have had 5 Coppola keratin straightening treatments (June 2012', April 2013, Oct 2013, April 2014, Oct 2014). I loved it the first 4 times. My thick, wavy, coarse hair was finally the way I dreamed of - straight, smooth and shiny. But, a few weeks after the 5th treatment, I suddenly noticed dry scabs all over my scalp. The my hair started falling out, seemed like hundreds of hairs a day. I felt like I lost 25% or more my hair within a couple of months. The hair was coming out from the root, with pieces of scalp attached. My dermatologist treated me for psoriasis. I am 64 and have never had psoriasis in my life. First with over the counter shampoo, TSal, and an oil for night. That didn't work, so she put me on a prescription shampoo and a prescription oil. Both were extremely expensive. By end of January 2015, my hair stopped falling out and the psoriasis seemed to be gone. The Derm said I could use the meds as needed. But, the psoriasis came back as soon as I stopped using the meds. It's now been 8 months since the last keratin treatment. My scalp is still itchy, the dandruff is constantly falling which is so embarrassing, my hair is lifeless and unmanageable. I've also tried olive oil and apple cider vinegar rinse, both of which are supposed to help with dry scalp, but those don't work either. I see lots of stories like mine, but no one is saying their hair is back to normal. I am so depressed by this.

May 10, 2015
To everyone with itchy scalp
by: Rico

It might sound crazy for me to try this last experiment since it was BKT what made me itch my hair and made it fragile and thin.

But a hairdresser friend of my uses a BKT formula that is natural made that will take the itch away and make hair growth. She claims that she had some clients coming to her salon when they have itchy scalp and this treatment will kill the fungus away.

It does not make sense because it was a BKT what destroyed my hair.

But here is what i found out:

My itchy is due to also some stress.
Formaldehyde, is an effective cure to fungus on nails. It will kill it. This formula uses a little bit of formaldehyde with lots of organic ingredients. So i gave it a try as it is very mild.

She apply it on my back and side and i can tell that it made a big difference today.. Still itches on the top center of my scalp as I did not wanted to be touch in that area.. but now i am thinking maybe if i try that left fungus will go away.

I will keep you posted.


Ps: the product is called Natura Keratin or Naturia professional .

May 09, 2015
by: Rico


Aloe vera was my first try i even use it daily straight from the plant as it thickens my hair naturally ( I had never needed to thick my hair as my hair was really thick and had lots of it.. ( i still have , it is just thin)

I want to try to do a 3 day alkaline detox again if this does not stop.

Gonna try my last PRP next week and see how it goes.

Note: i have been using Cortizone-10 cream on my scalp every day after i wash and dry my hair.. it seems to relief the itching 90% it has only been few days i am trying for a week to see if it goes away...

May 08, 2015
To Rico
by: N.F.

Sorry to hear. Have you tried Aloe Vera gel? I'm not saying it will be 100% effective but might help you to get rid of itching and accelerate healing of whatever damaged been done.

May 07, 2015
To N.F.
by: Rico

Guys sorry for my late reply.


Sorry for the misspelling, the name is "Telogen Effluvium"

Whatever form of hair loss TE takes, it is fully reversible. The hair follicles are not permanently or irreversibly affected; there are just more hair follicles in a resting state than there should normally be.

Today i have bad news.

I did the treatment again , this time i use a mild and different brand. After few weeks my scalp start to itch again and hair start falling again. It has been 5 months and as i did last time i had tried PRP on my scalp several times and nothing seem to stop the itchiness and hair falling.

So i am doing research of what else can i use in order to stop my hair from falling and itching.. I know i have lots of hair and it should not be falling , i know is this fungus or whatever is itching my scalp that is eating my hair follicles randomly every day and make them fall.

I don't know what to do .

This time the reaction is new for me.

May 07, 2015
Hair loss in louisana
by: Anonymous

I got my treatment about two years ago my hair was way down my back now its shoulder length, its still falling out after two years and my scalp burns and itch constantly, I get deep conditioner treatments every two weeks still no change,went to the doctor and taking hair vitamins and its still shedding bad,I also have been sick a lot since I got this treatment done and I get bad rashes on my neck,Stay Away from this Product

Sep 02, 2014
Thank you Rico
by: N.F.

Hi Rico, Thank you for sharing your experience. Do you know what is "Thelium amphibious"? I can't find any reference to such scalp/hair problem anywhere? Did your doctor gave you any additional information about this condition?

Sep 01, 2014
Cure that worked for me after BKT reaction
by: Rico

Hello, I will share my history and how i cured it..

I am a male with thick and long hair. Or i was.

I did Brazilian Blowout and after few weeks i noticed my hair falling more than normal. I am 37 years old and no one in my family has hair loss problems.

Long story short.. my hair reacted to BKT. I discovered after 5-6 months after doing research and changing eating habits , making my own natural shampoo blablabla.. I was convinced by a friend to go to a derma clinic to try the PRP ( Plasma Injections) but on the scalp.

The doctor told me my problem was Thelium amphibious// which i had recently discovered after 4-5 months of research.

So when he said that..after telling my history.. i felt i was on the right place..

So they took my blood out and did the whole process and mixed my white cells with vitamins.

Next day the burning sensation was completely GONE!
Second day and third my hair stop falling completely !

I had also don a detox weekend before going to doctor.. I did a juice detox i found in a place called "Alkaline sisters".. because i noticed my acidity level in my urine was 4.5 when it suppose to be 6.

So i do not know if the combination of these two helped..

but that is how i got it cured.

I hope it helps.

South Florida

Jan 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

I recently went to a salon to get my hair relaxed. I don't normally get my hair professionally done so I went to a Salon that I had never gone to before. It was recommended to me by a co-worker and it seemed to have decent reviews and looked very professional.

I went for a consult and the stylist was trying to sell me on the keratin vs the relaxer. She said it was natural, much safer and healthier for my hair and had great results for all her clients. Other than the price tag I was all for it. Before my actual appointment I did some research and it seemed to be a good choice.

During the treatment, my eyes starting burning. Basically to the point where I couldn't keep them open. The stylist said " just close your eyes, this happens. It'll ease up and get better." At this point, I'm thinking to myself for something that is supposed to be natural, this seems awfully chemically. She let it sit on my hair for 20 -30 minutes and during that time she was no where to be found. Almost like she was trying to avoid something.

After I got home I noticed some keratin residue on my neck which I just wiped off with a wet tissue. Over the next several days I had a rash on the back of my neck with these big welts. I did more research but this time I looked for adverse reactions associated with these treatments and I was appalled at what I found.

I spoke to the stylist and salon owner and they both said they didn't have any other complaints and that their products are safe. They said they called the supplier who said there were no harmful ingredients in the I'm thinking to myself well they certainly wouldn't admit that to you if there was. They basically just tried to say my skin was sensitive. Now mind you, I don't have allergies, sensitive skin, and I'm not allergic to anything that I know of. Also, how the heck do you explain the burning eyes? Whether or not they actually believed in everything they told me, I don't know. But I was shocked that they would just dismiss the reactions I had.

I am especially shocked that they would just trust that the product is safe with no real evidence. All the info that I have found from credible govt sources said that suppliers dont list their harmful ingredients because there's no regulations at the moment forcing them to do so.

Needless to say, I was misled by the stylist and won't be back. I would think it important to tell someone that the treatment would be unpleasant for their eyes if she knew that ahead of time. How many people would think it ok if a doctor gave you a prescription and chose not to tell you about the side effects? I certainly don't trust them and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Aug 29, 2013
Awake and itching.
by: Anxious

Hi, I had a discount coupon from my sister to have a straightening treatment at her salon.

I have Lyme Disease and Hashimotos Thyroiditis so I have always worked on keeping my hair nice.

I have been through a few shedding stages but they never lasted very long. I take Black Currant Seed Oil and my hair never sheds.


In May of 2013, I used my coupon and had the Brocato Straitening treatment done along with highlights. I was told all the processing would be fine and my hair would feel healthy.

Minutes after I left the salon I called my sister and said I didn't like it. My hair felt dry and sticky. She said that would go away once I was able to wash it. It never went away.

Then a few weeks later, I noticed my head was itchy and my hair was falling out. I thought it was odd but it was the end of the school year and we were leaving on vacation.

Fast forward a few weeks. My hair is falling out from the root in gobs and I can't sleep because my head itches so bad. I'm getting red patches and flaking too.

I have never had scalp problems and by now I'm freaking out. In almost four months, at least half my hair is gone.

I have to use cortisone spray and get cortisone shots from the dermatologist and yesterday I had four inches cut off to remove the thin, dry hair that is left. My hair now is just above my chin.

I can't sleep because of extreme anxiety and constant itching.

My dermatologist said she never heard of the itching associated with Straitening treatments but she has seen hair loss. She said it would be unusual for one to lose hair from the root like me and that I should only have breakage if that's what is causing my massive loss of hair.

My scalp is inflamed and my dermatologist doesn't think the treatment could do this.

I beg to differ. What else could it be? After reading these other stories and knowing the timing of events, I am convinced it was the brocato Straitening treatment.

I do see a little bit of new growth around the front of my hairline and my hairdresser said she saw a few new hairs but not many.

I so hope my hair grows back. I have the doll plug hair look up in the front.

I too take vitamins and also coconut oil capsules and black currant seed oil.

I'm using nuetrogena tgel shampoo for the itching and generic scalpacin from Walgreens.

I don't know what's worse, the itching or hair loss. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Best of luck to us all.

Jun 16, 2013
by: MG

Did the injection stop the hairloss? How soon after you got the injection did the hair loss stop? How many hairs were you losing before and after the injection?I have been losing mine for 10 months now and I don't see any improvement. I may be losing about 150 hairs a day plus about 200 more when I wash. I don't style nor color anymore and have lost about 50% of my hair. My scalp feels dry, tight, and itches intermittently. Doctors say I don't have any inflammation and my scalp looks normal except for some areas with flakes. I wonder if my inflammation is so small that can't be seen by simple inspection. I have tried so many shampoos, vitamins and I nothing improves. I got the Brazilian blowout and the stylist applied it to the scalp and didn't rinse enough and I ended up washing my hair two days later not knowing the poison I had in my head. None of the doctors believe me the hairloss is from the treatment that's why I don't think I have gotten the help I need. I did try clobetasol and helped with the itching. i just saw a new dermatologist (#5 in my list) who wants to do a scalp biopsy to see if there is inflammation under the scalp or what kind of damage is there. At least this one is not dismissing me as going through female pattern balding. If anyone has more to share on steroid injections or scalp biopsies as a result of keratin or Brazilian blowout treatments please share. Also, has anyone who posted has recovered from this mess?

Jun 13, 2013
Hair loss w/ Keratin blowout
by: Anonymous

I also experienced extreme hair loss!!! My hair was falling out over a year after the application. My scalp was inflamed, itchy, and I had red blotches. The ONLY thing that has made a difference was steroid injections in the scalp....nothing else. I also tried the plethora of vitamins...nada... If your hair is falling out after this treatment go straight to dermatology and have them treat the inflammation. I think this s**t should be taken off the market.

Dec 15, 2012
Heavy hair loss
by: Anonymous

I had two Brazilian blow outs. After the second one i noticed the hair drying out. It started to become thin and lank. I had long thick bouncy hair before the treatment. I now cry looking in the mirror. I have lost at least two thirds of my once lovely hair. It is so thin on the top you can see my scalp. Despite getting lots of hair cut off its very brittle and damaged. I was told the treatment would improve the condition of my hair. What a joke. My hair looks so bad i feel sick. Its been six months since my last treatment and i am still loosing hair. Will i be bald? who knows. It just never seems to end. I am so angry at the stylist who lied and did this to my hair. Have just learn that if the treatment touches the scalp it causes permanent hair loss. This is awful. If i had known the side effects would never have got this done. Thank you for all your stories. I have no one to talk to about this. I hope it gets better for all of you experiencing hair loss.

Aug 18, 2012
Different results
by: N.F.

I haven't experience any hairloss but seen posts and comments with complete different experiences. Those with allergic reactions experienced hair falling out from root and those with bad application and too much heat from iron experienced hair breakage. Hair growth been reported between 6 months to one year. I don't know about the melanin or hair color changes at root!

Aug 18, 2012
When does everyone's hair loss stop
by: Angelina

Hi everyone. Same thing of course happened to me. 1st keratin treatment was great. The second one was not. My hair has been falling out for 9 months now. From the root..hand fulls. I am taking supplements. Zinc, iron, vit c, saw palmetto, biotin and msm. I have done every blood test for hairloss. Everything came back normal. I have had my scalp biopsies. Which is also normal. No new growth yet, but the hair I currently have is still growing. I have lost 50%. Family and friends are now noticing. My scalp itches occasionally. The hair is extremely dry. I stopped using all keratin shampoos and products about 1 month ago. I feel that those products have prolonged the hairloss.

My question for everyone experiencing same condition is...
Is the hair falling out with bulb attached?
Also, does it look like the hair is growing without melanin? Meaning that it is normal color then right before it gets to bulb, it is right, or lighter than normal color?

I am 25. It used to take me 45 mins to dry my hair. Now 11 mins. Everyone told me not to be that crazy patient. This has got to stop!!! Please any answers to these questions are very well appreciated!

Jul 05, 2012
Love your curls instead.
by: Jeanie

Don't really know why I did it. The girl that did it said I wouldn't have straight hair, but just non frizzy curls. Yeah. Like she knew. My hair has never been the same. Looks burnt and unhealthy on top. Hair loss and finally growing back. Like it is sticking up in places all over the top of my head. We must be crazy women if we don't like what God gave us. I will never do it again.

Jun 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had long highlighted hair (no bleach) down to my shoulders. Because my hair is getting more course due to being grey, I had the Keratin treatment. The first time it was perfect.

A few weeks ago my stylist said she was trying a new product she had not used before by Yuko (Keratin)

Well after she was finished she told me she wasn't going to charge me because it didn't come out like she wanted. I left the salon with my hair crunchy.

I washed it and conditioned it and it went frizzy which I have never had. So on Monday I was back to her to get my hair cut off and now she is styling it once a week free of charge for all this.

I still wonder if she mixed up the products and put the neutralizer on first for me to have such a horrible reaction. Anyway, another YEAR and I guess I will at least be able to wear my hair back in a short bob.

Mar 29, 2012
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I am glad I found this site. I too had a keratin treatment no formaldehyde in May 2011. Prior to the treatment I have very frizzy hair if I let it dry by itself. I can blow dry then set it and fairly smooth. Humidity really makes it frizz.
I loved the treatment and it lasted for 4 months. No frizz on humid days. BUT..I noticed about a month in to it I was losing hair when I washed it. Tons at each washing. My hairdresser said he had never heard of that. Hum.. The hair loss lasted about 9 months. I started with thick hair. Now I have tons of little ends. Probably new growth. Until I read peoples comments I was about to try it again for the summer. Now, I will not. I was lucky I started with thick hair but the hair loss was not worth it. Especially now with a ton of little ends, which will add to the frizz this summer. I am to afraid too risk it a 2nd time.

Feb 07, 2012
Major hair shedding
by: Elena

I had the first Copola treatment done and liked it so much I couldn't wait to do it again 5mths later. My friend who's also my stylist did it for me. However, immediately after the first wash , second time around , I noticed the results were different. My hair was hard and crunchy , rather than shiny and silky.
What was to come was even worse.
Shedding and more shedding. On the floor,
My clothes, everywhere. I told my friend, she said she hadn't any complaints at the salon, that perhaps maybe I was ill.
It's been 10 months now and I'm still shedding although it's slowing down now. I only wash my hair once a week on purpose and I find that has helped.
I now plan on taking Biotin to speed up recovery.
I'm 100 percent convinced this product is lethal.
My only hope is that this will be the extent of the damage.

Dec 27, 2011
yep, me too
by: LT

I think it was summer of 2010 that I started doing the keratin. I did about 8 "express treatments" (approx every 6-8 weeks) before I noticed hair loss. I started noticing hair loss about 6 months ago. I haven't had a treatment in about 6 months now, and I'm still losing hair, although I think it might have slowed down a bit. I'm taking hair vitamins that I got at the natural food store and it's definitely making my hair grow faster. My stylist swears the hair loss has nothing to do with the keratin. I just spent 2 1/2 years going through a nasty divorce, so she thinks it's from stress. After reading so many of these comments, I still think it's the keratin.

Nov 18, 2011
Hair loss after BKT - Don't do it!
by: San Jose Girl

I too have seen extreme hair loss after the Keratin treatment. My stylist recommended it without telling me of any of the side effects, so I just did it. I would never have done this (paid $330) had I known that hair loss is very common.

I am taking vitamins daily and trying to brush my hair very gently, but no matter what, I am seeing tons of hair with roots fall out. I dread washing my hair - that's when I see extreme hair loss.

I will go see my doctor next week and see a specialist if needed.

I HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT this...not worth taking a chance. PLEASE, BE AWARE!!
November 18, 2011

Sep 29, 2011
Coppola Keratin
by: Belle

I can't speak for others. I read many negative and positive reviews about this product before finally giving it a try. I also have several friends that got it done and had great things to say. About 4 months ago, I got the Coppola Keratin treatment done at a salon. The results were fantastic. I've always been a shedder, but I feel that with this treatment I actually lose LESS. Plus my hair feels healthier and stronger. About a month ago I decided to try the treatment on myself, to save money. I am so pleased I did. The results are actually better than the first time. My hair is smooth, silky, and frizz free. I went from having a frizzy poof ball to have smooth sleek hair. I haven't used a flat iron in 4 months. I feel awful that many people have had allergic reactions to this product, but I needed to contribute my 2 cents. This has been a miracle treatment for me. I've never loved my hair the way I do now.

Aug 19, 2011
Betrayed and Bald
by: Anonymous

I am a Black female who has always had thick beautiful hair. I've been getting it relaxed (no-lye) for years & decided about ten months ago to stop relaxing it.

Well of course my hair got even more course & thick. I didn't want to do the big chop so I just let the relaxer grow out. Well when the stylist suggested the keratin treatment, I agreed because she reassured me that I could still have the curly look but w/o the frizz & it would be easier to straightened. I had heard of the treatment but hadn't done a lot of research on it. I was under the impression that it was something like a protective seal she would use before straightening the hair.

However, it was something like a relaxer & the smell was horrible. Regardless, I liked the outcome of my hair & when I washed it a week later I still had my curls. BUT I noticed the hair loss. I thought it was because I hadn't treated my hair in about 8 months. However, after weeks of hair loss & reading these testimonies, I credit it to the keratin.

I've always taken pride in my hair & now I'm afraid I'll be bald soon. I trusted the stylist because she said she had used it too & she loved the outcome. I don't have many regrets but choosing the keratin treatment is surely on that short list.

Jackson, MS

Jul 26, 2011
Good news
by: Hair growing in Toronto

I do know what you have all gone through and sympathize. My dermatologist says that hair can react months after this treatment. Mine started to fall out three months later, but now it is growing back, but at half an inch a month, it will take time. Yes I did use various pills and supplements but probably the hair would have grown back anyway after a few months. My scalp is still itchy even though it has been about a year since the treatment. Good luck everyone and I hope that you will start to see new growth soon!

Jul 25, 2011
To Linda
by: Anonymous

Sorry Linda no quick fix. You are looking at well over a year til things are right again. I am on month 14 of loss after the bkt. Have patience and pray that it stops soon.

Jul 15, 2011
Thanks everyone
by: Anonymous

Hi all, sending thanks from Australia. My stylist is trying to sell me to do Keratin treatment and also told me the product contained only natural vitamins and minerals and each time we did it and the more we did it, it was a dose of vitamins for my hair. It sounded very appealing and I was going to book it for next week but I don't think I will now.

I am really sorry for what has happened to a lot of you. Our hair is our pride and part of who we are and I am very happy to hear some of you have found good solutions in regrowing your hair to the way it was before the treatment. We don't know much about it here in Australia, but I will send this to friends who are talking about getting it too. I think I will focus on making my hair healthy and shiny through my Loreal products I am using and...healthy diet and exercise :) Thanks girls xx

Jul 10, 2011
Half of my Hair is gone
by: Anonymous

I am African American and my salon applied the Brazilian products on my and I received so much positive attention. I noticed that when I comb or brush my hair long strands cover the floor. When I ask my stylist, she stated that my hair was just shedding. I continued to use visit the salon form several months. Then one day I washed my hair at home and was horrified at the hand full of hair loss when my hair was wet. I also notice bald spots thought out my head. I just learned that others are experiencing the same problem. I have always had a head full of long, healthy hair.

Jackson Mississippi

Jun 29, 2011
Feel cheated - STAY AWAY FROM BB
by: Alicia

I had the BB done in Raleigh, NC by dominicans and my hair has been falling out like crazy. I had previously let my hair grow natural for two years so I had about 14 inches of length.

I went to have my natural African American hair blown out straight and they recommended this product. I told them I did not want any chemicals and put the moisturizer of BB (thinking it to be a leave in conditioner) in my hair for 2 months while i was getting my hair done there. My hair began to fall out and I could not understand why, so they recommended the full BB treatment. I reluctantly allowed them to do and my hair fell out so fast after this from the roots. Needless to say, I had to cut my hair. I have 2 inches of natural now and I lost my hair in a 3 months time.

I still see rapid hair loss but I am taking prenatal, Omega-3 and just eating things that help hair growth. By the way, the salon blamed me for my diet but I am a personal trainer (yeah right). Don't do it, love yourself for you and once God gives me my hair back... I know I will never let anyone touch my hair AGAIN... Less breakage now but I feel the pain...

Jun 22, 2011
Post Keratin hair loss !
by: Linda

Can anyone who has seen a DR. about this please tell me what treatment, and vitamins he or she has recommended? My hair is coming out everywhere. I feel sick from this. It has only been 5 weeks and I have lost so much hair it is devastating!

Jun 21, 2011
Brazilian Blowout damage - Now back on track
by: Anonymous

I'm an African American woman who was two months out of my relaxer and was undecided whether to get my hair relaxed again. My stylist was already trying to get me to leave the relaxers along, because they damage our hair so much, but I was reluctant partly out of habit but the other reason was because I workout and I didn't want my hair to frizz, which meant I'd have to go to the salon more often (too expensive).

I had heard about the Brazilian Blowout but was hesitant about getting it because it was so expensive and I hadn't done much research on it but I trusted my stylist. She convinced me to get the BBO saying that it was formaldehyde free and that it would improve the condition of my hair, because of the protein, as it was a bit damaged and thin, especially in the crown, from years of relaxing. I agreed and the first 10 days it was great.

Then, I started noticing that my hair was shedding all over the place. It was coming out from the root and in pieces. My hair had become even thinner in the crown that I could see my scalp. My head was itchy, very dry and limp. I immediately called her and told her. She said that she had not heard of this happening and she wanted me to come in for the next month everyday to get deep conditioning treatments on the house. I agreed, and that night I went online and saw others who had gone through the same thing.

Well, since the deep treatments, vitamins, Biotin and pre-natal, along with her washing my hair with shampoos that contain sulfate, which will eventually stop the keratin process, I've seen a drastic difference in my hair. It is starting to become healthy again. Of course the crown is going to take a little longer but it much healthier than it was 4 months ago.

My hair has become much thicker and has grown about 2 inches. Today, I stick to shampoo, condition and flat iron by my stylist. Having a head free of chemicals is worth the sacrifice of paying more to go to the salon more often.

Jun 03, 2011
To "What You Don't Know"
by: Anonymous

I work for a distributor that sells a keratin brand that has low amounts of formaldehyde, and so far have not had any problems with it. BKT, Brazilian Blowout, has the highest amounts of formaldehyde, even though they claim they are formaldehyde free. If you are having hair loss from the scalp, it is caused from an allergy. There's a higher percentage of people that have great results after a treatment. I've had 4 so far and my hair is in better condition than ever before. Just do your research on the brands and make sure your stylist is using a reputable quality product. It may not even be the formaldehyde that you're allergic to, but some other ingredient in the product.

What I do want to tell you is that someone mentioned there was formaldehyde in the support shampoos and conditioners for the keratin treatments, and this is not true at all. And, it is always good to use a sulfate free shampoo on any hair type with or without a keratin treatment, because sulfates strip and fade color, even natural color, and can dry the hair and scalp. The support products have the keratin in them to help the treatment last longer, not formaldehyde.

Different brands use different sources of keratin. Ours comes from sheep's wool, which is the closet to our own human hair, hence, making it a more natural keratin. So do the research on the source of the brand's keratin as well. People could be allergic to the keratin and not the formaldehyde, but blaming the formaldehyde because it's a bad word.

Another thing to consider is that there is formaldehyde all around us and we consume it every day! It's in a lot of our foods, chocolate, lipstick, nail polish, in our clothes, etc. I could go on and on about formaldehyde.

So if you're allergic to formaldehyde it would have shown up before having a keratin treatment done in most cases. There's so many other ingredients in the keratin treatments, it could be anything.

May 25, 2011
Extreme hair loss after Brazilian
by: Monica

I had my first Brazilian blow-out in January and it was great, it cut down by a half the time it took to style the hair after gym. I had a second in April and now my hair is falling out - there is hair everywhere. What depresses me is the comments that this could go on for months and there doesn't seem to be anything to do to stop it. I am applying hair loss serum and swallowing vitamins. I have read some of the comments and am going to buy a clarifying shampoo to try and get all the treatment out. I will never do this again and recommend that people think very hard before they ruin both their hair and their health.

May 02, 2011
12 months later hair falling out
by: Anonymous

It has been almost a year since I had the blow-out but my normally thick hair is falling out in large amounts and has me so upset.

I went to my Dr last week and they have run a full blood scan and I am waiting to hear back. I cannot say for certain that this is a delayed reaction to the Brazilian Blow-out, but I would NEVER do this again.

My hair has never regained its curl either and now I am missing it and my heavy thick hair. When I wash my hair or run my hands through my hair, the strands just fall out. This started almost a year to the date of when I had my hair straightened.

Apr 18, 2011
RE: FLAT HAIR - Removing Keratin Treatment
by: Anonymous

You want to know what to use to get rid of a Keratin Treatment?
Use a clarifying shampoo. Repeatedly. You are instructed to use a SULFATE FREE shampoo, not to re-infuse the hair with formaldehyde but to keep the product adhered to the hair shaft. The process of flat ironing with high heat actually bonds the Keratin to the hair shaft.. like a coating. Using sulfate free will keep the Keratin on the hair, thus using a clarifying shampoo may remove much of the Keratin from the shaft, at least in a much quicker time period. Be aware though, that your hair may dry out from so much clarifying, so use a moisturizing conditioner each time you shampoo.

Apr 08, 2011
Do not do this treatment!
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin Treatment done 5 weeks ago and started losing my hair about 3 weeks after. Its now falling out at the roots and breaking off. I contacted the salon where I got my treatment done and was told I must be sick. I went into the salon yesterday and the stylist that did my hair burst into tears, she knew. I have lost about 1/2 of my beautiful long blond hair and what I have left is broken off around my shoulders and neck and some around my face and scalp.

The salon has now stopped Keratin treatments, they say. I don't think it's out of the question that I'll go totally bald. I have an appt. with a dermatologist next week. To say I'm devastated is putting it mildly.
April 8 - 2011

Mar 08, 2011
So glad I researched this!
by: Anonymous

I just canceled my appt. To have keratin done tomorrow. Like many of you who have posted, I have fine hair and even though I was assured by my stylist that this would add health to my hair, I decided against it. I had a really bad color experience two years ago and my hair is just now at the length I have waiting for it to be.

Thank you all for your stories and I feel terrible for those of you who have suffered from keratin treatment caused hair loss.

Mar 06, 2011
Flat hair
by: Anonymous

I had nice curly hair, but living on the coast, on foggy days my hair was frizzy, I was told the the keratin treatment would make my hair smooth and silky, and would coat each shaft of hair with protein and make it stronger. My hair now is very straight, it feels like straw, its only been a few weeks and I haven't seen any hair loss yet and hope I do not. but my beautiful wavy/ curly hair is so gone. I wish I could find out what will remove this from my hair anyone out there now?

Feb 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so glad that I came across this site. I scheduled an appointment for early March to get the PC Keratin treatment. There is no way I am getting this done now! I had a consultation today and was told that this treatment would only enhance my hair and not harm it in any way. From the sound of some these horror stories this is not true.

Thank you all for your posts and warnings.

Nov 24, 2010
Saved from Xtra hair loss
by: Ms. C

Im so glad that i took the time out to research about these keratin treatments, because i have very soft, fine texture hair,(I'm African American) and just about a year ago I suffered hair loss just from the stylist pulling through my tangles rough, my hair was already having issues at the time because my main stylist at that time, I felt had stopped taking time with my hair and my hair seemed to get very thin, so I was suggested to another stylist, I knew of her already, but I explained to her what was going on with my hair already, and she ended up pulling my hair out, at the time my hair was mid-way my back, and she had my hair in a Big Ball sitting on her counter, not telling me that it was comin out so badly.
The next day I had to go get my hair cut up above my shoulders, I cried and cried, and I was Mad!!, still a year later and I'm having problems finding a good stylist who cares about my hair.

So just recently my mom suggest I try her stylist, and he is suggesting I get the "All Nutrient Keratin Treatment".

I hadn't really heard much about these treatments until recently. He claims it is "formaldehyde free" also and will make my hair so much healthier but I am Very Afraid to try it. I have read all these horrifying post of hair loss AND I just don't think I could take anymore hair loss. I already feel like a plucked chicken!!!

Nov 12, 2010
Me too
by: Anonymous

I noticed a little difference about 1 month after the treatment it is now three months and I see significant loss. I am very lucky i had alot of hair but I am not sure the hair loss will stop. I am going to try to buy the vitamins and see a Dr. as well. I loved the look but not worth the hair loss. I too have fine hair and had alot of it.I think this was an allergic reaction but not sure. Did anyone have regrowth after the stopping the process?

Oct 29, 2010
Losing in Toronto
by: Anonymous

I have just returned from an appt. with my dermatologist who specializes in hair loss. He said that he has seen others who have had this type of treatment and that he is now starting a file on these types of products.

He says there can be a three-month delay between using this treatment and hair loss and that I do have some sign of regrowth but that it will take three to nine months to stop the loss.

He said to use Head & Shoulders shampoo which has zinc to calm my itchy scalp and went over with me all the vitamins and supplements I have been taking.

Okay, so some people will not have scalp irritation and hair loss with these type of treatments, but judging from all the website comments I had read, a great many people do and it is very hard on us to see so much hair loss.

Oct 10, 2010
Losing it in Toronto
by: Anonymous

My hair has been falling out for about four weeks now. I had the Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment with 4% Formaldehyde about three months ago. As well as losing hair, my scalp is very itchy. I am very annoyed that you are told 'no chemicals'. I am taking all the vitamins and minerals for hair loss and waiting to see a dermatologist. Hopefully, I will not lose too much hair but, obviously, as this product is relatively new, no-one knows the outcome. So please let us know if you have experience this problem and found a solution.

Oct 02, 2010
Still Undecided to repeat
by: Anonymous

Do your research and if a patch test is possible first do that. I did a Keratin Treatment and don't know the name. I had great results. Then I heard of the Brazilian Blowout. So I just had to try that. My hair too fried. I just flat iron it and put a bit of serum. The sad part is I would most likely do it again. Just because it is still faster getting ready in the morning and all the hard work doesn't go to waste after sweating or humidity or moisture in the air. I do feel I have less hair but don't see clumps coming out like some have mentioned. But honestly am scared to try for a third time. I do wish I would have checked this out like I did today before I even did it the first time. Then I most likely wouldn't have ever done it. Now I'm hooked! :(

Jun 03, 2010
many thanks!!
by: Anonymous

I have an afro texture hair (4B)and i usually go to my hair stylist just to blow dry and flat iron my hair,1 or 2 time a year.

I went to this new hair salon and they told me about BKT took the appointment for june 15 because I have a wedding coming soon. So I did my research first. I googled it, went on youtube and every one is praising this product like it's a freaking miracle. But at this point my only concern was will my hair go back to its natural state once I wash my hair.

But then there was this comment on about BKT and that comment made me question the product. Well my miracle was to read all your comments I feel so grateful that I have came upon this blog. For me the heath of my hair is mainly because I'm taking my ESSENTIALS from Usana they are nutriments for your cells and it can also prevent and repair your degenerated cells which is what's happening when experiencing hair loss.

If you need more info or would like me to provide you with your ESSENTIALS email me at therakelly33 AT gmail DOT com I'm a certified distributor. Hoping to help you back.

May 08, 2010
Thank you
by: zonia

I am a black American with coarse hair. I was told about the keratin treatment by my hairdresser, who is Dominican. She told me that as soon as two weeks after my relaxer, I could get the treatment done. I live in Orlando, Florida and exercise regularly, having more manageable hair would be ideal.

After reading the post about keratin I have decided that it may not be for me. In the past I have relied on hair weaves and conditioners to help grow my hair. I would be devastated if anything happed to my hair.
Thank you for sharing your painful stories with us.

Feb 19, 2010
Keratin treatment hair damage
by: Anonymous

I had the treatment done and my scalp started burning right away! I have straight color treated hair and was told that the keratin treatment was more like a deep conditioning treatment. I don't use styling tools or even blow dry my hair and now it looks like I have a permanent flat iron look with very damaged ends in some areas.

I washed the treatment out right away the next morning. I used aloe vera juice, 1 egg and olive oil on my hair for 20 minutes and that stopped the burning scalp and stopped the processing of the treatment.

I then went and got the Nexxus aloxxi reconstructor and Nexxus Humectress conditioner which I am using tonight. If my hair had been any more stressed out from hot styling tools I think my hair would have broken off. The stylist also did not put the treatment close to my scalp because my hair is in such great condition up there, she really dosed the end because they were very dry.

I would not recommend this treatment to anyone, my hair is super dry and damaged at the ends.

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